Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol.3: Dancing on the Moon

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"Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol.3: Dancing on the Moon" (Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol. 3: Dancing on the Moon) is a German album that contains popular songs from many different artists. The album also includes a couple of songs about or from the series and it is also the third album in the Die Superhits Für Kids albums.

Track List

  1. Message
  2. Dancing on the Moon
  3. Planets
  4. Sailor Moon (Extended Dance Mix)
  5. Sailor Moon (U.S. Dance Remix)
  6. Sailor Moon on Space Tour
  7. Let the Music Heal Your Soul - Bravo all Stars
  8. Cleopatra´s Theme (Radio Edit) - Cleopatra
  9. Shame (Club Mix) - The Boyz
  10. Never Giving Up Now (Radio Mix) - Gil
  11. Open Up Your Mind (Single Edit Radio) - R´N´G
  12. I Love Myself - Basis
  13. Broken Wings (Radio Version) - C-Block
  14. All I Have to Give (Radio Version) - Backstreet Boys
  15. La Primavera (Original Radio/Video Edit) - Sash!
  16. Baby Come Back (Radio Edit) - Caught in the Act
  17. Blaue Augen (Blaue Augen in der Luft Mix) - Blümchen
  18. Where is Your Love? (Radio Version) - DJ Bobo
  19. I Give (Full Radio Edit) - Take 5
  20. Sailor Moon (TV Outro English)
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