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In one of the episodes, Sailor Moon can be seen with Totoro (from "My Neighbor Totoro"), No Face (from "Spirited Away"), and other characters.
In one of the episodes, Sailor Moon can be seen with Totoro (from "My Neighbor Totoro"), No Face (from "Spirited Away"), and other characters.
=== Gravity Falls ===
=== [[Wikipedia:Gravity Falls|Gravity Falls]] ===
In the episode "Soos and the Real Girl", the Cryptogram at the end of the episode translates to "Winning Hearts by Daylight, Possessing Robots by Moonlight, Her Emotional Baggage is a Real Fright!" "She is the one named Giffany" which is a parody of the DiC/Cloverway theme song.
In the episode "Soos and the Real Girl", the Cryptogram at the end of the episode translates to "Winning Hearts by Daylight, Possessing Robots by Moonlight, Her Emotional Baggage is a Real Fright!" "She is the one named Giffany" which is a parody of the DiC/Cloverway theme song.
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This page covers any references to and parodies of the Sailor Moon series in popular culture.


本田翼、セーラームーン“替え歌”披露 『とらばーゆ』新CM映像&メイキング

本田翼、セーラームーン“替え歌”披露 『とらばーゆ』新CM映像&メイキング

The Toraba-yu commercial, as well as the making of the commercial.

11st Advertisement Campaign

In a couple of commercials that were part of an advertisement campaign for the 11st retailer site, Sistar, a K-Pop group, dressed up in outfits similar to the sailor fukus the Sailor Senshi wear and did their famous "kka kka" dance to a song that sounded similar to "Moonlight Legend".

Toraba-yu Advertisement

In a commercial for Toraba-yu, a women's job recruitment website, Tsubasa Honda, an actress and model, sings a parody of "Moonlight Legend".


Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

In the fifth episode Sister Maria makes a hand gesture and tells Kobato "I will punish you in the name of God", Sailor Moon says the exact same line in the episode "Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship". She also has blue eyes and loves to eat as does Usagi.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

SM ref in CHEDCL

The picture in Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!.

In the opening of the anime, a silhouetted picture of the Earth Defense Club is shown. Here, the members of the club strike poses similar to some of the Inner Sailor Senshi's poses.

Ebiten: Kōritsu Ebisugawa Kōkō Tenmonbu

Episode 2 of the ONA contains a lot of references to the first Sailor Moon anime, to the point where the episode is titled "Crybaby Hakata's Stunning Transformation".


In episode 17 of the anime adaption of the Excel♥Saga manga, Excel recited a variation of Sailor Moon's "In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" speech (in which she said something among the lines of "In the name of the moon, I will spank you!") and used the same pose as her when she recited it. After one of the characters recognized the show she was referencing and remarked that it was over, Excel said "Shut up! I was doing good with this stuff until a couple of years back!". In the Japanese version of the anime, this is an actor allusion, as both characters are voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi. However, in the English dub, the character who pointed it out said that it was for kids instead and Excel said "It's not just for kids! I wanted that part, but it was dubbed in Canada!"


In the fifth omake science lesson for the military science fiction anime Gunbuster, Noriko Takaya cosplays as the Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Mask during her recitation of the planets of the Solar System. At the time, the Outer Senshi had not yet appeared in Sailor Moon, causing Noriko to become confused when reciting the planets for the outer Solar System (bar Jupiter, as Sailor Jupiter is of the Inner Senshi).

Hunter × Hunter

SM HxH Reference

The Sailor Moon reference in the Hunter × Hunter anime.

In episode 138 of the second anime, Alluka Zoldyck is seen playing with dolls that look similar to Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

In episode 37 of the anime adaption of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Yuri envisions herself being saved by Hippo in his human form from a teacher, where he throws at red rose at the teacher. This is a reference to Tuxedo Mask's trademark in the first anime series. Chieco Honda, Yuri's voice actress, also voiced Tellu in the first Sailor Moon anime.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

In "Mobile Fighter G Gundam", the character Allenby Beardsley pilots the Nobel Gundam, a Mobile Suit that has a design similar to Sailor Moon's design.

Nami SOS! First Battle/Sexy Sailor Soldiers

Nami SOS! First Battle is an erotic anime based on the manga Nami SOS!. Both the manga and anime, as well as other works from Chataro, the author of the manga, were inspired by the Sailor Moon series. In the West, the anime was renamed Sexy Sailor Soldiers, which is a reference to the term "Sailor Senshi", which means "Sailor Soldier" or "Sailor Guardian".

Puni Puni Poemy

In the introductory sequence of "Part One - Poemy is in a Bad Mood", Poemy is seen fighting various magical girls, including Sally Yumeno (Sally the Witch), Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura), and Sailor Moon.

Sailor Senshi Venus 5

Sailor Senshi Venus 5, a two-part hentai anime, is a spoof of the Dark Kingdom arc of the Sailor Moon series, as Sailor Senshi Venus 5 has a similar title, parodies of the Inner Sailor Senshi (the Venus 5), Dark Kingdom (the Inma Lords), and Luna (Buccha).[1]

Shugo Chara!

In chapter 24 of the Shugo Chara! manga, Amu Hinamori, trasformed into Amulet Angel, gives a speech saying "I am the Angel of Love, Amulet Angel! I shall punish you in the name of heaven!" much like how Sailor Moon says her taunt. She even strikes a pose almost exactly like Sailor Moon's.

Wedding Peach

In episode five of the anime adaption of Wedding Peach, two girls who resembled Rei Hino and Ami Mizuno appeared in the front of a crowd.

The Sailor Moon franchise also had a large influence on the Wedding Peach franchise as well in terms of the style of the Angel Fighter costumes, the Demons, which acted and appeared much like the creatures in the Sailor Moon anime, and the powers of the Love Angels. Sukehiro Tomita and Kazuko Tadano, who worked on the Sailor Moon anime, also worked on the Wedding Peach anime as a writer and character designer respectively.

Many voice actors who worked on the Sailor Moon anime also voiced characters in Wedding Peach, such as Mika Doi and Kotono Mitsuishi

YuYu Hakusho

In the anime adaption of the YuYu Hakusho manga, Koenma once dressed up as Tuxedo Mask.


The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries book series, which is known for making plenty of references to pop culture, once made a reference to the Sailor Moon series.


Archie Comics

In the three-part "Big in Japan" story, where one of the regular characters of the Archie Comics cast, Cheryl Blossom, goes on a trip to Japan in an effort to market more female-oriented video games, she stays with a girl named Kyoko Fujimoto who owns at least two "Sailor Sun" manga volumes and a doll of Sailor Sun's likeness. In the comics, Sailor Sun is drawn with a white sailor fuku bodice, a purple skirt and black hair.

Justice League of America

In issue 27, the Martian Manhunter, a shapeshifter, disguises himself as a Japanese woman named Hino Rei. Batman, however, sees through the disguise and says that his name was a giveaway.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

In issue 8, pony versions of all the senshi make appearances. There is also the Moon Stick and Deep Aqua Mirror sitting on Princess Celestia's nightstand. Amy Mebberson, the artist of the issue, is a Sailor Moon fan. Noticeably, when the Senshi appeared, their Cutie Marks all match the symbols seen when they transform.

A pony version of Sailor Mercury
A pony version of Sailor Venus
Pony versions of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Sonic Super Special

In issue 8 of the American comic series "Sonic Super Special", while he is in the No Zone, Sonic encounters Pretty Soldier Sally Moon (Sally Acorn), Chibi Rose (Amy Rose), and Tuxedo Knucks (Knuckles).

Turma da Mônica Jovem

In issue 13 of the Brazilian comic series "Turma da Mônica Jovem", a character named Sailor Monica appears.

Live-action Television Shows

The Big Bang Theory

In the episode "The Stag Convergence", the characters Howard and Raj mention having an affair with a women dressed as Sailor Moon.


Hunter × Hunter

In chapter 69, a figurine of Usagi can be seen on Milluki Zoldyck's shelf. Additionally, Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of the series, has stated that Kalluto Zoldyck's design was based off of Hotaru Tomoe's design.[2]

YuYu Hakusho

In chapter 45, before Yusuke and Kuwabara get beaten up by some delinquents from Kasanegafuchi Junior High, Kurama says "Hold it right there!" and throws a rose. After it is revealed that he was the one who threw it, he says "Just call me Tuxedo Mask".


Miracle in Cell No. 7

In the movie "Miracle in Cell No. 7", Lee Yong-go gets into a fight with a police commissioner who had purchased the last Sailor Moon backpack from the store for his daughter, even though Lee Yong-go had saved up his own money to buy the backpack for his daughter Ye-sung.

Nikolina & Tomislav, Nikolina & Tomislav

The sweat drop in the bubble that is shown at the end of the Croatian film "Nikolina & Tomislav, Nikolina & Tomislav" is directly borrowed from episode 8 of the first anime series.[3]

Totally Spies! The Movie

In "Totally Spies! The Movie", when Clover is displaying ideas for the spy suits for her, Alex, and Sam, one of her designs is very similar to the Sailor fukus of the Sailor Senshi. Coincidentally, the voice actress for Alex in seasons three through six is Katie Griffin, one of the voice actresses for Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in the DiC and Cloverway Inc. English dub.


"Number Nine" by T-ARA

The chorus features the lyric "Neon naui Teoksido Gamyeon", which means "You are my Tuxedo Mask".

"One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies

The first anime is mentioned in the lyrics "Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon cuz' that cartoon has got the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing".

Web Series

Bee and Puppycat

In Bee's dream, there are four cats that wear the colors of the Inner Sailor Senshi (sans Sailor Moon).

Western Animation

Adventure Time

In the "Fionna and Cake" episode, Fionna wears a dress that looks very similar to Princess Serenity's dress.

Drawn Together

In one of the episodes, Sailor Moon can be seen with Totoro (from "My Neighbor Totoro"), No Face (from "Spirited Away"), and other characters.

Gravity Falls

In the episode "Soos and the Real Girl", the Cryptogram at the end of the episode translates to "Winning Hearts by Daylight, Possessing Robots by Moonlight, Her Emotional Baggage is a Real Fright!" "She is the one named Giffany" which is a parody of the DiC/Cloverway theme song.


Usagi Cameo LR

A screeshot of one of the episodes in LoliRock. Note that one of the girls look similar to Usagi.

A girl that looks similar to Usagi appears in one episode. Additionally, the transformations that the main characters go through have been noted to be similar to the tranformations of the Outer Senshi.

Megas XLR

The Ultra Chicks in the series are parodies of the Sailor Senshi.


One episode features Pucca dressed as Sailor Moon


Pop Pixie

In Episode 22 of Pop Pixie, a girl with Chibiusa's hairstyle appears.

Regular Show

In Rigby's story in the episode Terror Tales Of The Park IV the Japanese horror film has a number of schoolgirls wearing uniforms which are very similar to those of Juuban High School given their white tops with red neckerchiefs, blue skirts and white socks.


In the episode, System Crash, the five Binomes parody the heroines of "Sailor Moon" while damaged Principal Office are falling apart. Usagi tries to use her power but was squashed by rocks.

Robot Chicken

In episode 14 of the series, "Joint Point," there are three skits parodying Sailor Moon. Another episode, "Moesha Poppins", also features a parody of Sailor Moon.

The Simpsons

In one of the couch gags from "The Simpsons", Lisa appears in Sailor Moon's outfit while in the season 25 episode "Married to the Blob", a character named Kumiko Nakamura dressed up as Sailor Moon, although the colors of the outfit were different.

South Park

South Park
In season 17, episode 8 of the series, the President of Sony gives Kenny McCormick a medallion so that he can become a real princess. This medallion somewhat resembles Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact.

Steven Universe

In one of the episodes, a book with Usagi on the cover can be seen on a shelf.

The Amazing World of Gumball

In the episode The Lie, when Richard Watterson summons the Sluzzlewurst it is a reference to Sailor Moon's first transformation.



A girl that looks like Usagi can be seen in the lunch line in episode 18 in W.I.T.C.H

In the episodes "R is for Relentless" and "V is for Victory", a Usagi look-alike is seen in the hallway and the lunch line at Sheffield Institute.


Aoi House

In the original English-language manga "Aoi House", Sandy Grayson has a Sailor Moon shrine in his room. Additionally, Kimberly Ann, a minor character in the series, has a pet pig named Luna-P, which is a reference to Chibusa's toy of the same name and a character named Oniisan cosplays as Tuxedo Mask.


Damara Moon and Rufioh Mask

Damara and Rufioh cosplaying Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

In "[S][A6I3] MINISTRIFE!!!", Damara and Rufioh are dressed up as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask respectively. Additionally, when Meulin and Kurloz are conversing with each through sign language, some gifs can be seen. A couple of these gifs are ones from the first anime.

Papillon Rose

In the early 2000's, a website for an anime called "Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose" was created. Originally, the website only had pictures of characters from the "series", with said pictures often being copied off of scenes from the first Sailor Moon anime but with the artwork changed. Despite it being a simple internet hoax, demand grew for more information on the non-existent series and over time, more information on "episodes", characters, and other things about the series were added onto the website. Eventually in 2003, a hentai OVA called "Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose: Tsubomi no Yume wa Yoru Hiraku" was released and in 2006, the series was finally made into a television series called "Papillon Rose: The New Season". Both the OVA and television series were shown to be inspired by or simply parodying Sailor Moon, with some notable examples being the shorthand name for the OVA ("Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose", or "Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose" in Japanese, looks similar to "Pretty Guardian/Soldier Sailor Moon", or "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" in Japanese, which is the full name for the Sailor Moon series), the character Dandy Lion (a parody of Tuxedo Mask), and the cat Rama (a parody of Luna).


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