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Sailor-moon orig

Luftëtarja e Hënës refers to the Albanian dub of Sailor Moon. The original anime is currently being broadcast on Bang Bang. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon Crystal was dubbed in Albanian as Luftëtarja e Hënës: Kristali i rojtareve të planeteve.

The first 73 episodes and Sailor Moon S were dubbed from the DiC and Cloverway dubs, while the missing R episodes and S were dubbed from both the Japanese and Italian versions.

Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars were based on Italian dub.

The intro's have been left the same as in the original dubs but have subtitles in Albanian.

Censorship and Changes

Instead of being called "Sailor Senshi", the characters were referred to as "warriors". For example, Sailor Moon became "Luftetarja e Henes" (Moon Warrior). Due to them dubbing from the DiC version, all cuts, edits and censorship from the first two seasons remained. Also, due to S being dubbed from the Italian version, the Outers were given their Italian names. Uranus and Neptune's relationship is changed to being close friends.


The dub was shown on the channel Bang Bang in Albanian.

Japanese Albanian
Usagi Tsukino Sabrina Çukino
Mamoru Chiba Dariani
Ami Mizuno Emi
Rei Hino Rei
Makoto Kino Lida
Minako Aino Mina
Chibiusa Tsukino Rini
Haruka Tenou Hellis
Michiru Kaiou Milena
Setsuna Meiou Silvia

Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

Original Albanian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
Fuqia e kristalit të Hënës! Power of the Moon Crystal
Original Albanian Translation
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up (R Movie) Fuqia e kristali të qënt, eja tek unë! The power of the crystal, come to me!
Original Albanian Translation
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Fuqia e kristali të zemrës, eja tek unë! The power of the crystal of the heart, come to me!
Original Albanian Translation
Moon Crisis, Make Up Fuqia e kozmikë umbritë e hënës! The strenght of the moon cosmic power!

Initial Broadcast & Re-airings

The Albanian dub was first broadcast in 2005 only showing the first season, Sailor Moon R up to episode 73 (in DIC dubbed order) and Sailor Moon SuperS. Sailor Moon S was initially skipped due to Uranus & Neptune's relationship. When the show re-aired in 2013, the missing R episodes and S were dubbed. However, the missing R episodes were dubbed from the original Japanese version. S was dubbed from the Italian version, despite using footage from Pioneer Entertainment's English DVD release. Due to the gap between dubbings, some of the actors were changed. The voice actor changes carried on to their dub of Sailor Moon Crystal, which debuted on June 20, 2016.

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