Sailor Pewter Fox is the leader of the Sailor Animamates in the Sailor Moon musicals. She does not appear in any other continuity.


Sailor Pewter Fox has a white uniform with a black collar and belt. Her skirt and bow are silver with black vertical stripes. She has fur around her white gloves and collar and she wears white boots going over her knees. She wears a brown hat that looks like fox ears and has a silver headpiece and collar. She wears galactica bracelets just like the other members of Shadow Galactica and has a short tail like a fox.

In some musicals she doesn't have fur on her fuku and has no white gloves. Her bow is absent and her top is replaced with a silver bra.

Whilst in disguise (while part of the Super Very Bad Ko Mates), Sailor Pewter Fox wears a large black, hoop skirt over her normal costume and dons a long blue shawl.


The allusion of a normally "red" animal in place of the "Red Crow" lends strength to this idea, but while her animal namesake is red, she actually wears gray, likely in reference to the metal in her name. She also had many solos, indicating the character's high rank. She was sent to Earth to destroy the Sailor Guardians. She participated in Juban High School's musical festival alongside the other Animamates.

Like all of the other Animamates, she wears golden bracelets, implying that she no longer has a star seed. Little else is known about her, as she only ever appeared in one musical/




  • Sailor Pewter Fox only appears in one musical.
  • She seems to replace Sailor Lead Crow as the leader of the Sailor Animamates.
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