The anime aired on Indosar from 1995 until mid-2000 apart from the specials and episode 89. The opening theme song used the melody for "Moonlight Densetsu" but the Indonesian lyrics were not a direct translation. The ending theme song was instrumental in every season.

Censorship And Changes

Character name changes


The transformation phrases were changed. Moon Prism Power, Make Up became "Kekuatan Prisma Bulan, Datanglah" (Prism Power of Moon, Come Here), Mercury Power, Make Up became "Kekuatan Merkuri, Datanglah" (Power of Mercury, Come Here), etc. The scene in episode 151 where Ami was completely naked was removed. The transformation sequences were also shortened. Of Sailor Moon's transformations, only Moon Prism Power, Make Up, Crisis, Make Up, and Moon Eternal, Make Up were shown in full; the other transformations began with Sailor Moon already wearing her sailor uniform but without gloves and boots. Scenes with kissing were also edited. Sailor Saturn was left out as much as possible.[1]


Sailor Moon Speech (Indonesian)

Sailor Moon Speech (Indonesian)

Sailor Moon's Speech

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