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**'''Special Move:''' Moon Healing Escalation
**'''Special Move:''' Moon Healing Escalation
***Adds +1 Moves, +3 Time.
***Adds +1 Moves, +3 Time.
*<u>'''Rei Hino (School Uniform)'''</u>
** Can be won during the "Rei Hino: School Idol" Event.
**'''Special Move:''' TBA
*'''<u>Chibiusa Tsukino</u>'''
*'''<u>Chibiusa Tsukino</u>'''
**'''<u>​</u>Special Move: '''TBA
**'''<u>​</u>Special Move: '''TBA

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Sailor Moon Drops

The poster revealed with the announcement

Sailor Moon Drops (セーラームーンドロップス Sērā Mūn Doroppusu?) is the first mobile game app of the Sailor Moon franchise. It's available for Android and iOS since fall of 2015. In 2016, the game became available on the American iTunes app store.


The plot mirrors that of the 90's anime and currently, it covers the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon arcs.


To progress to the next plot line, Usagi has to move through steps and get through each challenge. The challenge is where the player has to match three pieces in a row in order for the pieces to vanish and the player to gain points, which increase if such a move causes more than one set to align. The player is given a set number of moves they are allowed to make in order to complete the challenge. The challenge is complete once the player gets a certain number of points. At the end of each stage, a monster appears on the final level. When confronting a monster, there will be a certain set of pieces that can deplete its HP and must be defeated within the number of moves. It also has a number set up when pieces not on the list that cause the number to decrease. When the number hits zero, it changes the list, so new set pieces are needed to damage it. 


Special Special pieces are created when clearing sets of four instead of three and when Specials are lined up, they can clear an entire row or column if aligned.

Popper- Created when the player makes a move that clears both a column and a row, creating a T or L shape. Poppers can clear all pieces surrounding it when activated, regardless if they match.

Prism- Created when matching a set of five pieces.When a Prism is switched with another piece, all pieces matching vanish from the board.

Paint- Created when a single move removes six pieces. It's color depends on whichever piece was set up to create it. When the Paint is swapped with another piece, all pieces matching the one switched change to the color of the painted piece.



Characters playable in the game. Each of them have five levels and when leveled up the first time, they earn a Special Move that can be powered up when they are leveled up for the fourth and final time. Certain poses can also be unlocked once you level up a character and they can be viewed in your Collection.

  • Sailor Moon
    • Special Move: Moon Tiara Boomerang
      • Clears the pieces and blocks surrounding it
    • Upgraded Special Move: Moon Healing Escalation
      • Clears even more pieces
  • Sailor Mercury
    • Special Move: Bubble Spray
      • Adds a Popper
  • Sailor Mars
    • Special Move: Evil Spirit, be exorcised
      • Adds a Stripe
  • Sailor Jupiter
    • Special Move: Supreme Thunder
      • Clears 4 to 6 random pieces
  • Sailor Venus
    • Special Move: Crescent Beam
      • Clears an entire row depending on whether the attack misses or hits
    • Upgraded Special Move: Venus Love Me Chain
      • Cleans an entire row depending on whether the attack misses or hits, but with increased success rate


Playable characters won during Major Events.

  • Ami Mizuno (School Uniform)
    • Special Move: "Let's Study!"
      • Shuffles all of the pieces.
  • Minako Aino (School Uniform)
    • Can be won during the "Minako Aino: Girl in Love" Event
    • Special Move: Eager to Please
      • Adds a Stripe.
  • Usagi Tsukino (School Uniform)
    • Special Move: TBA
  • Princess Serenity
    • Can be won during the "Princess Serenity" Event.
    • Special Move: Moon Healing Escalation
      • Adds +1 Moves, +3 Time.
  • Rei Hino (School Uniform)
    • Can be won during the "Rei Hino: School Idol" Event.
    • Special Move: TBA
  • Chibiusa Tsukino
    • Special Move: TBA
  • Sailor Pluto
    • Special Move: TBA
  • Sailor V
    • Special Move: TBA
  • Sailor Neptune
    • Special Move: TBA


Characters that only appear in boosters, story, etc.

  • Luna
    • Aside from the in-game story, Luna helps the player in tutorials and such. Also included in Luna Bonus and appears alongside Artemis in the Piece Crusher booster.
  • Artemis
    • Appears in the Piece Crusher booster and appears in the story.
  • Tuxedo Mask
    • Aside from the in-game story, Tuxedo Mask runs the Tuxedo Mask Store. Tuxedo Mask also appears to help player when they are out of moves, though crystals are required for doing this.
  • Queen Beryl
    • Antagonist in the Dark Kingdom story.
  • The Shitennou (Jadeite, Zoisite, Kunzite, and Nephrite)
    • All of them appear in the Dark Kingdom story.
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