The Swedish Logo of the series as shown in the anime opening.

This article refers to the translations and merchandise of Sailor Moon that was distributed in Sweden. The anime covered the first two seasons of the anime, first airing in Sweden during February 1996 as part of the children's programming block Junior on TV4, which at first only aired up to episode 23 at the time, and did not return until the year 1999. Episode 88 first aired September 2001, and the dub was later sold to a different network where it had continuous reruns until July 2004. Only episodes 1-18 have been commercially released on VHS. The translation contained some sexual references which the original didn't have, the roster of the cast covers over the Sailor Moon logo, and a male voice said the episode name as the Japanese text for the titles remained intact, which caused fighting among the fans. The ending is a Swedish version of the first Japanese opening and ran creditless. Episodes 49, 54, and 68 & 89 have never been broadcast.[1]

Starting in 2002, the Swedish dub has also been broadcast in Finland on SubTV with Finnish subtitles.


Character Names

Transformations, Terms, and Items

Terms and Items

  • Sailor Senshi - Sailorhjältinna (Sailor Heroine) (episodes 1-37)/Månhjältinna (Moon Heroine) (episodes 38-69)/Sailorsoldat (Sailor Soldier) (episodes 70-88)
  • Silver Crystal - Den heliga Silverkristallen (The Holy Silver Crystal)
  • Shitennou - De fyra stora (The Four Great Ones)
  • Spectre Sisters - Hemsökelsens fyra systrar (the Four Sisters of Affliction)
  • Makai Tree - Djävulsträdet (the Devil Tree)
  • Youma - Demon
  • Cardian - Cardian or Tarot Monster
  • Droid - Droid or Dryod
  • Odango Atama (Dumpling/Odango Head) - Lilla stumpan

Voice Cast

  • Annelie Berg - Sailor Moon / Annie Tsukino, Petzite
  • Fredrik Dolk - Maskerade Rosen / Mamoru Chiba
  • Annica Smedius - Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno, Lima's mom
  • Maria Weisby - Sailor Mars / Rai Hino (episode 10-57)
  • Ewamaria Björkström-Roos - Sailor Mars/Rai Hino (episode 58-88)
  • Irene Lindh - Sailor Jupiter / Mako Kino, Drotting Morga, Fröken Huruna, Annie's mom
  • Charlotte Ardai Jennefors - Arianne Aino / Sailor Venus, drottning Selene, Ann, Calver
  • Louise Reader - Luna, Sailor Pluto, Momoko
  • Staffan Hallerstam - Artemis, Neflite, Annie's dad, Rai's grandfather, Ale (episode 58–59), Prins Diamund
  • Fredrik Dolk - Mamoru Chiba / Maskerade Rosen / Endymion / Månljusets Riddare (episode 59), Umino
  • Anna Norberg - Lima, drottning Metallia, Zoysites & Kunta's demons, Kermasite, Esmeralda, Unazuki
  • Olav F. Andersen - Jedyte, Kunta, Ale (episode 47–57), Rubeus, Saffir
  • Sanna Ekman - Zoysite, Jedytes demoner, Bertesite, Döda Månen's droids
  • Dick Eriksson - Motoki, Shino, Yushi, Månljusets Riddare (episode 50–57), Wiseman, Kyusuke

Dubbing Errors

The Swedish dub of the anime had a lot of mistakes or untranslated parts, like these down below:

  • In episode 2, Tuxedo Mask calls Sailor Moon Annie for two times, but he doesn't know that they are the same person.
  • In episode 5, In the scene that Naru can't accompany Usagi to the pet shop because she has three more lessons left for the day(Strange since these two are on the same class).
  • For the first ten episodes, Usagi's transforming phrase was: Moon power, transform me. But It suddenly changes to "Moon Prism Power" In episode 11.
  • In episode 13, when Sailor Mercury uses the Shabon spray to fill the airport with fog, she says: "Double Shabon Spray," but nothing Is different from the original attack.
  • In Ami's & Rei's introductions(Episodes 14-25), Ami Is mentioned by Usagi as "Ami Muzino."
  • In episode 15, In the arcade scene, Motoki tells Rei that Mamoru has plenty of Money because he has inherited, while In the Swedish dub, he says: "And he Is a noble too." It's not the same thing.
  • Episode 19 has no Swedish title.
  • In episode 21, when the girls go to the studio, Rei drops a bunch of autograph sheets. In the Swedish dub, they are mentioned as postcards of Sailor V, but they are entirely empty with no pictures.
  • In episode 22, at Naru's flashbacks at her meeting with the Nephite, he says she Is the most beautiful girl In the entire High school. But Naru Is still in the eighth grade.
  • In episode 34, In the scene where Usagi hits Mamoru on the street, this scene Is translated correctly with the wrong tone. He feels death In his neck, and he became happy when he saw someone, then he smiled at Usagi. In the Swedish dub, he appears angry.
  • At the end of episode 35, when Queen Beryl looks at Endymion in the capsule, she says: "No matter how much you love her, you can never have her" In the Swedish dub she says:" He can never be happy even though he loves her so much."
  • In the scene of episode 37, when Naru & Usagi looked at the girls who stepped out from the limousine, Lima points out that the 2 of them attend the princess seminar at the Rose Castle, but they are three and not 2.
  • In the title card of episode 39, episode 39 Is called episode 40.
  • Again, In episode 39, when Makoto & Rei are talking with the blonde guy, Ami's voice Is heard Instead of Rei's.
  • In episode 45, when they are ready to transform, Rei's voice actor Is heard Instead of Makoto's.
  • Again In the same episode, In Ami's death scene. She calls Ryo "Kenji."
  • In Rei's death scene, Rei says she's stuck, but nothing Is holding her. Later, she Is called "Mercury" 3 times.
  • In episode 47, Usagi calls Ami "The genius of the class 9B," but they are still in eighth grade. Plus, B Is wrong she goes In the class 2-5(8E) just like she did all the time.
  • In the same episode, Ann suggested to take young girls' energy, Ail replies by asking: "Just girls? Boys then?" In the Swedish dub, he replies: "Young girls? Sounds like something to me".
  • Again In episode 47, when the monster attacks Naru, Luna is surprised that they always attack Naru. In Swedish, she says: "I don't understand why they always try to take peoples' energy?"
  • In episode 50, Mamoru calls Ann "Natsumi".
  • In episode 51, Moonlight knight says nothing for the whole episode.
  • In episode 52, Lyna says that Usagi is the only one who can use the Moon Disguise power, but Minako used It In episode 102.
  • In episode 55, Usagi calls Makoto "Makoto," but In the Swedish dub, her name Is translated to Mako.
  • In the same episode, when Makoto thumps Ami In the school corridor, Ami Is laughing. But she shouldn't laugh here.
  • In episode 59, Ami's & Makoto's lines are missing. They say nothing for the entire episode.
  • In episode 60, Rei's grandfather says, "That's not tea, no milk Is needed" But it is tea. He should have said "coffee" instead.
  • In episode 65, when Minako & Makoto are getting together again and talk about moving on, Minako says; I'm going to find someone even more wonderful than Alan(to herself). In Swedish, It was translated to: "I'll try to find one for you, I think I know exactly who
  • In episode 65, Ami speaks with a different way voice than usual.
  • In episode 67, at the end of their Introduction, when they decide to follow Rai to the island, everyone yells, "Yes!". In the Swedish dub, they are all silent.
  • Again In the same episode, In the bath scene of Usagi, Rei & Chibiusa. When Rei & Chibi-usa splash water on Usagi, they shout: For love seven justice, Niagara attacks. In the Swedish dub, they say, do you want to taste your own medicine?
  • In the introduction of episode 69, when Chibi-Usa thinks the story is boring, the dialogue Is the below:


Usagi: I'm trying to be a nice cousin

Chibi-Usa: You're not my cousin really


Usagi: This Is the best place In the whole book

Chibi-Usa: Yes, but I know the end

  • in the same episode, when Sailor Mars throws her Ofuda at Akamuda, she should say: Disappear evil spirit. She yells Fire soul instead.
  • In episode 71, Ami talks with a different voice again.
  • Again In episode 71, when Sailor Moon has to heal Bethierite, she yells, "Princess Healing, execute."
  • Also, In episode 71, In Burning Mandala attack, Sailor Mars says "Fire Soul" instead of "Fire & Sunbird."
  • In episode 76, Luna talks with a different & weirder voice than usual.
  • Once again, episode 76, Usagi calls Sailor Mars "Mercury."
  • At the end of episode 77, when the girls found out that Usagi & Mamoru are together again, Sailor Mars on Sailor Moon urges to catch up with him and join him again: Why are you just there? Hurry up and follow him!. In Swedish, Mars said: "Now we hyrr, huh? We will help himIn, huh?"
  • In episode 78, Added bed wetting reference: When the bedsheet blows away from the Balcony, and Chibiusa says she can wash, Usagi replies and who dropped the bed sheet that Mom had washed? While In the Swedish she says: And luckily It Is because you pee down your sheets in time and time!
  • Again In ep. 78 Esmeralda says: "It sure looks like I "Undskat" to you anyway. Undskat Is not even a Swedish word.
  • In episode 81, In the flashback, when Chibi-usa started school, she presented herself as "Chibiusa Tsukino," but she should say Usagi Tsukino since that's her real name.
  • Again In the same episode, when Jupiter throws the sparkling wide pressure, she says: "Jupiter Cultivator, attack!"
  • In episode 83, when King Endymion shows up, Tuxedo Mask angrily asks who he is. But In Swedish he asks It with an utterly wrong tone. He is curious.
  • In episode 84, when Chibi-Usa runs away, Tuxedo Mask says: Leave her alone she's safe inside the palace. In Swedish, he says: She probably needs some time herself for a while.
  • In episode 85, In Chibi-Usa's memory of her birthday. Jupiter says Silent, mars, In the Swedish, she calls her by her name(Rei).


  • A long-lived fan rumor stated that Zoisite was changed to a woman in the dub due to the homophobic implications of having a homosexual villain. The dubbers countered this by claiming that because Zoisite's voice was so feminine in the original Japanese, they never knew he was a man in the first place. Olav F. Anderson translated English scripts of Sailor Moon into Swedish singlehandedly and later described their linguistic quality as atrocious.
  • During the scene at the church's graveyard in episode 26, the writing on one gravestone was changed to Swedish.
  • Episode 46 was called "Sailor Moon och Döden"(Sailor Moon and the Death)


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