Sailor Musician is a Phage created by Sailor Tin Nyanko when she removed Takuya Moroboshi's Star Seed. He only appeared in episode 192.


His costume included several different instruments, such as drumstick "antennae" in his hair, piano keys forming a collar around his neck, and drums on his shoulders.


Sailor Lead Crow had chosen Takuya as a target and accordingly had arranged to be a judge at an idol competition held by Ginga TV, at which he was another one of the judges. Sailor Tin Nyanko found out about him, however, and took her rival's place. After the competition was over, she found Takuya in his dressing room as he went over his notes on competitors and they attacked him, removing his Star Seed.

The Star Seed quickly turned black, however, and the disappointed Sailor Tin Nyanko was about to leave when Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus arrived - as well as a very annoyed Sailor Lead Crow. The two Sailor Animamates departed to continue their arguments elsewhere, leaving the two Sailor Senshi to deal with the newly-transformed Phage. As they found it hard to deal with Sailor Musician's rapid attacks, Sailor Star Healer arrived to help the two of them out and distracted the Phage with Star Sensitive Inferno. Sailor Venus then used Venus Love and Beauty Shock to stun Sailor Musician so that Sailor Moon could return him to normal using Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.



  • Keytar - Sailor Musician carried a keytar which he used to attack, as when he played the notes on the instrument it fired energy blasts from the neck.



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