Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol. 7: Friends Forever

Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol. 7: Friends Forever

Label: Edel Music
Genre(s): Pop Rock, J-Pop, Pop Rap, Europop, Euro House, House, Ballad
Singer(s): Various Singers
Number of Tracks: 20
Language(s): German, English, and Japanese
Release Date: 1999

"Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol. 7: Friends Forever" (Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol. 7: Friends Forever) is a German album that contains popular songs from many different artists. The album also includes a couple of songs about or from the series and it is also the 7th album in The Superhits For Kids albums.

Track List

  1. You Have no Love in You (Single Version) - Echt
  2. I feel lonely (European Broadcast Version) - Sasha
  3. Lift me up (Radio Mix) - L.O.C.
  4. Feel Good (Radio Edit) - Phats & Small
  5. Bobby Brown (Radio Edit) - Double Up
  6. Get Up! (The Mix) - Captain Jack feat. G. Kings
  7. The Little Sailor Chibi Moon - Super Moonies
  8. The Shadow of The New Moon - Super Moonies
  9. Sweet like chocolate (Metro 7" Remix) - Shanks & Bigfoot
  10. Did you ever think (Album Version) - R. Kelly
  11. We are going to Ibiza (Hitradio Mix) - Vengaboys
  12. FasterHarderScooter - Scooter
  13. I got it bad for you (Radio Edit) - Just Jonas
  14. I want you (TV-Mix) - Michael Evans
  15. I'm at Peace (New Radio Edit) - Laurent Daniels
  16. Always you (The Ballad Mix) - Jennifer Paige
  17. Walking down the line (Radio Version) - Gil
  18. Eternal Melody - Michie Tomizawa
  19. La Soldier - Moon Lips
  20. Let's Go "Like Me" - Meu
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