Sailor Ojyou
Japanese: セーラーオジョウ
Romanji: Seeraa Ojou

Shadow Galactica

Species: Phage
Master: Sailor Iron Mouse
Objective: To attack the Sailor Guardians
Death: Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
First Appearance
Anime: Luna's Discovery: The Real Face of Yaten
Anime Voiced By: Yumi Takada (Japanese)

Sailor Ojyou is a Phage created when Sailor Iron Mouse removed Noriko Okamachi's Star Seed.


She had greyish-white skin, pointed ears, and long pink hair. She originally appeared wearing a tight red dress but pulled it off to fight in a skimpy blue outfit with thigh-high lavender stockings and a yellow sailor collar.


When Noriko brought her beloved pet cat to a groomer's shop, she there ran into Yaten Kou, who had brought his pet, "Black" (Luna). She then insulted Yaten, which angered Black enough that she scratched the female idol. When Noriko tried to retaliate, Chuuko Nezu suddenly appeared, trying to interview her about her relationship with Yaten.

Yaten took advantage of the distraction to leave, and once he was gone, the supposed reporter revealed herself to be Sailor Iron Mouse and removed Noriko's Star Seed. Noriko then turned into the Phage Sailor Ojyou and attacked the Sailor Guardians when they appeared. Sailor Star Healer arrived and used Star Sensitive Inferno to stun the Phage long enough for Sailor Moon to heal her with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.



  • Whip - Sailor Ojou attacked her opponent with a whip.



  • She was the only phage whose name was changed in the Mexican dub. In that dub, her name was Sailor Lady (Although Ojyou could be translated as Lady)
  • Sailor Ojou ended many of her sentences with "De Gozaimasu" (で御座います) and even added it to the "beautiful!" exclamation when she was healed. This is a particularly polite form of Japanese, a play on the character's name ("Ojou-san" (お嬢さん) being a word used to refer to respectable young ladies).

Shadow Galactica
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