Rules and regulations have been put in place to better curate the Sailor Moon wiki. Please follow these rules to help us better manage the wiki and make it an easy-experience for all whom visit and edit.

A new rule that has been installed on this wiki is "1 image per user." This means that you are allowed one image on your user page that may other wise be subject for deletion (excluding Smut/Hentai/Ecchi and duplicates).

Please do not upload images to the wiki for the sake of uploading. If an image is to be uploaded, it must be uploaded to a page or be in use within a month of it's upload.

Files Eligible for Deletion

There are a handful of images that are eligible for instant deletion upon an admin seeing them. If an image contains any of these traits, please do not upload it:

  • Fanart/ Fan-fiction/ Fan edits
  • Cosplay/ Selfies
  • Smut/ Hentai/ Ecchi
  • Images or content unrelated to Sailor Moon
  • Duplicates
  • Accounts labelled as "Inactive" or contributions are largely made on their own user page.
  • Images with watermarks, unofficial or non-Sailor Moon related logos (i.e CrunchyRoll, Youtube, etc.)
  • Images with subtitles (exceptions may apply).
  • Images with interfaces visible (smartphone buttons, streaming/scrubber bars, annotations, etc.)

You may display only one unique image on you user page. The "1 image per user" also applies to user blog posts and threads. This means that if the one image you choose to upload is uploaded to a blog post, you cannot upload another one to your user page or a thread. If you want to share an image, please upload it to an image sharing site and link it in the post.

What About GIFs and Videos?

We'd prefer if GIFs were not uploaded to the wiki. The only exception is for attacks and henshin/transformation scenes. Videos (YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.) are almost completely prohibited. Videos are often taken down from YouTube, and become unavailable on the wiki. This creates an ask for more time to monitor which videos are still available which need to be replaced. Some videos may also not be available to certain users in certain countries and regions.

File Names

The name of a file is integral to editors. It is much easier to find the DVD cover if it is titled something like: Sailor Moon SuperS DVD Vol.1 - Cover.png". Instead of "tumblr 5465d4g65d4fg46sxdg.jpeg". When files are named in a sequential manner, it makes editing lists and just about any page, much easier.

How to Name a File

When naming files, it's important to note that there are common names people tend to name an image i.e "Sailor Moon.png". Please do not replace the already existing image if the warning occurs; instead, rename the one you want to upload to something different. This does not mean "add numbers or random letters" to the file name.


Sailor Moon.png already exists, another names for the file being attempted to upload could be:

  • Sailor Moon - Pose.png
  • Sailor Moon - Crystal Version.png
  • PGSM - Sailor Moon.png

But if the image is part of a "set" (normally accompanied by similar images of the other senshi.) Please name the other files with the same manner.


Acronyms are generally reserved for merchandise such as OSTs, DVDs and books. The only time acronyms are okay to use is when naming screen shots. These are the following accepted acronyms:

  • CSM = "Classic Sailor Moon" in reference to the first season of the original 90's anime.
  • SMR = "Sailor Moon R" in reference to the second season of the original 90's anime.
  • SMS = "Sailor Moon S" in reference to the third season of the original 90's anime.
  • SMSS = "Sailor Moon SuperS" in reference to the fourth season of the 90's anime.
  • SMSs = "Sailor Moon Stars" in reference to the fifth season of the 90's anime.
  • SMC = "Sailor Moon Crystal" in reference to the remake of the series.
  • PGSM = "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" in reference to the live-action TV series.
  • SMM = "Sera Myu Musical" in reference to the stage-plays.

Please do not shorten the senshi's names in any way as there are various senshi's planet that starts with M.

When naming a screen shot file, it is very simple; use the acronym from above, then add "EP" and the number of the episode as well as a "-" and a short description of what's in the image. For example:

  • CSM EP01 - Usagi.png
  • SMSS EP05 - Sailor Mars running.jpeg
  • SMC EP16 - Ami smiling.png

1 Image per User

As mentioned above, if you do decide to decorate your page with images and one so happens to be your "1 Image", please name it: Username 1 Image.filetype. Examples:

  • DuchessDream 1 Image.png
  • SailorMoonFan 1 Image.jpg

This will notify that the image is not spam and has been chosen to be the place holder for your one image.

If you want to change your one image, simply go to the file's page and select "replace" from the "Edit" drop down menu. Keep in mind: you can only replace images of the same file type; PNG>PNG, jpeg>jpeg. This means you cannot replace a JPG with a PNG. This is not a rule, but rather just the way the wiki works.

Why so Strict?

The rules at first may seem strict. But once you have been editing long enough, you will begin to understand why having rules for uploading and naming images creates an easier work environment. While the site is indeed "created by fans and for fans" we'd like to keep it informational. There are other sites for sharing fan works and are unaffected by file names.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the administration staff for the Sailor Moon wiki.

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