"Sailor Moon - Horoskop & Games" is a 2D mini-game collection. It was released on March 31, 2000, for Windows. The game was created by Egmont Interactive GmbH. This game was only released in Germany.


The player has several game choices. These include a puzzle mini-game where the player controls Luna and push boxes to their destined places, a Tetri- like mini-game, a calendar where the player can view birth dates of famous people and put their own entries, a gallery where the player can view German Sailor Moon covers with descriptions, and their horoscope.

Mini-Game Collection

  • Luna's Adventures
  • Birthday Calendar
  • Mond Crystals
  • Comic Survey
  • Serenity's Gallery
  • Horoscope



  • If the players play the horoscope mini-game on Windows XP, the game will crash.
  • Despite the fact that it is a Sailor Moon Game, Sailor Mars is featured on the cover.

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