This page is for those who wish to help the wiki in both renovation and/or growth. This guide/Q&A will attempt to answer questions you may have about certain standards or formatting of pages.

Page Titles

  • Anime Episodes: Both the 90s anime as well as the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal reboot should use the Viz Media English-translated titles.
  • Song Names: Songs titles should stay as close to the original language without using none-native North-American keyboard characters (i.e hearts, stars, kanji, etc.) Please romanize a Japanese song title, do not translate it into English. A translation should be provided in the infobox of the page.
  • Suffixes: Suffix are needed to distinguish the version of subject, should there be more than one page of the material. The suffix for each type of media is as follows:
    • (anime) - For matter relating to the 90s anime.
    • (manga) - For matter relating to the original manga.
    • (PGSM) - For matter relating to the Live-Action adaptation.
    • (Crystal) - For matter relating to the new reboot.
    • (Sera Myu) - For matter relating to the stage-plays.
    • (disambiguation) - A navigational page that should list all the versions of one subject i.e.

Linking Versions

In case of any confusion; when referring to another character or item on a page, link to the person or item of that same version. I.e mentioning Sailor Mars on Sailor Venus' page pertaining to the manga version. Hyperlink Sailor Mars to Rei Hino / Sailor Mars (manga). If you are uncertain about which version to link to, link to the disambiguation page of that character or item. All disambiguation pages have the (disambiguation) suffix.

Translation Inconsistencies

Some words have multiple English translation possibilities. One word that continuously poses a problem is "senshi". It can be translated to: Soldier, warrior, or guardian.

When referring to this word, use the official English translation title as the base. I.e. the reboot, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal. Pages related to this version should have them referred to as a "Sailor Guardian" or "Sailor Senshi". The "soldier" translation appears to be slowly phasing out as with the new revamp and rebooting of the IP is receiving more official English translations. The official translations for many of the materials choose to translate the word to "guardian" as well.

As a middle ground, referring to them as a Sailor Senshi is just as valid as Sailor Guardian. Referring to them as a "Sailor Scout" will not be accepted as this is the 90s DiC North-American adaptation's term.

Character Page Format

The main characters' pages should all follow this format.

Still Need Help

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact either DuchessDream or Magic712. Any new formatting should first be cleared by an admin.

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