Sailor Moon Wiki

These policies highlight what to do when making a page.

Write From A Neutral Viewpoint

Do not write an article that sounds biased or has your personal opinion in it. For example, saying that Minako is beautiful in her sparkling pink dress is not allowed in an article and it is more suitable for a comment on the page.

Write Articles In Present Form

Unless you're writing an article about a deceased, real person, please write all articles in present form.

No Speculations

Pages should not display any unconfirmed fan speculations or theories. 

Pages Should Be In Appropriate Length

Make sure that the article is not too short but not too long.

Make Sure That Nothing Unrelated Is In The Article

It is important for an article to stay on topic because it makes the article more reliable to the reader and it makes it look more perfessional as well. If you see anything unrelated to the article, please erase it.

Use Official Translations

When making an article, is important not to use fan translations of lyrics or manga pictures. Please make sure that the translation is official before adding it to the article.

Use Original Japanese Names

Unless you are writing an article about an actor from a foreign dub or writing trivia about a dubbed episode, please use original Japanese names at all times.

Make Sure The Page Follows The Page Guidelines

If you are going to write an article about a certain topic (character, item, volume, etc.), please check the page guidelines before doing so. These guidelines can be found in the Policy Index on the top of this page.

Do not intentionally create and undo your own edits

All edits should be done with the intention of improving the wiki. Do not create edits with the purpose of undoing it, or rewriting it later.

Only necessary edits

This is a little more vague and determinant for admins but again edits should be used with the intention of improving the article. Do not add unnecessary sentences or words that are not needed that would make sentences more awkward.

Do not edit unconfirmed information

With Sailor Moon Crystal out, information added to pages should be actually confirmed before editing. No mentioning characters, transformations, items, or other information for upcoming episodes without at the very least an appearance in the preview. This also includes editing pages for Crystal bios section without actually appearing on Crystal yet.

Add Necessary Categories

If you are making a page for a male civilian anime character, for example, categorize it with categories like "male", "anime characters", and "civilians", not with categories like "boyfriend", "bootyliciious", or "he is love, he is life".

Try To Get References From Reliable Sources

References help make the article make the article more reliable for the readers. Because of this, it is important to check your sources.

Use Proper Language

Please do not use profanity in any articles you write.

Do Not Use Too Many Redirects

Using a lot of redirects can make people confused and really, redirects aren't really needed.