Sailor Moon Wiki

These policies deal with whats counted as vandalism and how it should dealt with.

What's Counted As Vandalism


Any spamming of links, photos that aren't necessary, messages, and advertisments are not welcome on this wiki at all.

Deleting Information

Deleting unnecessary information is one thing, but deleting information that is needed in the article and information that is valuable is another. Speaking of things that get deleted...

Blanking Out Pages

Blanking out any articles or talk pages is not allowed and it should be noted that the latter even applies to your own talk page as well.

Messing With Another User's User Page

You may not edit another users page at all. Admins can edit their page, but it is only to delete red links.

Adding Inappropriate Comments Onto Articles

Any comments of sexual or vulgar nature are allowed on any article on the wiki and they will be deleted and erased.

Adding Inappropriate Pictures And Videos Onto Articles

We really are serious when we say that we don't want any rule 34 on here.


Any article that plagiarizes another article from a different website will be removed. Referencing and crediting is fine, but don't copy an article word for word.

Adding Unrelated Pages

Anything unrelated to Sailor Moon will be deleted.

How To Deal With Vandalism

How Regular Users Should Deal With It

First, if you are a regular user who sees somebody doing anything counted as vandalism, please report it to one of the admins. If you don't know who the admins are, please check this list.

Second, after reporting it to the admins, please revert the vandal's edits to the article, talk page, or user page that they have vandalized.

How Admins Should Deal With It

If the vandal has vandalized for the first time, revert their edits to the article they vandalized and send them a warning. If they continue to vandalize and disobey you, block them for a week. If they continue to vandalize after that, block them for two months. If they continue to vandalize after the two month block, block them for six months and finally, if they still continue to vandalize after being blocked for six months, block them for a year.  If someone commits obvious and intentional vandalism, such altering an entire page to be filled with nonsense words, and possibly occured on more than a single page, and could require major repairs, stricter and immediate actions may be necessary.