This article refers to the anime and manga adaptations of Sailor Moon in the country of Mexico. The anime aired on XHTVM-TV and Cartoon Network and it was released for all Spanish-speaking Latin American countries as well.

The Latin Spanish dub of the anime used the North American dub's logo.


Opening Theme

The opening theme for the first season is La Leyenda de la Luz de Luna or simply Luz de Luna, a Spanish version of the 90s anime opening. After the logo appears however there is a shot of an eclipse then Queen Serenity and a shot of Usagi using some sort of power on the moon in a hall. From there on in the animation is the same apart from the last 6 seconds which are different to the English dub's. With a number of characters the English language trading card game's convention of English given name and Japanese surname is followed. The opening song was used for the entire series. The opening sequences were changed for each season, now creditless and additional footage was added in order to cover all Japanese words.

All songs were performed by Marisa De Lille and no extended versions were recorded.


  • Zoisite was changed to be a woman, just like in the English dub. That is because, from episode 1 to 65, the Mexican dub didn't use the transcript's original Japanese episodes, but from the English episodes. From episode 66 onward there was a dubbing director change, so the episodes used transcript's from the original Japanese episodes.
  • Fish Eye received a female voice (courtesy of the late Victoria "Vicky" Burgoa, who also voiced Esmeraude), which lead viewers to think that he was a woman. There was no hint of him being a man until episode 137, where Hawk's Eye says, after seeing him infatuated with Kitakata, "Pero, si somos hombres..." ("But, we are men..."). In episode 140, another hint appeared after he took off his dress, revealing a flat chest, but until the end of the Amazon's Trio's appearances, she would sometimes continue to refer to herself using female pronouns. Nonetheless, Fish-Eye is mostly treated as female.
  • Some video scenes were cut for matching dialogue. In some TV channels was omitted the scenes of the transformations of the Sailor Scouts.
  • Haruka Tenou is voiced by Belinda Martínez with a deep, near manly voice in her human form, and a still deep but more feminine tone as Uranus. Her romantic relationship with Michiru Kaiou stays for the most part, but the dialogues are slightly downplayed. Nevertheless, some TV channels remove the scene where Michiru comforts Haruka via toying with her hands.

Character Names

Main characters

English Name Latin Spanish Name Latin Spanish Voice Actor
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Serena Tsukino / Sailor Moon Patricia Acevedo
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Ami[1] Mizuno / Sailor Mercury Rossy Aguirre
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars Rei Hino / Sailor Mars Mónica Manjarrez
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Lita Kino / Sailor Jupiter Araceli de León
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus Mina Aino /Sailor Venus María Fernanda Morales

Patricia Acevedo (ep 142, 1 dialogue)

Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto Setsuna, "Plu"[2] Meiou / Sailor Plut Anabel Méndez
Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus Belinda Martínez
Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune Irma Carmona
Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn Cristina Camargo
Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon Rini Tsukino[3] / Sailor Chibi Moon

Vanessa Garcel (ep 60 - 65, movies, ep 198)

Cristina Hernández (rest of the series)

Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask Darien Chiba / Tuxedo Mask

Genaro Vásquez (ep 1 - 65)

Gerardo Reyero (rest of the series)

Patricia Acevedo (First movie, child Mamoru)

Luna Luna

Rocío Garcel

Cristina Camargo (ep 177 - 181)

Artemis Artemis Salvador Delgado

Dark Kingdom

English Name Latin Spanish Voice Actor Latin Spanish Voice Actor
Queen Metalia Negafuerza Olga Donna-Dío
Queen Beryl Reina Beryl Belinda Martínez
Kunzite Malachite Guillermo Sauceda
Zoisite Zoycite[4] Magda Giner
Nephrite Neflyte Mario Castañeda
Jadeite Jedite René García

Black Moon Clan

Original name Mexican name Voice actor
Wiseman / Death Phantom Gran Sabio / Fantasma de la Muerte

Abel Rocha (ep 60)

Paco Mauri (ep 68 - 88)

Prince Demande Príncipe Diamante Benjamín Rivera
Saphir Zafiro Emanuel Rivas
Black Lady Black Lady Cristina Hernández
Esmeraude Esmeralda Vicky Burgoa
Rubeus Rubeus René García
Petz Petzite

Belinda Martínez (ep 64 - 65)

Magda Giner (ep 66 - 68)

Alejandra de la Rosa (ep 69 - 86)

Calaveras Calaverite

Magda Giner (ep 63 - 65)

Belinda Martínez (ep 66 - 86)

Berthier Berjerite Cristina Camargo
Koan Karmesite Ángela Villanueva

Death Busters

English Name Latin Spanish Name Latin Spanish Voice Actor
Pharaoh 90 Faraón 90 Carlos del Campo
Mistress 9 Dama 9 Cristina Camargo
Souichi Tomoe Profesor Souichi Tomoe Carlos del Campo
Kaolinite Kaolinet Liza Willert
Eudial Eugial Nancy McKenzie
Mimete Mimet Socorro de la Campa
Tellu Tellu Isabel Martiñón
Viluy Viluy Ana María Grey
Cyprine Ciprin Mónica Villaseñor
Ptilol Petirol Mónica Villaseñor

Dead Moon Circus

English Name Latin Spanish Name Latin Spanish Voice Actor
Queen Nehellenia Reina Neherenia Sylvia Garcel
Zirconia Zirconia Guadalupe Noel
Tiger's Eye Ojo de Tigre Yamil Atala
Hawk's Eye Ojo de Águila Benjamín Rivera
Fish Eye Ojo de Pez Vicky Burgoa
CereCere Cere-Cere Norma Echevarría
PallaPalla Para-Para Circe Luna
JunJun Jun-Jun Mónica Villaseñor
VesVes Ves-Ves Gaby Willer

Shadow Galactica

English Name Latin Spanish Name Latin Spanish Voice Actor
Sailor Galaxia/Chaos Galaxia Sailor Galaxia Nancy McKenzie
Sailor Iron Mouse Sailor Iron Mouse[5] Gaby Willer
Sailor Lead Crow Sailor Lead Crow Gisela Casillas
Sailor Aluminum Siren Sailor Aluminum Siren Maru Guerrero
Sailor Tin Nyanko Sailor Tin Nyanko Ana María Grey

Video Releases

Talk Box Series

In November 2011, Tower Entertainment started releasing the "Sailor Moon Talk Box" series, a DVD collection of all the anime episodes of Sailor Moon in Spanish. Up to now, the first and second seasons have been released, as well as the first half of the third season, and there are plans to release the rest of the series.

The volumes released are:

There are five more volumes planned but the release dates are not confirmed yet. These belong to Sailor Chibi Moon and the Outer Sailor Senshi.


In Mexico, only two arcs of the manga were released, the Dream and Stars arc and both were published by Editorial Vid. The full collection consists of 24 chapters and it ends at the beginning of Stars. This version was published in a magazine named Mixxzine alongside other series, Magic Knight Rayearth. A comic book version of the first arc was released, but that was based on the anime instead of the manga.[6]

A Spanish version of the manga published by Editorial Glénat was exported to Mexico and several Latin American countries. This version does contain all five original arcs, but the characters and attacks' names correspond to the ones released in Spain ("Bunny" instead of "Usagi", "Armando" for "Mamoru", etc).



  1. Her name is pronunciated as Amy.
  2. A nickname given by Chibiusa. She also called her (before Setsuna's first appeareance) "Rina" once.
  3. Sometimes she was called "Serena" (Before autoadoption by the Tsukino Family) and Chibiusa in one time. The Black Moon Clan refers to her as "Conejo" (Rabbit) and Sailor Pluto calls her "Pequeña Dama" (Little Lady).
  4. Pronunciated as Zyosite.
  5. "Iron" was be pronunciated as in japanese, Aian (Ian).
  6. El manga de Sailor Moon en México
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