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Сейлор Мун refers to translations of the Sailor Moon franchise in Ukraine.


The first three seasons were broadcast in Russian. It was a version from the 2x2 channel. The 4th and 5th season was broadcasted in the early 2000s, by Novy Kanal. It was a German version with a Russian Voiceover made in Ukraine.[1]

Sailor Moon’s 5th season, Sailor Stars had a Voiceover done in Ukraine and was broadcasted from September 2014 on channel K1. All episodes had been aired. From 27 February to 1 April 2017 fifth season was broadcasted again.




Sailor Moon

English Name Ukrainian Name English Translation
Moon Crisis Make Up Місячна Призма, Перетворення Moon Prism, Transformation
Moon Eternal Make Up Вічний Місяць, Перетворення Eternal Moon, Transformation


Sailor Moon

English Name Ukrainian Name English Translation
Moon Tiara Action Місячна Тіара, До Бою Moon Tiara, to Battle
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Цілюща Сила Місячного Сяйва Healing Power of the Moonlight
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Чарівна Сила Срібного Кристалу, Допоможи Мені Magical Power of the Silver Crystal, Help Me
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