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March 19, 1994


February 25, 1995

Season Chronology
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Sailor Moon S is the third season of the original anime, which involves the main antagonists, the Death Busters and the mysterious Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune seeking out Pure Heart Crystals that hold the three mystical talismans that are the keys to the mighty Holy Grail itself. In the second half of the series, the Death Busters begin to collect Pure Heart Crystals in order to awaken the deadly Messiah of Silence and bring utter destruction and obliteration upon the world. The tenth and last Sailor Soldier of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Saturn, is introduced. This season is followed by Sailor Moon S: The Movie and then the fourth season.


Following Sailor Moon R, this season is an adaptation loosely based on the Infinity arc of the manga.

Middle School is coming to a close, with the high school entrance exam approaching fast for Usagi and the Sailor Senshi. The Sailor Senshi devote much of their time throughout the season to study for the exam, forming study groups. As usual, Usagi has trouble being productive and staying on track.

The high school exam is not the only major concern for the Sailor Senshi though. In episode one of the season, Rei starts having visions in all of which she foresaw the world's destruction. What’s worse is a new monster appeared, stealing her pure heart crystal. When the other Sailor Senshi tried to save her, they found themselves easily overpowered by the monster, which even pinned down Tuxedo Mask. Fortunately, they were all saved by two new mysterious figures at the last second.

The mysterious figures were later revealed to be Sailors Neptune and Uranus, whose civilian identities were Michiru Kaiou and Haruka Tenou. Although both were Sailor Senshis, they refused to collaborate with the inner Senshi. They were on their own separate mission that was to find three particular pure heart crystals, which contain the three Talismans. Coincidently, the pure heart crystals they searched for were the same ones an evil organization called the Death Busters were looking for. The Death Busters were creating monsters assigned to locate the pure hearts, including the one that attacked Rei. As a result, Sailors Neptune and Uranus had to battle the Death Busters but always found the inner Sailor Senshi interfering, which they didn't like.

For a while, the inner Sailor Senshi still had no idea who Neptune and Uranus really were. By episode 109, Usagi, Michiru, and Haruka transformed in front of each other as a last resort, revealing their identities to each other. Knowing each others' secret identities, Michiru and Haruka approached Usagi one day, telling her and the other senshi to stay out of their way.

Eudial, a member of the Death Busters, discovered that Neptune and Uranus’s pure hearts held two of the three Talismans. She lures them into a trap and gets a hold of their Talismans. All the Sailor Senshi arrive and battles Eudial but does not succeed. Sailor Pluto appears and revives Neptune and Uranus. Her garnet orb is the last three of the Talismans. Sailors Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus each use the power of their Talismans to create the Holy Grail, which gave Sailor Moon the power to become Super Sailor Moon. With her new powers, Super Sailor Moon was able to defeat Eudial.

New Characters



Episode List

Ep. # Episode Title Original Airdates
JP & US (Viz) US (original dub)
90 83 "Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Warriors"
"Star Struck, Bad Luck"
March 19, 1994 (JP)
June 12, 2000 (US)
91 84

"The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation"
"Crystal Clear Again"

March 26, 1994 (JP)
June 13, 2000 (US)
92 85 "A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou"
"Driving Dangerously"
April 16, 1994 (JP)
June 14, 2000 (US)
93 86 "Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius Michiru"
"Bad Harmony"
April 23, 1994 (JP)
June 15, 2000 (US)
94 87 "Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle"
"Swept off Her Feet"
April 30, 1994 (JP)
June 16, 2000 (US)
95 88 "Leave it to the Moon for Love Aid"
"Blinded by Love's Light"
May 7, 1994 (JP)
June 19, 2000 (US)
96 89 "Cold-Hearted Uranus? Makoto in Trouble"
"Lita Borrows Trouble"
May 14, 1994 (JP)
June 20, 2000 (US)
97 90 "The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted"
"Damp Spirits"
May 21, 1994 (JP)
June 21, 2000 (US)
98 91 "Save Friends! Moon and Uranus Join Forces"
"Friendly Foes"
May 28, 1994 (JP)
June 22, 2000 (US)
99 92 "The Kindness of a Man! Yuuichirou, Heartbroken by Rei?"
"Mixed Emotions"
June 18, 1994 (JP)
June 23, 2000 (US)
100 93 "Retire From the Sailor Senshi? Minako's Concerns"
"Individual Happiness"
June 25, 1994 (JP)
June 26, 2000 (US)
101 94 "Usagi in Tears! Glass Shoes for her Birthday"
"Birthday Blues, Part One"
July 2, 1994 (JP)
June 27, 2000 (US)
102 95 "The Pure Heart Stolen! Usagi's Biggest Crisis"
"Birthday Blues, Part Two"
July 16, 1994 (JP)
June 28, 2000 (US)
103 96 "The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Senshi"
"Hello, Sailor Mini Moon!"
August 6, 1994 (JP)
June 29, 2000 (US)
104 97 "Seeking Friends! Chibi Moon's Actions"
"Tainted Tea Party"
August 20, 1994 (JP)
June 30, 2000 (US)
105 98 "Wanting More Power! Mako-Chan's Lost Path"
"People Who Need People"
August 27, 1994 (JP)
July 3, 2000 (US)
106 99 "The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus"
"Related by Destiny"
September 3, 1994 (JP)
July 4, 2000 (US)
107 100 "Art is an Explosion of Love! Chibiusa's First Love"
"Art Appreciation"
September 10, 1994 (JP)
July 5, 2000 (US)
108 101 "Usagi's Dance, In Time to a Waltz"
"Everything's Coming Up Rosey!"
September 17, 1994 (JP)
July 6, 2000 (US)
109 102 "Shocking Moment! Mutual Identities Revealed"
"No Turning Back"
September 24, 1994 (JP)
July 7, 2000 (US)
110 103 "Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear"
"Destiny's Arrival"

October 15, 1994 (JP)
July 10, 2000 (US)

111 104 "The Grail's Divine Power! Moon's Double Transformation"
"The Purity Chalice"
October 22, 1994 (JP)
July 11, 2000 (US)
112 105 "Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness"
"Show Stoppers"
November 5, 1994 (JP)
July 12, 2000 (US)
113 106 "A House Full of Evil Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Hotaru"
"Rini's Risky Friendship"
November 12, 1994 (JP)
July 13, 2000 (US)
114 107 "Crazy for Celebrities! Mimete in Doubt"
"Mimet's Mess"
November 19, 1994 (JP)
July 14, 2000 (US)
115 108 "Shadow of Silence!? The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly"
"The Shadow of Silence"
November 26, 1994 (JP)
July 17, 2000 (US)
116 109 "Sunny Skies After a Storm! A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru"
"Thorny Weather"
December 3, 1994 (JP)
July 18, 2000 (US)
117 110 "Higher, Stronger! Cheers by Usagi"
"Heightened Hazard"
December 10, 1994 (JP)
July 19, 2000 (US)
118 111 "The Battle in a Demonic Dimension! The Sailor Soldier's Bet"
"It's In the Cards"
December 17, 1994 (JP)
July 20, 2000 (US)
119 112 "Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? Stars of Destiny"
"Goodness Eclipsed"
December 24, 1994 (JP)
September 13, 2000 (US)
120 113 "Invasion from an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Academy"
"Next In Line"
January 7, 1995 (JP)
July 21, 2000 (US)
121 114 "A Mystic Flower that Steals Hearts! The Third Witch, Tellu"
"Fiendish Ferns"
January 14, 1995 (JP)
July 24, 2000 (US)
122 115 "Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind-Hearted Soldier"
"The Science Of Love"
January 21, 1995 (JP)
July 25, 2000 (US)
123 116 "Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence"
"Wake Up Call"
January 28, 1995 (JP)
July 26, 2000 (US)
124 117 "The Horror of the Approaching Shadow! Eight Senshi in a Tough Battle"
"Who's Really Who?"
February 4, 1995 (JP)
July 27, 2000 (US)
125 118 "A Bright Shooting Star! Saturn, and the Messiah"
"Darkness, My Old Friend!"
February 11, 1995 (JP)
July 28, 2000 (US)
126 119 "A New Life! Time for Separation of the Destined Stars"
"Second Chances"
February 18, 1995 (JP)
July 31, 2000 (US)
127 120 "Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart"
"Tough Kindness"
February 25, 1995 (JP)
August 1, 2000 (US)


  • The S in the title can be expanded to '’Super'’ according to the eyecatch soundtrack (the lyrics say “Sailor Moon Super~”)
  • The part in the first opening where Sailor Moon is twirling and flying with her Heart Moon Rod, the Inner Senshi can be seen performing attacks behind her. Sailor Mars is seen performing what seems to be Mars Snake Fire. Sailor Mercury is seen performing an unknown attack that is quite similar to Sailor Neptune’s transformation sequence where a circle of water rises up. Sailor Jupiter is then seen performing an attack similar to Flower Hurricane the attack looks like a green hurricane with rose petals. Sailor Venus is then seen performing Venus Love-Me Chain.
    • In the second version of the opening, those attacks have been cut short due to the addition of Sailors Uranus and Neptune who are also seen performing their attacks. After Sailor Venus, Sailor Uranus appears and moved her hand in a slicing motion then light appears behind a mountain before it crumbles. Lastly, Sailor Neptune is seen riding a wave of water before Sailor Moon appears and the 6 of them line up together.
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