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Sailor moon moon
"For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon I will punish you!"
— Sailor Moon's stock introduction

Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino's Senshi identity. She is the de facto leader of the Solar System Sailor Senshi. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character created by Naoko Takeuchi.



Sailor Moon's fuku in the anime was very similar to her original one in the manga only with a couple of differences.

Her fuku consisted of a white leotard with a blue collar that had two white stripes on it, white shoulder pads, and a blue skirt, along with red chest and back bows. She wore red knee-high boots with a white border at the triangular top which had a crescent moon at the middle and white gloves with red borders. Her accessories were a golden tiara with a red gem in the middle, golden earrings with dangling crescent moons, white-bordered red circular hairpieces that were on each odango, a choker with a golden crescent moon on it, and a brooch in the middle of her chest bow (her transformation brooch for the first season, the Crystal Star brooch in the second, and the Cosmic Heart Compact for the third).

In the S season, the jewel in Sailor Moon's tiara was crescent-moon-shaped and the crescent moon on her choker was replaced with a golden heart.

Full front t (1)
Although the pearl/feather hairpins have been in Sailor Moon's manga costume since the beginning, they were not in the anime until her transformation to Super Sailor Moon.The medallions on her odango have not changed. As before, they are red, with white trim. The tiara is still gold, but has a lighter gold crescent moon instead of the red jewel. The earrings have changed from a dangling crescent moon to a larger post earring of a crescent moon, which matches the shape of the one on her tiara. At the very beginning of the S-season, she is shown with her old dangle earrings, but they quickly convert to the new ones.

The choker has a yellow band and red heart.The henshin compact remains the same from her Cosmic transformation, and is seen both on her breast and as an accent on the front point of her waistline. The front bow is still red. The sleeves are sheer, with three layers of material forming a sleeve on each side. The three layers are sewn to the upper half of the armhole, and are progressively larger in size, with the smallest on top. The sailor collar remains blue, and keeps the same number of stripes(two), but the stripes have changed color, from white to gold.The gloves stay the same, white, elbow-length and trimmed with triple piping in red.The skirt is perhaps the most dramatic change in this senshi fuku, as it has gone from unadorned blue to white, with large stripes of blue and gold along the bottom (depicted in the henshin sequence as a gradient of gold, green and blue.) Although drawn in various ways, the skirt is most consistantly seen as having a knife pleat (triangular cross-section), as opposed to a box pleat or a gathered skirt.

The waist features two belt-like details, like over-sized piping, that taper in the front to meet at the drop-point of the waist, and again in the back, where the bow is attached. This differs from previous fuku by the presence of the second, gold, "belt" (or piping). The gold "belt" is depicted as both having a rounded shape and cross-section, and having a flat point that extends down and partially covers the lower "belt". The lower white "belt" is depicted as having a pointed or elongated cross-section at the sides. The bow is a large, stiff, pointed-corner bow, similar to finishing bows on the obi, which is what I believe it is modeled after. Unlike previous bows, this one has long, fluttery ends, and the entire thing is sheer. During the battle against Pharaoh 90 as Sailor Saturn was inside of its core to destroy it, Super Sailor Moon retains this appearance after she borrows both Inner and Outer Senshi's powers to transform without using the Holy Grail in desperation as her heart crystal was exposed and has no white rounds on her blue eyes while in that state and after saving Sailor Saturn who is now reborn as a baby Hotaru, she was seen in tatters.

In Super S season, she retains her Super Sailor Moon form when she transforms using Moon Crisis, Make Up but the bow's ends become less fluttery and becomes shorter and fully opaque. Although it is apparent that the bow meets the previously-described waist features, it is hard to say whether the bow actually ties the skirt "belt", or is merely attached where they meet in the back.The bodice remains the same, with a seam running horizontally around the back and underneath the bust, coming to a point in the front.The boots have not changed from the previous three outfits for Sailor Moon. They remain knee-high, solid red high-heeled boots, with a pointed toe and diagonally sliced top. The top of the boot has a convex point and is trimmed in white, featuring a gold crescent moon at the top of the point. The back has a concave point which ends at the top of the calf.

The heels look to be around 1-1.5 inches in height.

File:Eternal sailor moon.jpg

The pearl/feather accents and medallions on her odango have not changed from the Super Sailor Moon costume. As before, they are red, with white trim. The earrings are once again dangling, building upon the larger, post earring of a crescent moon by adding a dangling star. The crescent moon (and the star) seem to be slightly larger than her previous earrings. The choker is red, with a heart and crescent moon motif in gold that matches the compact. The henshin compact has upgraded again, and appears differently on her school uniform, on her senshi fuku, and during the transformation sequence. The actual compact is winged, like the previous one, with a central heart shape, but adds a small crescent moon accent at the bottom Set around the central heart and moon jewel details are nine colored stones, representing each senshi's colors.

Three gold dots accent each wing, and a gold sphere accents the top. When seen on her everyday dress, the compact appears as a plain gold heart and moon shape. When transformed, the compact looks the same, but framed by white wings, matching the larger set of wings on her outfit. In this final upgrade, Eternal Sailor Moon has no tiara. It is replaced by a crescent moon on her forehead, like that of Princess/Neo-Queen Serenity, but thicker and more elongated. The moon shape matches her earrings, choker, compact and other costume accents. The sleeves are puffed and pink, with a double row of red trim. For a change the sleeves come down midway to the elbow, longer than any previous ones. The sleeves are usually drawn very round and bubble-like, even slightly shiny.The sailor collar has darkened to navy or black, but keeps the gold contrast stripes.

The number of stripes has increased to three. The bodice is now completely plain, having lost the horizontal under-bust seam featured in her previous costumes. The lack of detail on the bodice helps to accent the winged breast-piece that showcases her compact. The gloves have changed quite a bit for this outfit. The gloves are full-length gloves, ending at mid-bicep. Although trimmed in the traditional triple red piping, they are accented with a triple pearl/feather detail, matching her hairpins, which rests on the outside of each bicep. There is a red ribbon accent at the wrist, which is pointed down the hand and up the inside of the wrist, and features a gold crescent moon, matching other similar symbols throughout this costume.

The skirt is once again the most dramatic change in this senshi fuku, changing from a single layer to three, and changing from white or blue to layers of red, gold and navy/black. The waist has lost the piping layers or belts seen in previous forms, and instead defines the waist/skirt line with a double ribbon trim of red and gold. A crescent moon accents the middle of the waist, as seen elsewhere in the costume. The back of the fuku is accented by large white wings, which attach at the waist. The bow has been replaced by long, trailing red ribbons, that flow from the wings downward. The boots, as with much of the costume, are dramatically different, having switched from red to white They feature an inversion of the top slice,cutting down in the front and pointing in the back.

These boots are slightly lower than previous boots, with the point in the back ending at the top of the calf, and the v-slice in the front ending a few inches below the bottom of the kneecap. They are trimmed in red with a crescent moon accent at the base of the front cut, and feature about the same heel height as previous boots.

File:Neo queen serenity.gif

The crown is gold-metallic in color with red and white accents. The actual headpiece is classified as a tiara; a semi-circular band. The crown features a central winged, crowned heart with a central red faceted jewel. The heart is flanked by decorations on each side along the band, with a larger red jewel flanked by two smaller white jewels. The band bends up at each end, with a large jewel at the bend, and then narrows before finishing in a spiral shape.Her forehead features the crescent moon shape. The earrings are gold ball posts, with a dangling ribbon of gold that forms a downward spiral.

The bodice is similar to Princess Serenity's dress, but with a second row of gold beading underneath the thick decorative banding. The top band is yellow or gold. The beading features simple spherical beads, again in yellow or gold. A row appears just below the top banding, and another a few inches below it, forming an empire waistline. The fabric is gathered at the waist.The white fabric of the bodice and waist is very draped.Adding to the two fluttering back pieces or ribbons are a set of fabric wing shapes. Together these elements form a back bow of the outfit.

The wings feature a scalloped lower edge and a gently arching top, and are far wider than they are tall. The trailing ribbons form the natural lower half of the wings, resembling a butterfly shape.Both the wing and ribbon fabric is usually shown as pure white or an extremely light pink.The skirt is close-fitting and floor-length, with a slender shape that ending in a flourish that trails out in all directions. This widening of the skirt commonly starts at the calf, but occasionally starts at the knee.


Sailor Moon

Usagi wakes up late in the morning and runs to school and on the way sees a group of kids picking on a black cat. She rescues the cat and, after removing a bandage, notices it has what she believes to be a crescent moon bald spot.

Usagi leaves it behind and heads to school. After returning home from a sale that Naru's mother is having, her own mother kicks her out for getting 30% in her test.

Later, after taking a nap Usagi wakes up to find the same black cat from earlier in her room; it reveals it can speak and introduces herself as Luna and thanks Usagi for removing the bandage.

She gives Usagi a brooch and tells her that she must fight a mysterious enemy that is attacking the town, and assist in the search for their Moon Princess. Usagi doesn't really believe her, so Luna gets her to recite the transformation phrase: "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up. "

The brooch transforms Usagi into Sailor Moon for the first time. She then goes to save Naru from Morga.

Sailor Moon continues to battle Youma with the help of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. Eventually, she is joined by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars, and the trio continues to fight against the Dark Kingdom. Together they are able to defeat one of the Dark Kingdom generals, Jadeite, who is summarily executed by Queen Beryl.

They fought more Youma and eventually the Dark Kingdom sets out to retrieve the Rainbow Crystals and Sailor Moon meets another Sailor Senshi, Sailor Jupiter, who joins the group. Sailor Moon is also given the Moon Stick to heal victims turned into Youma.

After all the Rainbow Crystals are discovered, Sailor Moon is unintentionally captured with Tuxedo Mask by the Dark Kingdom. Tuxedo Mask is mortally wounded and as Sailor Moon mourns for him, the Rainbow Crystals become the Silver Crystal and it reveals Sailor Moon to be the Moon Princess, Serenity. Sailor Moon keeps the Silver Crystal from the Dark Kingdom, but Tuxedo Mask is captured and brainwashed by them to retrieve the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon thwarts numerous plots of the Dark Kingdom's attempted theft of her Silver Crystal, and eventually, the Senshi discover the location where the Dark Kingdom's base is. The travel to D Point, where Sailor Moon sees each of her comrades dies, so she can continue on.

When she reaches the Dark Kingdom, Endymion, still under the Dark Kingdom's control, attacks Sailor Moon. Her love for him breaks the control and he regains his memories. Unfortunately, Endymion dies, protecting Sailor Moon from Beryl's attack. Sailor Moon confronts Beryl, who has merged with Queen Metalia, on the surface.

Becoming Serenity, she uses the Silver Crystal to destroy Beryl and Metalia, sacrificing her life in the process. She, Mamoru, and the Senshi are all resurrected with no memories as Senshi, living normal lives.

Sailor Moon R

As usual, Usagi is late for school and runs out. She then fell and started to cry. Shingo tells Usagi she had forgotten her bag. She is upset Shingo called her a crybaby, realizes she has no time to do that and needs to go. Meanwhile, Luna and Artemis are talking about the girls and how their memory is lost from the battle against Beryl and Metalia. In the Makaiju arc, when the city (including Naru) is attacked by the first Cardian, Vampir, Luna is forced to revive Usagi's memories and Sailor Moon. This, however, was directly against Usagi's wishes, who has no desire to be anything but an ordinary girl. Reluctantly, she resumes battle and takes down Vampir.

Two weeks later, she discovers Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako are here for an audition but she ends up being rejected. Soon after, she saw the four girls were attacked by the Cardian Minotauron. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon to save them but failed and she was attacked and absorbed most of her energy by the cardian. Luna then restored the other girls' memories of what happened previously as they regained it they transform into their Senshi forms and saves Sailor Moon as they manage to destroy Minotauron with both Fire Soul and Crescent Beam combination.

In a virtual theater entertainment center, a Cardian attacks not only Usagi's father and brother, but also an unconscious Mamoru. Disaster strikes when Sailor Moon's tiara no longer works in battle, and the only way to defeat it is a combination of Supreme Thunder and Crescent Beam.

At the Sakura blossom Festival, Umino, Naru and Ms. Haruna are attacked by the Cardian Leshy, and soon after the other Sailor Senshi are as well. Sailor Moon tried to attack her, only for not only the attack to fail, but also her transformation brooch to be destroyed as well. She and Luna are pulled into a portal to the Void. Inside Usagi's mind, they meet Queen Serenity who gives her the new brooch (with a weakened Silver Crystal within) and the Cutie Moon Rod and she transforms by the phrase "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up". She manages to defeat Leshy with the Moon Princess Halation attack and it turns into dust.

Throughout most episodes, she's the only Senshi to deliver a final blow to the Cardian in Makaiju arc and the Droids in Dark Moon Kingdom arc using her Moon Princess Halation.

In the Dark Moon Kingdom during Episode 50 when Chibiusa (Rini in the DiC and CWi dub) was introduced, she and Chibusa are always bickering at each other until at Hikawa Shrine where she made her friends falls asleep due to the magic dust that she created from her Luna Sphere putting in their tea. Usagi gets mad at Chibusa for what she had done as she angrily spanks her butt several times making Chibusa cries in anguish as the crescent moon lights up, sending a beam into the sky. Both were confronted by Koan (Catzi in the DiC dub) and hits them with her dark fire. Usagi finally transforms into Sailor Moon and protects Chibusa from her and unleashes her Moon Princess Halation to Koan. After that, Usagi realizes that Chibusa is from the future while she's unconscious.

During Episode 68, she protects Chibusa from Rubeus as the Ayakashi Sisters are fighting against the Inner Senshi.

When Chibiusa gets her brooch in Episode 73, Usagi tries to find Chibiusa knowing that her brooch was her Silver Crystal. However, Rubeus' spaceship arrives to capture her, Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako transform into their Senshi forms to save Chibiusa and they were caught in his spaceship. Usagi saw her friends are captured by Rubeus and she holds Chibiusa responsible for it. In Episode 74, Usagi finally decides to go by herself to save her friends from Rubeus and his spaceship. After Chibiusa returns her brooch back to her, she leaves at Mamoru's apartment. By the time she transforms into Sailor Moon, Chibiusa is here as well, wanting to save her friends as well, and both were caught by Rubeus from his spaceship.

Sailor Moon pretends Chibiusa is her cousin and tries to use Moon Princess Halation on Rubeus as the latter activates the dark crystal which it blocks her attack but it emanates the gravity from his spaceship into maximum capacity. Chibiusa attempts to remove the dark crystal but it knocks her away due to the invisible forcefield as her crescent moon glows on her forehead and she tries to attempt the second time.

Rubeus managed to pin her down when he activates the dark crystal on his space ship. Sailor Moon managed to stand up despite the gravity force on the maximum capacity much to Rubeus' shock became underestimate her for being as his adversary and accepts to fight her. Sailor Moon finally uses Moon Princess Halation as Rubeus shoots her with a dark ray her by the help of the dark crystal from his spaceship as they clashed with light and dark waves.

Chibiusa regains her consciousness she discovers Rubeus' power source which amplifies with the dark crystal as she attempts to remove it by force and Rubeus manages to knock Sailor Moon out. Rubeus tries to capture Chibiusa as Sailor Moon manage to distract him with Moon Princess Halation and instructs her to pull the crystal harder even her crescent moon glows on her forehead she manages to destroy the crystal and Rubeus was knocked down by Sailor Moon's powerful attack as well as releasing the Inner Senshi who were held up in several mirrors are finally broken into pieces.

When Rubeus tells them that his spaceship will self destruct along with them as he hits the button start the self-destruct sequence. But Sailor Moon, Chibiusa and the Inner Senshi manage to escape by teleportation as the latter noticed his downfall as his spaceship explodes after Esmeraulde betrays him for his failures.

By this time, Prince Demande orders Esmeraulde to take over after Rubeus due to his failures.

In Episode 83, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Chibiusa and the Inner Senshi finally travel to Crystal Tokyo and Chibiusa tries to find her mother Neo-Queen Serenity. When they tried to find her they were found by King Endymion (Mamoru's future self) in a holographic form and finally explains about what happened in Crystal Tokyo as well as the Black Moon Clan.

However, Neo-Queen Serenity was attacked by the dark light which she remains in comatose as the four guardians (The Inner Senshi's future selves) manage to create a crystal-like shell to protect her from being harm and they use their energy to protect the castle.

King Endymion also tells both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask that Chibiusa is their daughter much to their surprise in embarrassment and he tells them that there's no other way as well as Neo-Queen Serenity is Sailor Moon's future self. Therefore, Prince Demande arrives to see them and managed to blind everyone with his third eye. However, when he saw Sailor Moon resembles Neo-Queen Serenity, he manages to kidnapped her by hypnotizing her with his third eye making Tuxedo Mask to rescue her.

Tuxedo Mask manages to rescue Usagi, who was dressed as Neo-Queen Serenity, by the time Prince Demande hypnotizes her with his third eye to seduce her by force. Prince Demande tries to stop both Tuxedo Mask and Usagi after he saves her and he was blinded by Esmeraulde's smoke, which is due to her love for him and jealousy. Saphir discovers her actions.

In Episode 85, they discovered Chibiusa became Black Lady after been brainwashed by Wiseman who told her that she was unloved and neglected by her parents and the four guardians. Sailor Moon attempts to purify her with her Silver Crystal and it briefly effects her but Wiseman manages to corrupt the purification with dark magic which she remains as Black Lady.

In Episode 86, Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi discover Saphir was severely injured after been treated his injuries by Petz was confronted by Wiseman, Prince Demande and Black Lady as Sailor Moon tries to convince Chibiusa but fails as she attacks them. When Saphir finally warns his older brother that he was used by Wiseman, the latter permanently silences him.

In Episode 87 when the dark crystal engulfs in their city. She and her friends transform to their Senshi forms and together they went inside the Dark Crystal. With that she falls to the trap which she was separated with the Inner Senshi. She was confronted by Prince Demande who attempts to hypnotize her with his third eye trying to seduce her by force. Sailor Moon manage to break free regaining her free will after remembering Chibiusa, the Inner Senshi, her best friend Naru and Mamoru. She tries to tell Prince Demande that they can negotiate as he replies that they were banished from Nemesis.

Sailor Moon then tells him about the Ayakashi Sisters that they befriended are staying in Earth and they love it which makes him realizes that Wiseman is lying to them and she tells him about his younger brother Saphir's warnings about Wiseman before he was killed by him. Prince Demande realizes that he was used by him and he looks in her eyes, which reveals the whole truth. However, Wiseman appears and knowing of Prince Demande's treachery and both fighting each other in a clash of both blasts as Sailor Moon watches them and finally discovers Wiseman's motives to awaken the Doom Phantom. Wiseman attempts to kill Sailor Moon by summoning dark blades as Prince Demande saves her at the cost of his life and manages to disperse Wiseman temporarily.

After Prince Demande dies while Wiseman is regenerating himself, he tries to brainwash Sailor Moon as he did to Chibiusa, but this fails, as Usagi knows that she cares about everyone with all her heart. Wiseman attempts to kill her with a dark blast only to be blocked from Tuxedo Mask's red rose. Tuxedo Mask and the Inner Senshi finally arrive to save her and they confront Wiseman and they tell them that Black Lady is increasing her power to open the gate. When they arrived, they saw Chibiusa as Black Lady who confronts them who was ordered by Wiseman to open the gate.

In Episode 88, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the Inner Senshi finally confront Chibusa as Black Lady who tries to open the gate by the power of the dark crystal as well as herself once the Earth is destroyed by it. They try to convince her that they loved her so much as she comments that it was rubbish saying that they can take care of themselves as Sailor Moon replies that she's been too selfish and she still loves her. Chibiusa becomes angered to them and she's already had enough and wants to deal with Tuxedo Mask. The Inner Senshi tries to stop her but fail as she attacks Tuxedo Mask with the power of the dark crystal creating a dark thunder as it hits him as both his hat and mask are knock off as Sailor Moon hugged him.

Chibiusa realizes that they risk their lives for Mamoru, just for love, and they convince her about their love for her despite her bad attitude towards them. When they convince Chibiusa deep inside of her heart, Wiseman brainwashes her in time and tries to attack them with dark powerful wave to think they brainwashed her. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are trying their best to convince Chibiusa with their love for her as she finally uses the Silver Crystal as she and Chibiusa clash with their magic waves and she manages to disperse Black Lady's dark wave but it also awakens Neo-Queen Serenity in her comatose state as Sailor Moon becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, much to the Inner Senshi's surprise, and Chibiusa's discovery.

Neo-Queen Serenity tries to get Chibiusa to recall her childhood past, filled with their love and affection until Wiseman brainwashes her further and to think she's all by herself and she angrily attacks them with her dark wave. Neo-Queen Serenity tries to tell her about the love of her parents as well as their actions to set limits to make their children not to become rude and selfish. She also convinces her to remember the good times with the four guardians and Black Lady knows they loved her as the black crescent moon on her forehead disappears and finally hugs her reverting back as Chibiusa who loses consciousness and Neo-Queen Serenity reverts back into Sailor Moon and becomes weak from the use of her Silver Crystal.

After Chibiusa was finally purified, Wiseman finally confronts them as Sailor Moon uses her Silver Crystal and becomes Neo-Queen Serenity and both her and Wiseman clash. Chibiusa discovers the Silver Crystal that she was looking for was inside of her body all along as she helps her mother to deal Wiseman as she transforms into her princess form as both managed to obliterate Wiseman with both powers of their Silver Crystals destroying him once and for all. After the incident and the city is finally saved, Usagi finally hugs Chibiusa as they cried knowing that they will miss each other as Chibiusa finally leaves back to the future to reunite with her parents and the four guardians as Usagi, Mamoru, and her friends watch her leave.

Sailor Moon S

In the beginning of Episode 90 during the Death Busters arc, Usagi came to visit Rei at Hikawa Shrine, she discovers Rei was attacked by the new adversary called Daimons (Heart Snatchers in CWi dub) led by Kaolinite who wants to find the pure heart crystals. She transforms into Sailor Moon to face the Daimon as she uses Moon Princess Halation to the Daimon but was no effect and the Daimon manages to break her brooch causing her to de-transform back to her civilian form as Usagi was helpless to watch Rei being extracted by the Daimon to get her heart crystal. Only to be defeated by both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in sillouette using both World Shaking and Deep Submerge.

However in Episode 91 after Mamoru shields to save her from the Daimon's attack as Tuxedo Mask. She and Mamoru form a new transformation heart brooch and the Spiral Heart Moon Rod after both transported to the Silver Millenium. With that she finally transforms into Sailor Moon with the phrase of "Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up" and uses the Spiral Heart Moon Rod against the daimons with the use of Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

In Episode 92, she and Minako are fighting in a car racing game which results her loss. Therefore, both saw Haruka Tenou who became attracted from her masculine looks and challenges Minako in the car racing game. After Usagi watches them competing and seeing that Haruka is very good on racing which made Minako lost to her as Michiru Kaiou came to see Haruka. When both of them leaves the arcade, she became reluctant with Minako to spy on both of them as they skip their study sessions with Rei, Ami and Makoto. When Haruka's mechanic became victimize by Kaolinite's Daimon, she and Minako noticed Haruka was gone and Minako was attracted for her as Usagi comically tells her to transform to their Senshi forms which she agrees.

Both finally transform to their Senshi forms and to face the Daimon who had the mechanic's heart crystal. However both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive to confront them much to their surprise as they manage to hit the Daimon with both World Shaking and Deep Submerge and Sailor Venus tells Sailor Moon to finish the job as she delivers the final blow to the Daimon with her Moon Spiral Heart Attack and the black heart appears on the car as it breaks. Sailor Uranus tells them to return the heart crystal back to itss owner knowing that it was not pure.

After the incident, Usagi is the only person to know that Haruka is a girl as both her and Michiru arrive to see them and Minako noticed her feminine appearance only to be slammed by Rei and Makoto and she tells them that they give up and Michiru reveals Haruka's true gender to them much to their shock as Haruka happily apologizes to them "Sorry that I burst your bubble that I'm a girl." making Minako sadly disappointed as she continues to be slammed by both Rei and Makoto and both Usagi and Ami knows this as she breaks the fourth wall and says "I know there's something fishy about it but Minako wouldn't listen, hmph."

In Usagi's birthday in the two part episodes both Episode 101 and 102, she is the fourth victim to Kaolinite's Daimons after Rei, Makoto and Ami and she is always attacked twice to get her heart crystal and it turns out that her heart crystal is not pure like the other victims. She then fights off against Kaolinite along with the Inner Senshi and both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune after been saved by Sailor Venus who disguises as Sailor Moon.

Later in Episode 103 when Sailor Chibi Moon appears to rescue both Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars fron Daimon's trap, she is the only person to recognize Chibiusa's voice which she became a senshi like they are. After defeating the Daimon with Moon Spiral Heart Attack, she and Chibiusa are seen bickering while Usagi carries her as both Haruka and Michiru mistaking Chibiusa as Usagi's cousin. In Episode 104 it reveals that Neo-Queen Serenity sends her daughter Chibiusa to be trained as a Sailor Senshi to Usagi and her friends.

Throughout most episodes, she manages to kill most of Kaolinite and Eudial's Daimons with the use of Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

In Episode 110, Usagi was later taken by Haruka and Michiru who transformed into both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to the strange island via helicopter in Marine Cathedral where Eudial is searching for the three talismans after her brooch is confiscated by them.

By the time Eudial confronted the trio and shoots them with her capture gun which they manage to dodge but she is able to take Sailor Uranus as a hostage, Sailor Neptune saves Sailor Uranus from being hit on Eudial's gun as her heart crystal reveals itself as the Deep Aqua Mirror as the latter shoots herself after Usagi knocks Eudial off and she tells her about their missions as her heart crystal reveals itself as the Space Sword. Usagi realizes that the talismans that they were searching was inside of their heart crystals all along and Sailor Uranus explains to her before they went into semi-comatose state.

Usagi finally transforms into Sailor Moon to face off Eudial along with the Inner Senshi. Their attacks are no effect on Eudial's Fire Buster II and she finally gets both of their talismans which they pursue her. When Sailor Moon catches her up and Eudial attempts to hit her with Fire Buster II, it was disrupted by Setsuna who finally transforms into Sailor Pluto who shows the third and final talisman the Garnet Orb. She later revives both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in their semi-comatose state which their heart crystals are back to their bodies and was now separated to their talismans as they acquire it to release the Holy Grail but it also awakens inside within Hotaru.

Eudial manages to trap the Outer Senshi with her Fire Buster II as she and Sailor Moon are trying to get the Holy Grail as Sailor Moon finally got it and she finally transforms into Super Sailor Moon via "Crisis, Make Up" much to the surprise of the Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Mask's discovery.

She finally faces Eudial in her new transformation as the latter shoots her Fire Buster II at her. Super Sailor Moon manages to deflect her Fire Buster II with a barrier as it bounces back at Eudial who ends up being defeated as she was later killed by Mimete who cuts her car breaks with fill with snails and her car is crashed of the cliff. With this upgraded transformation, this zaps her strength as she kneels down reverting back to her Sailor Moon form as both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune finally have their own mission is to destroy the Messiah of Silence and Sailor Pluto tells them not to worry about them.

In her upgrade form, she manages to defeat Mimete and Telulu's Daimons with her Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

When infiltrating Infinite Academy which most students are now victims with the Death Busters as well as black hearts are scattering around the area. Sailor Moon finally found Sailor Chibi Moon in the lab which is kidnapped by Kaolinite with Professor Tomoe who is possessed by the Germatoid by her side. They manage to extract Sailor Chibi Moon's pure heart crystal which reverts back into Chibusa and puts her into a near death state as Sailor Moon becomes helpless to see her pure heart crystal being extracted, then was swallowed by Hotaru which she reveals herself as the Messiah of Silence as she transforms into Mistress 9.

When Chibiusa is in near-death state and heartless as Mamoru uses his own strength to keep her alive, Usagi and her friends finally decided to stop Mistress 9 and the Death Busters who plans to release Pharaoh 90 on earth. They finally transform into their Senshi forms but Sailor Moon became separated with the Inner Senshi and she meets with Hotaru along the way. But it was a trap to lure her as Hotaru transforms into Mistress 9 to confront her and she also manages to capture both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune which they manage to defeat the Germatoid who possess Professor Tomoe and the latter also arrives who is free from being possessed but in his injured state.

Hotaru briefly controls her body as she tells her father to get the Holy Grail from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon finally gives the Holy Grail despite Sailor Uranus' pleas not to give it to Hotaru as Mistress 9 awakens in her body and finally activates the Holy Grail to release Pharaoh 90. However, Hotaru tries to regain control of her body as she remembers Chibiusa and her father and she manages to expel Mistress 9 as the Saturn symbol lighted up on her forehead as it destroys the Death Buster symbol within it and transforms into Sailor Saturn. She also returns Chibiusa's heart crystal back to her as Luna and Artemis saw her as Sailor Saturn as she thanked her and returns to battle Pharaoh 90.

Sailor Moon knows Hotaru is Sailor Saturn as she wields the Silence Glaive as both Rei and Setsuna predicted that she can destroy the planet with her glaive. She tells her that she will destroy the core of Pharaoh 90 with her glaive as she finally farewell to Sailor Moon and she goes inside Pharaoh 90 while executing her Death Reborn Revolution. Sailor Moon becomes helpless as she tries to say the phrase "Crisis, Make Up"  several times attempting to transform into her Super form but to no effect.

Both Inner and Outer Senshi in their injured state borrow their powers to Sailor Moon who finally transforms into Super Sailor Moon as her brooch becomes the heart crystal as she manages to enter inside Pharaoh 90 to save Hotaru as Sailor Saturn who finally destroys Pharaoh 90, at the cost of her life. Afterward, Usagi manages to survive the ordeal as she holds the baby Hotaru in her arms, who is reborn as an infant, while she herself is weak and injured, causing the Inner Senshi comes to her aid and both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, who is also injured, watches over them.

After Infinity Academy is destroyed as well as the Death Busters, Usagi and her friends were confronted by Haruka and Michiru who were angered at Usagi from her actions in saving Hotaru instead of being killed and risking the future, and they think that she is no longer the future Queen of 30th Century Earth. Finally showing their anti-heroic behaviors towards them, Makoto tells Rei, Ami and Minako about their previous actions and angrily calls the Inner Senshi traitors which they want to fight them both.

Both Haruka and Michiru transform into both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune as Makoto, Rei, Ami and Minako transform to their Inner Senshi form as Usagi noticed they will fight both of them and she tells them about her reasons why she saved Hotaru even though she is Sailor Saturn as the Sailor of Destruction which she held her as a baby after she was reborn knowingly she has pure sweetness. She also wanted to stop both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to fight as both disrespects her wanted her to give up as the queen and challenges her to fight with their pride.

With no other choice, Usagi accepts to fight both and Sailor Venus tells her not to fight them as she replies that there's no other choice for the sake of the future she transforms into Sailor Moon as they fight her in a handicap. Sailor Neptune hits her with Deep Submerge knocking her down as the Inner Senshi tries to aid her but was disrupted by Tuxedo Mask telling them that Sailor Moon can fight against both of them. Sailor Moon stands up and became angered to both of them and does not give up unless they quit. Sailor Uranus hits her with World Shaking and she manages to dodge as she and Sailor Uranus fight as she kicks her several times while she continues to dodge.

She was later cornered by Sailor Neptune as Sailor Uranus goes for a straight punch. However, the Silver Crystal is glowing within her as it telepathically towards both of them as she finally broke free from Sailor Neptune's grasp and avoids as Sailor Uranus ends up bumping into Sailor Neptune which they end up being defeated by Sailor Moon. They finally tell her about their reasons for their actions to prove Sailor Moon that she is the true Sovereign or the Messiah of Peace. Before they parted ways with her and the Inner Senshi, they took care of Hotaru before she will be in the care of her father Professor Tomoe as they leave. Sailor Moon will tell Chibiusa everything about Hotaru.

In the final episode where Chibiusa went back to the future. She along with Tuxedo Mask and the Inner Senshi face off against the last remaining Daimon Rangy. When Sailor Chibi Moon returns to aid them and distracting Rangy with Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Sailor Moon finally destroys the Daimon with her Spiral Moon Heart Attack where it was knocked down by Tuxedo Mask from his red rose as it reverts back to the box causing it to explode as they reunited with Chibiusa as Sailor Chibi Moon which they watch the sunrise.

She was hugged by Usagi and her friends as her Luna-P arrive and they read the letter coming from both Chibiusa's parents, Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion in which the penmanship is the same as Usagi's writing as they mentioned about her knowing that Chibiusa is going to stay with them from then on.

Sailor Moon SuperS

In the Dream arc, Usagi is seen waking Chibiusa at the attic knowing that she is dreaming about Pegasus and both are spending time with their friends at the park. That night, Unazuki (Lizzie in CWi dub) Motoki's younger sister becomes the first victim by Tiger's Eye and both Usagi and Chibiusa transform to their Senshi forms. Tiger's Eye summon the Lemure to deal against both of them as it was disrupted by Tuxedo Mask which later becomes bind by the Lemure. With nothing else left for both of them as Chibiusa begs for help.

Pegasus arrives and he temporarily transform both Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon in their Super forms much to Tuxedo Mask's surprise as Super Sailor Moon manage to disperse the lemure while being assisted by Super Sailor Chibi Moon with Moon Gorgeous Meditation making Tiger's Eye his first failure. Both of them saw Pegasus was beautiful as he disappears and they reverted back to their Senshi forms.

During Episode 129, When Usagi's mother Ikuko was been targeted by Hawk's Eye in which both decided not to let them see her Dream Mirror. Both transform into their Senshi forms to face him. Hawk's Eye summons his cannon Lemure to deal with both of them by shooting herself with her cannon as the cannonball as Sailor Venus saves both of them from being hit with Venus Love Me Chain while she's along with the Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Mask as the Lemure counters with the same move she uses and everyone manages to avoid. Sailor Chibi Moon tries to save Ikuko but she was attacked by the Lemure.

In desperation, she hits Hawk's Eye with Pink Sugar Heart Attack and she calls him "a creep" and Hawk's Eye attempts to attack her until Sailor Moon knocks him off to save her and hits him with Moon Spiral Heart Attack but the attack was blocked by him. Hawk's Eye discovers that Ikuko's dream mirror does not have Pegasus within it and everyone becomes helpless.

She and Sailor Chibi Moon heard Pegasus' voice as their brooch were upgraded and he tells them to say the phrase "Moon Crisis, Make Up" (Moon Cosmic Dream Action in CWi dub) and both are later transform to their Super forms. Therefore, both the Spiral Heart Moon Rod and the Pink Moon Stick becomes both Moon Kaleido Scope and Crystal Carillon respectively as Super Sailor Chibi Moon summons Pegasus and he gains his power to release Super Sailor Moon's power from her Moon Kaleido Scope the Moon Gorgeous Meditation to directly hit the Lemure destroying it.

Both finally thanked Pegasus as he disappears and both are now directly transformed to their Super forms. After that everyone is excited to eat Ikuko's homemade lime pie until both Usagi and Chibiusa are bickering for the pie as well as everyone else except Mamoru and Ikuko yells at everyone and she was waiting for their compliments as everyone tastes her pie was delicious and she smiles giggling knowing that she loves their compliments and Usagi asks Chibiusa which she loves the most and she answers that both her mother Neo-Queen Serenity and Ikuko and she likes to have more pie and Usagi angrily tells her there are only seven more pies as she replies that it was fair to share much to her chagrin as everyone giggles.

Throughout most episodes, she manages to defeat the Amazon Trio and Amazoness Quartet's Lemures using her Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

When Chibiusa has been abducted by Zirconia after seeing that she has the Golden Mirror where she summons Pegasus who is later to be revealed as Helios which his human form was captured Queen Nehellenia as his pegasus form is released and went hiding on Chibiusa's Golden Mirror to aid against them, Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi are forced to enter to the Dead Moon Circus after they let Mamoru rest due to the strings that hurt him.

The Amazoness Quartet are finally turning against their leader Queen Nehellenia after they replace the Golden Crystal for the pineapple. Therefore, Super Sailor Chibi Moon was later kidnapped by her after she and Helios uses the Golden Crystal to destroy the Dead Moon Circus and to purify the inhabitants on Earth from Queen Nehellenia's power.

Super Sailor Moon discovers Queen Nehellenia is an old and elderly woman which her youthful self is been encased on the mirror which she felt sympathy for her who wants to become the queen as she threw Chibiusa into the edge which makes Super Sailor Moon jumps to get her while they are falling as the old Queen Nehellenia reverts back to her youthful self while being encased in the mirror as she herself now resides in the dimension of mirrors as her mirror is floated back in space where she resides.

While they were falling into the edge and she tries to get Chibiusa, Super Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity while hugging at Chibiusa while she gains some wings as both were later saved by Helios in his pegasus form. After the Dead Moon Circus is finally defeated, Helios finally parted ways with Chibiusa, Usagi and her friends including Mamoru as he flies back to Elysion in his pegasus form as they watched him fly away.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

In Episode 167 one year after the Dead Moon Circus arc, Usagi, Minako, Ami, and Makoto are now starting their lives in senior high school in Azabu Juuban while Rei studies in the same girls' school after she graduated in Junior High. They finally reunited together as well as Mamoru and Chibiusa who finally decided to leave back to Crystal Tokyo with Diana. By the time Chibiusa summons her time key to teleport back to the future. However, Queen Nehellenia discovers both were alive and was discovered by Sailor Galaxia who gave her own Nightmare Mirror which it gains her darker powers and she casts magic dust which reveals mirror shards are scattering in Earth.

When everyone looks at the meteor which turns out as the mirror shard and also hits Mamoru on his right eye which he was corrupted by Nehellenia. Later in Episode 168 when Usagi is having a date with Mamoru, the latter begins to glow his right eye when it shines on Usagi's balloon recurring on Nehellenia's appearance making him hurt himself from his right eye as Usagi becomes worried to him. At Hikawa Shrine, Usagi and her friends are helping Rei to clean up the shrine until they were attacked by the replica versions of Nehellenia.

They transform to their Super Senshi forms and they fight them but it does not work due to them being multiplied. They were aided by the Outer Senshi in their Super forms and Sailor Saturn tells Super Sailor Moon to channel the full extent of her powers as both Inner and Outer Senshi including Super Sailor Chibi Moon are channeling their energy to her which she temporarily upgrades her brooch and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon as her Moon Kaleido Scope temporarily changed into Eternal Tiare as she unleashes her first powerful attack the Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss on the Mirror Paredre as it shatters them into pieces.

Like her Super form in the S Season, this zaps her strength when it was use and she reverts back to her Senshi form. As her Eternal form, she reverts back into Super Senshi form.

Diana also tells her that her Eternal form is the second closest to Neo-Queen Serenity in power much to her surprise.

During Episode 172 after Queen Nehellenia defeats the both Inner and Outer Senshis were defeated one by one and they are captured by encasing them in mirrors as the detransformed and injured Usagi confronts her which she reveals her past (Her school uniform are in tatters and she is barefoot). Nehellenia tries to attack her who wanted to destroy her by trying to hate her as Usagi refuses to hate her and finally forgives her showing her love and kindness towards her.

Nehellenia realizes about the love and kindness that she never had and frees Mamoru from being corrupted on his right eye and both Inner and Outer Senshis are released from being encased in her mirrors as well as Super Sailor Chibi Moon which she appears after been disintegrated. Usagi channels her energy along with both Inner and Outer Senshi including Mamoru and Chibusa to heal Nehellenia's dark heart. Nehellenia becomes outraged by their actions as she hits everyone with her dark beam while Mamoru shields Chibiusa as he transforms into Prince Endymion.

Usagi tells her that she is not alone as it lighten their tiara on their foreheads as both Inner and Outer Senshis finally forgiving her and listens to her heart as both Usagi and Mamoru also forgives her as her brooch permanently upgrades and directly transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon as she wields the Eternal Tiare as it elongates and heals Nehellenia which it flashes back to where she was a child as everyone gives her another chance in life as everyone watches her in the sky.

In Episode 173, Mamoru made a promise to Usagi before he studies abroad in United States as he gives her the promise ring. Usagi was unaware that Mamoru was later killed by Sailor Galaxia while he was inside the plane and gets his star seed. When the Kou brothers, Seiya, Taiki and Yaten are known as the Three Lights and their Senshi forms the Sailor Starlights are introduced, Usagi and her friends are the big fan of the Three Lights as one of the brothers, Seiya who is known for seeing Usagi at the airport while she made a promise to Mamoru before the latter leaves to study abroad which Usagi does not recognizes him after he warns her about the sign as Seiya decided to leave and calls her odango (Meatball head in English) which makes Usagi angrily irritated saying only one person could say that to her was Mamoru as Seiya nearly resembles him.

When Sailor Iron Mouse one of the Sailor Animates victimizes Taiki's partner and actress to find the star seed with the use of the two bracelets as Usagi and Luna discover this and she tells Usagi to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon to faces Sailor Iron Mouse which she agrees and she transforms into Eternal form to face her and the latter discovers the glowing star seed on the actress diminishes into black as being confronted her as Sailor Iron Mouse flees the scene as the actress becomes a Phage when her star seed becomes black.

When Eternal Sailor Moon avoids the Phage's attack it was disrupted by the Sailor Starlights which Sailor Star Fighter is snapping his fingers as she attacks the Phage with Star Serious Laser injuring her which Eternal Sailor Moon knows the Phage and the actress is the same person which she defends her from them. Sailor Star Fighter tells her to move which she refuses twice as the crescent moon on her forehead glows much to their surprise.

Eternal Sailor Moon decides to heal the Phage as she summons her Eternal Tiare and executes Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss purifying the Phage back into her human form and her star seed returns back into her. After healing the Phage, Eternal Sailor Moon discovers the Sailor Starlight had already gone as they were hiding towards her and became anti-heroic towards her.

Throughout the few episodes, She purifies the Phage using her Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss while Both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are being protective to her and they are against the Sailor Starlights.

When ChibiChibi was introduced and both Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow are also introduced in Episode 187 after Sailor Galaxia kills Sailor Iron Mouse from her failures in getting the star seeds.

Sailor Lead Crow victimizes Usagi and Seiya's softball team captain Sonoko which her star seed turns black as Usagi discovers this she transforms to her Eternal Senshi form as she confronts her but Sailor Lead Crow manages to flee after became irritated to her motto and their team captain becomes a Phage Sailor Leaguer and attacks Eternal Sailor Moon but she manages to retaliate by hitting her with a baseball as she is ready to heal her with her Eternal Tiare as Sailor Aluminum Siren attacks her as she avoids but dropping her Eternal Tiare.

She realizes that Eternal Sailor Moon has the star seed and begins to charge her and attempts to get her brooch as ChibiChibi arrives and being confronted by the Phage as she manages to dodge and gets her Eternal Tiare as it glows. Eternal Sailor Moon discovers ChibiChibi as a sailor soldier and they reach both of their hands and together they form a glowing light.

When Sailor Aluminum Siren orders Sailor Leaguer to attack both as Eternal Sailor Moon is ready to attack as well while wielding her Eternal Tiare in a pink glowing light revealing the Holy Moon Chalice and her Eternal Tiare becomes upgraded into Moon Power Tiare and unleashes her final and most powerful attack the Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to the Phage who purifies back into her human form, Sonoko. After healing the phage she was protected by the Sailor Starlights from Sailor Aluminum Siren who attempts to use the bracelet at her which she makes escape.

From Episode 188 to 198, she uses Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to heal Phages as well as an offensive attack but it does not effect on Sailor Galaxia in Episode 199 as Sailor Lead Crow remains but Sailor Aluminum Siren was killed by Sailor Galaxia in each of them from their failure and her partner replaced by Sailor Tin Nyanko. She too also been killed by Sailor Galaxia in her numerous failures leaving Sailor Tin Nyanko to handle the rest.

When Seiya's princess, Princess Kakyu appeared before she was killed by Sailor Galaxia in Episode 194, Usagi becomes Sailor Tin Nyanko's next target in getting the star seeds after the latter becomes worried to Mamoru after he left abroad. She was later confronted by her which she plans to get her star seed which she transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon to fight her as Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako and Seiya are looking for her. She dodges the bracelet's attacks which she's trying to protect herself as well as her star seed.

By the time she was going to be finished by Sailor Tin Nyanko and to get her star seed, it was disrupted by Seiya who threw the red rose to hurt her right wrist while handling her red formal jacket as Eternal Sailor Moon was surprised and noticed the same rose that Tuxedo Mask threw to save her from being attacked and Seiya angrily remarks to Sailor Tin Nyanko that if she tried to hurt her, she will never forgive her and he transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and hits her with her upgraded Star Serious Laser to knock her down and tells Eternal Sailor Moon to finish her off which she reluctantly agrees and hits her with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss as the right bracelet was destroyed by her attack and right half of her body becomes white and flees.

After the incident, while it was starting to rain, Usagi becomes depressed into think that she was done on her homework and Seiya noticed that she clenches her fists knowing that she remembers Mamoru because of the red rose and angrily cries towards him. She actually reveals to him that Mamoru didn't answer with the telephone message and does not want to be alone. Usagi wanted to see Mamoru and Seiya cheers her up and says, "Am I not enough?" and her friends arrive to see them.

When both Inner and Outer Senshi are killed at the hands of Sailor Galaxia and obtaining their star seeds in Episode 199, Eternal Sailor Moon and the injured Sailor Starlights are the remaining survivors to face Sailor Galaxia as she wields the dark sword. The trio is ready to face her as they attack her with their powers but Sailor Galaxia manages to dodge their attacks with one hand and does not last long as the trio overpowers her with their attacks which proves effective. Sailor Galaxia then attacks them with her powers while she slams her sword creating dark electricity and it hits them.

She also manages to break Sailor Star Fighter's weapon by stepping on her right wrist with her foot, hurting her and Eternal Sailor Moon steps in to protect the trio. She uses her Moon Power Tiare and she knows that she was not the one who can do that and attempts to heal her with Silver Moon Crystal Power but does not effect on her as Sailor Galaxia slashes her Moon Power Tiare in half with her sword destroying it and she wants her to die and obtain her star seed as she charges her and was protected by Sailor Star Fighter and both Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Healer agrees to protect her from Sailor Galaxia as the trio are clashing against her which Eternal Sailor Moon watches them fighting until they were knocked off by Galaxia's blasts trying to risk their lives for her.

When Sailor Galaxia deals the final blow to Sailor Star Fighter, Eternal Sailor Moon blocks to protects her as she attempts to use the Silver Crystal from her brooch which it shines her star seed and Sailor Galaxia manages to destroy her brooch which contains her star seed as Eternal Sailor Moon forcibly de-transforms back into Usagi with the pink ribbons are hanging loose on her naked body as Sailor Star Fighter screams in anguish and the Sailor Starlights are desperate to fight against her who obtains Sailor Moon's star seed which Princess Kakyu's voice can be heard while talking to Usagi who is unconscious as ChibiChibi shed some tears as it glows in a pink light towards them.

In Episode 200 the last and final episode (This last episode has some controversial scenes due to nudity), ChibiChibi is revealed to be the Light of Hope as she glows in a pinkish light. Usagi was later seen awake from her consciousness as her naked body is covered by pink ribbons which it hangs loose on her body and meets the Light of Hope which resembles her in silhouette as she was healed by Galaxia's star seed and transforms into Princess Serenity as Galaxia's star seed becomes the Sword of Sealing which it acquires to defeat Galaxia.

Princess Serenity does not want to fight Galaxia as she defends herself from her attacks as she gained white wings on her back while wielding the Sword of Sealing and she dodges Galaxia's sword attacks. However, Sailor Galaxia was glowing in a red light which Chaos is inside of her as she breaks her bracelets as her armor becomes black and her hair becomes dark red and her skin become pale while being under control by Chaos and wanted to finish her off as she gained devil wings and attacks her continuously. The Light of Hope convinces her to defeat Galaxia with her sword to make peace and Usagi constantly refuses as she hits Galaxia's wings with her sword while defending herself from being attacked.

Sailor Galaxia manages to slash the Sword of Sealing in half thus killing ChibiChibi who is revealed in the sword that she destroys. Princess Serenity does not want to have conflicts and also she does not gain this for fighting as her dress de-transforms as pink ribbons are forming on her dress as she turns back into Usagi which she retains the crescent moon on her forehead and white wings at her back showing her naked body towards Sailor Galaxia knowing that she does not give up and she loves the world where she lives.

Sailor Galaxia attacks her knowing of her weakness that her friends are already killed by her hands as she replies to her that they are not gone and she still have friends with her and she uses her Silver Crystal that comes from the center of her chest and she attempts to heal her with her powers as she retracted her wings and flies towards her. Sailor Galaxia tries to hit her with her powers as the latter activates her Silver Crystal at the center of her chest and Galaxia intensively hits her with her powers as she screams in anguish.

She gloats her to surrender and Usagi does not given up saying that she believes the world that she loves and the world that everyone tries to protect and the small world left was in her heart and she manages to disperse her powers with the Silver Crystal at the center of her chest which it glows on Sailor Galaxia as her subconscious wanted to expel Chaos on her body as she looked and trying to raise her hand which Usagi takes her hand as the star seeds are coming out where the yellow buds are blooming.

Sailor Galaxia discovers the shining star seeds are scattering within both of them and Usagi tries to get close at her which she attempts to attack her with her sword as her weapon is destroyed when her subconscious finally loves their world that they live and she can see Sailor Moon and her shine as Sailor Galaxia takes Usagi's hand finally healed by her powers in a glowing yellow light and Galaxia herself manages to expel Chaos from her body which her helmet, armor, wings, and boots are shattered into pieces and her golden orange and red long hair finally flows freely after being healed by her and she was now seen in nude like Usagi.

Galaxia finally thanked Usagi for healing her and to expel Chaos to her body and she wonders where Chaos has been off to as Usagi tells her that it was send off where it belongs and she tells her to start over from the beginning and guides the star seeds and she happily thanked her and disappears in a golden light along with the star seeds in the sky.

Usagi was left alone and she saw her friends in their Super Senshi forms are been revived including Mamoru as Prince Endymion and ChibiChibi who finally recover their star seeds from Sailor Galaxia as Usagi hugs him finally reunited him at last as she cries and ChibiChibi bid farewell to everyone as she flies in a pink glowing light and the Sailor Starlights are watching them knowing that the Light of Hope is in everyone's mind and they finally reunited with Princess Kakyu who is also revived like the others as she also recovers her star seed and Sailor Star Fighter watches everyone in the sky who watches ChibiChibi leave back to the galaxy.

After the incident, Seiya along with Princess Kakyu, Taiki and Yaten decide to leave Earth and he was glad that Usagi finally found her boyfriend back and he tells her that he never forgets her and she replies that they will be friends forever which both Taiki and Yaten are making fun at Seiya as Minako and Ami knows their actions even Rei as well which she bickers Usagi for it.

As they decided to leave, Seiya tells Mamoru to protect Usagi as he agrees and he finally gives farewell to Usagi and her friends as he along with Yaten and Taiki transformed back to their Senshi forms along with Princess Kakyu as they leave Earth in multi-colored flashes of light. They became shooting stars where Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru have watched. At the end of the anime series, she and Mamoru are watching stars at night and Usagi asks him if he loves her as Mamoru replies that he loves her and he feels to be with her as both are seen wrapped in their arms as she narrates about herself and her Senshi identity as Sailor Moon and both are kissing in the full moon.


Attacks and Weapons


  • Her lunar symbol is the crescent moon (☽) and is seen on various brooches, wands, rods, clothing etc. represented by Luna, the Roman goddess/Selene, the Greek goddess.
    • In alchemy, silver is represented by ☽.
    • Either way, Sailor Moon carries the English word, neither the n (because of the cat, Luna), nor the Greek one (e.g. because of her English civillian name, Serena).


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Eternal Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (Sailor Stars)

Eternal Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (Sailor Stars)

Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (S)

Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (S)

Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (R)

Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (R)

Sailor Moon Original Speech Subbed

Sailor Moon Original Speech Subbed

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