The Hungarian Logo of the series as seen in the Hungarian opening of the anime. It is also used as the French logo.

Varázslatos álmok is the Hungarian dub of Sailor Moon.


The Sailor Moon anime first began to air in Hungary in the year 1998 in the month of February, under the name of "Varázslatos álmok". Based roughly on the French version, the series ended at the SuperS season. None of the episodes were released on DVD at this time. The intro was left in French.

Censorship and Changes

  • Zoisite's original gender was retained; he and Kunzite were depicted as brothers.
  • Haruka and Michiru's relationship was explained by saying that Haruka pretended to be a man in civilian form, and Michiru pretended to be "his" girlfriend.
  • In some episodes, Artemis was changed to be female but later, characters referred to him as "he." Luna remained female.
  • All insert songs were kept during the first season, but almost all songs were deleted from the R season onward.
  • On several occasions during the S season, Rei's nightmare about the Silence was entirely removed. Only small pieces of the nightmare were kept.


Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

  • Crisis, Make Up - Upmost/Supreme power, come to my help! (Legfőbb erő, jöjj segítségemre!)
  • Moon Tiara Action - Lunar frisbee, take action immediately! (Lunáris frizbi, tedd a dolgod!)

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars

  • Mars Power, Make Up/Mars Star Power, Make Up - Mars power, transform me! (Mars, változtass át!)
  • Mars Crystal Power, Make Up - Mars power, transform me! / Mars Crystal power, transform me(Mars ereje, változtass át engem!/ Marskristály ereje, változtass át engem!)
  • Fire Soul/Fire Soul Bird - Fire soul, take action immediately! (Tűzlelkek, cselekedjetek azonnal!)
  • Burning Mandala - Fire circles, take action immediately!/Fire souls, take action immediately! (Tűzszellem, cselekedj azonnal!/ Tűz karikák, cselekedjetek azonnal!)
  • Mars Flame Sniper - Fiery arrow of Mars, take action immediately! (Mars tüzes nyila, cselekedj azonnal!)

Sailor Jupiter

Original Hungarian Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up

Jupiter Star Power, Make Up

Jupiter ereje, változtass át [engem]! Jupiter power, transform me!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Jupiterkristály ereje, változtass át [engem]! Jupiter crystal power, transform me!
Supreme Thunder

Supreme Thunder Dragon
Super Supreme Thunder
Sparkling Wide Pressure

Mindenható villámok, csapjatok le! Supreme thunders, strike down from above!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Jupiter koronája, cselekedj azonnal! Jupiter's crown, take action immediately!

Sailor Venus

Original Hungarian Translation
Venus Power, Make Up

Venus Star Power, Make Up

Vénusz ereje, változtass át [engem]! Venus power, transform me!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Vénuszkristály ereje, változtass át [engem]! Venus crystal power, transform me!
Crescent Beam

Crescent Beam Shower
Venus Love-Me Chain

Szerelem félholdja, cselekedj azonnal!

Szerelem félholdjai, cselekedjetek azonnal!

Love crescent, take action immediately!

Love crescents, take action immediately!

Venus Love and Beauty Shock Vénusz szíve, cselekedj azonnal! Venus' heart, take action immediately!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original Hungarian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Holdprizma ereje, változtass át [engem]! Moon prism power, transform me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Mindenható erő, változtass át [minket]! Supreme power, transform us!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Hold új szíve, tüntesd el a rosszat! New moon heart, attack the evil force!
Twinkle Yell Pegazus, kérlek  védj meg minden szép álmot! Kristálycsengő, csendülj meg! Pegasus, please protect every sweet dream! Crystal Bell, ring!

Sailor Uranus

Original Hungarian Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Uránusz ereje, változtass át [engem]! Uranus power, transform me!
World Shaking Tűzkarika, égess!

Tűzkarikák, égessetek!
Tűzkarika, lobbanj fel!

Circle of fire, burn!

Circles of fire, burn!
Circle of fire, flame up/ignite!

Sailor Neptune

Original Hungarian Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Neptun ereje, változtass át [engem]! Neptune power, transform me!
Deep Submerge Jégkarika, fagyassz!

Jégkarikák, fagyasszatok!
Jég ereje, fagyassz!
Jégkarika, segíts!

Circle of ice, freeze!

Circles of ice, freeze!
Power of ice, freeze!
Circe of ice, help me/us!

Sailor Pluto

Original Hungarian Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Plútó ereje, változtass át [engem]! Pluto power, transform me!
Dead Scream Plútó gömbje

Plútógömb, gurulj!

Plútó ereje, tedd a dolgod!

Globe of Pluto

Globe of Pluto, roll!

Power of Pluto, do your thing!


  • The attack and transformation phrases were always changed by episode or even during the same episode, though the overall meanings are the same in English. Since the Hungarian language is rich in expression, the changes are not as noticable once translated.
  • Like in the original dub, Haruka/Sailor Uranus' voice actress gave the voice of the Cardian, Siren in the R season.
  • Episode 105's name is "Makoto's Journey", even though her name is changed to Marcy in the Hungarian and French dubs.
  • Some of the voice actresses did the voices for other characters. Most notably, voice actress is Ildikó Ősi, as she was the voice of many many monsters or even villains. In the Sailor Moon S, she voiced Kaolinite, Eudial and Mimete. Another is Simonyi Piroska, who was in all of the seasons voicing many characters, most notably Sailor Uranus though she voiced many monsters and villains as well. Out of the male actors it was Seszták Szabolcs who voiced many characters, he voiced Jadeite and Zoicite in the first season. He also was the voice of Haruka.
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