The Sailor Princesses[1] are Sailor Senshi as Princesses of their home planets with their own tasks or roles.

In the first anime, only Princess Serenity and Princess Small Lady Serenity are the Sailor Princesses that appeared. In the manga, not only did the two Moon Princesses appear but also the Princess forms of the rest of the Solar System Senshi in Act 48 and other princesses from outside the Solar System.


Solar System

The Solar System Sailor Princesses[2] are:

During the Silver Millenium, Princess Serenity lived in the Moon Kingdom with the Queen. She wore a white gown trimmed with lace and pearls. She had puffy sleeves. A gold crescent moon was on her forehead.

Princess Mercury's job was to protect Princess Serenity and teach her. She wore a blue floor-length gown and a matching choker necklace. The symbol of Mercury was present on her forehead. She stayed in Mariner Castle.

During the Silver Millenium, Princess Mars dwelt in Phobos and Deimos Castle. She wore a red floor-length gown with a pink section down the middle. She also wore a red choker. The symbol of Mars was always present on her forehead. She was one of the guardians of Princess Serenity.

Princess Jupiter wore a green dress with a split down the middle of her skirt. She had a rose in her hair and two at her hips. She also wore her rose earrings and a green choker and necklace. She lived in Io Castle. She also guarded Princess Serenity.

Princess Venus was the leader of those who protected Princess Serenity. She wore a yellow floor-length gown with ruffles and a choker and a necklace. She also has a yellow bow with a red rose at the center behind her head. She lived in Magellan Castle.

Princess Usagi S.L. Serenity wore a pink gown with ruffles. In the anime and some artworks, it was the same dress as her mother's. She also had a gold crescent moon symbol on her forehead (in some artworks the crescent is pink). She stays at the Crystal Palace.

She wore a deep blue gown and choker. Her duty was to protect the Solar System from outside invasion. She stayed in Miranda Castle.

Her duty was to protect the Solar System from outside invasion. She wore a teal gown with a print on it. She also wore a choker and a necklace. She dwelt in Triton Castle.

She wore a black gown with four straps, a choker, and gloves. She dwelt in Charon Castle and protected the Outer Rim.

She wore a deep violet-blue gown with gloves and a choker necklace and dwelt in Titan Castle. She protected the Outer Rim of the solar system from outside intrusion.

Outside the Solar System

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The Princesses weren’t shown in any episode of the first anime but in the end credits of Sailor Moon S, the Sailor Senshi (except Sailors Pluto and Saturn) are seen with Princess Serenity in what seems to be their Princess forms.





  • As princesses of their own respective celestial bodies, they wore dresses of their theme color, and their hairstyles remained the same.
    • Though in some artworks, some Princesses’ hair colors matched their theme color.
  • While princesses in their own rights, the Castles that float above their planets are revealed to be gifts from Queen Serenity.
    • Fans speculate that there might be a kingdom on the actual planet, as we see in Codename: Sailor V, these planets hosted humanoid life as Ace was a soldier of the planet Venus and even has the planet’s symbol on his forehead.
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