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Sailor moon moon

Sailor Moon is one of the five Inner Senshi of the Solar System, and was the second Senshi introduced in the series. Her civilian identity is Usagi Tsukino. Her attacks and powers are based around light and energy, as well as rather destructive powers, music, and healing as Princess Sailor Moon. This is the second live-action depiction of the original manga character.



Her costume as Sailor Moon looks alot like her orginal manga fuku except that her boots, bows, elbow fitting of gloves, choker and ordango accents were dark red instead of pink and her Heart Moon Brooch was similar to the Cosmic Heart Compact she wore in the Infinity Arc in Manga and Anime.


As "Princess Sailor Moon", Usagi gained a new variant on her costume. This form was heavily influenced by her Serenity "persona". While seemingly more powerful, she often appeared distant and distracted from the concerns of others, and used her destructive powers more recklessly.


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  • Miyuu wears a wig for hair color of Sailor Moon, but in her civilian form as Usagi she didn't wear a wig.


Usagi and Sailor Moon 2004 PGSM Calender
Sailor Moon on the 2004 PGSM Calendar

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