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This is a more detailed explanation of what's happening with the wiki at this time. Please read through all of this before asking questions.

What's Going On?

If you are a new contributor or a long-time contributor, you have probably noticed something going on on the Sailor Moon Wiki. Do not be alarmed, it is a necessary renovation. It is not spam or vandalism.

Who Decided This?

Two Bureaucrat/Admins: DuchessDream and Magic713. They are the most active Bureaucrat/Admins on the wiki at this time. As Magic713 put it:

"...we figured it was time for some change in the wiki format. We decided that actors articles do not really contribute much to information on Sailor Moon, itself, as it is one note in their career, and that the wiki needs to be cleaned up. I do think that the wiki has become quite over saturated with articles on actors across multiple languages. I'm sorry you weren't informed sooner, but this isn't vandalism, but moreso a make over of the wiki."
Magic713 to a contributor.

What Changes are Being Made?

As a this is a large-scale renovation, there will be various stages of things to happen.

Stage 1 - Removal/Clean Up

Clearing out any unnecessary, low-quality, underdeveloped things on the wiki.


A large number of pages are being removed due to their irrelevant to the source material, the Sailor Moon series. The pages being removed include:

  • Actor/Actress pages
  • Voice Actor/Actress pages
  • Pages with very little information
  • Pages that have already been marked for deletion
  • Page redirects
  • Video game attack pages
  • Some location pages
  • Some extremely minor character pages.


A large amount of files, mainly image files, are being deleted. Many images uploaded to the wiki that are being deleted will be:

  • Duplicate images
  • Low-resolution images
  • Sailor Moon irrelevant images
  • Fanart
  • Photoshopped images
  • Spam
  • Actor/Actress photos
  • Voice Actor/Actress photos

Stage 2 - Mending & Formatting

Stage two is the "mending phase" where all broken links are fixed and pages properly formatted. This means:

  • Fixing all broken links
  • Fixing all broken image links
  • Removing the gallery template and replacing it with HTML
  • Merging pages with little, but corresponding info onto one page i.e. video game attack pages will be allocated on to one page

Stage 3 - Redesign

Since the wiki is almost 10 years old and has under gone various redesigns, some infoboxes are out of date. The look of infoboxes and how some information is presented will be redesign.

I Want to Help!

If you really have the editing-bug and want to help the renovations go faster: leave a message on DuchessDream's message wall with the topic header "Job Request"; in the main body part of the message, please list the skills you have already so a suitable job can be dealt to you. Example message:

Topic: Job Request

Main: Hello, I saw the ad on the renovation announcement page and would like to help! The skills I currently have are:

Basic knowledge of HTML.

Basic understanding of how to use both Visual and Source Mode.

Able to fix broken code.

It's that simple! Yes, it is in essence, a resume. But no sweat! It's only a hobby, not a true job. There will be no pressure for you to finish a job you're given and help is always a click away!

Still Confused or Concerned?

After Stage 3, the focus of the admins will be back to adding information to the pages. If you still have questions or concerns after reading through this page, please contact either DuchessDream and/or Magic713.

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience!

Progress and Updates

This section will detail what is currently being worked on; as well as let users know what is planned to worked on. Please note that if something has not changed, it is because we don't have the resources to change it yet.


  • Merging civilian identities with senshi identities.
  • Creating separate character pages for each medium of the Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon IP.
    • Manga (The original manga by Naoko Takeutchi)
    • Anime (The first anime adaptation of the manga; produced in the 90s)
    • Live-Action (The live-action adaptation, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon aka PGSM)
    • Remake (The second anime adaptation of the manga, Sailor Moon: Crystal)
    • Stage-Musical (The theater adaptation and spin-offs of the Sailor Moon IP)
  • Creating profile images for each character and version.


  • Merging video game attack pages into one list-like page.
  • Updating infoboxes.
  • Adding highest and best quality images of the artbooks.
  • Organizing and cleaning the Music section.
  • Allocating galleries.
  • Replacing low quality images.

Please check this page often to be up-to-date on what's going on. A Q&A was held here; please read it before asking questions.