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Mjesečeva Ratnica (Moon Warrior) is the Croatian translation for Sailor Moon.

Broadcast of Mjesečeva Ratnica started in July 2001. The first season was broadcast in its original Japanese language with Croatian subtitles but the other seasons were dubbed in Croatian. All five seasons aired on the Nova TV channel.

Censorship and changes

The Makai Tree arc of Sailor Moon R was aired as part of the first season, and season two begins with the Black Moon Arc.


The Main characters are left with their original Japanese names intact. The Senshi are referred to by their respective planet's name with "ratnica" added at the end, which means "warrior," but it can be translated as "soldier." As a group, the Senshi are called "ratnice" or "ratnice u mornarskim odjelima." The names of the Senshi are as follows:

Character name: Croatian Dub Name:
Sailor Moon Mjesečeva ratnica (all forms)
Sailor Mercury Merkurova ratnica
Sailor Mars Marsova ratnica
Sailor Jupiter Jupiterova ratnica
Sailor Venus Venerina ratnica
Sailor Chibi Moon Ratnica Chibi Moon
Sailor Pluto Plutonova ratnica
Sailor Uranus Uranova ratnica
Sailor Neptune Neptunova ratnica
Sailor Saturn Saturnova ratnica
Sailor Star Fighter Zvjezdani borac
Sailor Star Healer Zvjezdani iscjelitelj
Sailor Star Maker Zvjezdani stvoritelj

Phrases and Attacks


  • Moon Prism Power, Make Up - Moći Mjesečeve prizme, skupi se/pojavi se! (Moon Prism Power, Gather / Appear!)
  • Mercury Power Make Up - Merkurova moći, skupi se/pojavi se! (Mercury Power, Gather / Appear!)
  • Mars Power, Make up - Marsova moći, skupi se/pojavi se! (Mars Power, Gather / Appear!)
  • Jupiter Power, Make up - Jupiterova moći, skupi se/pojavi se! (Jupiter Power, Gather / Appear!)
  • Venus Power, Make Up - Venerina moći, skupi se/pojavi se! (Venus Power, Gather / Appear!)
  • Pluto Planet Power, Make up - Plutonova moći, pojavi se! (Pluto Power, Appear!)
  • Neptune Planet Power, Make Up - Neptunova moći, pojavi se! (Neptune Power, Appear!)
  • Uranus Planet Power, Make up - Uranova moći, pojavi se! (Uranus Power, Appear!)


  • Boj Mjesečeve Tijare (Moon Tiara Action)
  • Rast Mjesečevog Liječenja (Moon Healing Escalation)
  • Rast Mjesečeve Princeze (Moon Princess Halation)
  • Sapunica (Shabon Spray)
  • Duša Vatre (Fire Soul)
  • Nadmoćna Grmljavina (Supreme Thunder)
  • Sjaj Polumjeseca (Crescent Beam)

Theme Song

Croatian: Reci čarobnu riječ I dobit ćeš moć Uzmi kristal i rasvijetli noć Ti možeš to U boj moraš poć Bori se ti sad protiv tame te Samo budi prevedna i dalje Ti možeš to Sile šalju te Ratnice, ratnice, ratnice Mjesečeva ratnice Kristale ti vidi gdje je sad Ratnice Mjesečeva ratnice. 

English: Say the magical word. And you'll get the power. Take the crystal and illuminate the night. You can do it. To battle you have to go. Fight now against the darkness. Just keep on being just. You can do it. The forces are sending you Sailor, Sailor, Sailor Sailor Moon Crystal, see where is (she) now. Sailor Sailor Moon.

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