Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol.10: Magic Lights

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Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol.10: Magic Lights (Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol.10: Magic Lights) is a German album that contains popular songs from many different artists. The album also includes a couple of songs about or from the series and it is also the tenth album in the Die Superhits Für Kids albums.

Track List

  1. One to Make Her Happy (Radio Edit) - Marque
  2. 48 Stunden - Oceana & Kim
  3. Girl (Radio Version) - Leandro
  4. Too Much of Heaven (Radio Version) - Eiffel 65
  5. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - A man after midnight (Radio Version) - A-Teens
  6. La vida es una floor (Radio Version Part I) - Loona
  7. Wonderland (Radio Mix) - Passion Fruit
  8. She's Got That Light (Orange-Mix) - Orange Blue
  9. Waterfalls (Day Mix) - Luci Van Org
  10. Good Times (Video Version) - Sabrina Thomson
  11. Just Around the Hill (Radio/Video Edit) - Sash!
  12. Mein Stern (Single Edit mit Rap) - Ayman
  13. Eternal Flame (Radio Luv Version) - Rollergirl
  14. Wen soll ich fürchten (Radio Edit) - Aleksey
  15. Das Geisterhaus - Super Moonies
  16. Die Säulen der schwarzen Energie - Super Moonies
  17. Ewige Jugend - Super Moonies
  18. Moonlight Destiny - Hiroko Asakawa
  19. Golden Queen Galaxia - Mitsuko Horie
  20. Kissing in the Starlight - Emi Shinohara
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