Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol. 12: Goodbye Sailor Moon

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German, English, and Japanese

Release date

December 4, 2000

"Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol. 12: Goodbye Sailor Moon" (Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol. 12: Goodbye Sailor Moon) is a German album that contains popular songs from many different artists. The album also includes a couple of songs about or from the series and it is also the 12th and final album in The Superhits For Kids albums.


  1. Lucky (Album Version)
  2. It's Gonna Be Me
  3. Summer Jam (Radio Edit)
  4. Jumpin', Jumpin'
  5. Come And Get Me
  6. I Love You
  7. Bumble Bees
  8. Superstar (7 inch Mix)
  9. With My Own Eyes (Single Edit)
  10. You and Me (Radio Original)
  11. Toy Soldier (Radio mix)
  12. Messed Around
  13. She's The Sun
  14. Sister
  15. Back Here
  16. You Complete Me (Radio Ballad)
  17. Josephine (Radio edit)
  18. Another Way (Radio cut)
  19. Pictures of You (Radio Edit)
  20. Without You (Radio-/Video version)
  21. 2010
  22. Electronic Lady
  23. It's December 2000 (And I'll Be Missing You) (Ole's Radio Remix)
  24. The World is Mine (Kurzer Mix)
  25. Letkiss (Dub dub dubi dubi dub) (Radio Mix)
  26. Taxi Nach Paris 2000
  27. It's Summer In My Heart (Radio Edit)
  28. Techno Harmony (In F.M Mix)
  29. Oooh The Way I Feel About You (Single Version)
  30. Farewell
  31. The Eternal Sleep
  32. You're Just My Love
  33. Let's Met at Morning Moon
  34. Initial U
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