The policies are policies telling users how to act and how not to act on this wiki.


Any spamming or trolling will cause an admin to send you a warning. If you keep spamming and trolling and disobeying, then you will get blocked for about a week.


Cuss words should be censored. For example, "F**king green apples!".

Treat people fairly

Treat people like they're people! Do not attack their gender, race, or sexuality!

Act your age

Please do not do anything immature like making pages saying "X Sucks" or harass people for not agreeing with you. Doing this will result in a warning.

Take warnings seriously

If a user gets any warning whatsoever, they should read it and stop disobeying the rules. If the user keeps on ignoring the admins, then they will get blocked.

Any harmful comments will be removed

Comments that say things like "go f**k yourself" or "go kill yourself" will be removed and the user who posted the comment will end up getting a warning not to do it again. The user will also get blocked for about a day or two.

Do NOT make meaningless edits, especially for badges only!

This rule is a bit complicated so here's an explanation: it is ok to edit for badges! However, it does not mean it is always ok. Some people like to edit once a day just to get badges. Most of these edits are usually useless edits that don't effect anything and because of this, they do not help and therefore, they are not allowed. If you are going to edit for badges only, please make yourself useful and add information that is useful. This will help the wiki improve and it will bring you closer to your goal of getting the badge you want. This way, we will all be happy. However, if you continue to edit once a day and make unecessary edits, you will get blocked.

No advertising on the wiki!

This is also a complicated rule so here's another explanation: it is ok to advertise on the wiki. However, your wiki has to be affiliated with us. If you're not affiliated with us, then you can not advertise your wiki at all. Also, it is ok to make a blog post about your wiki if you are affiliated with us, but if you spam links to your wiki everywhere on this wiki, then we will not be affiliated with your wiki any longer and you will be blocked.

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