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This article is about anything related to Sailor Moon releases in the country of Spain. In Spain, the series was dubbed in three languages: Castilian, CatalanGalician.


Sailor Moon Classic, R and S appeared on Antena 3 starting from 1993. Vulpi Yuri recorded dialogues for Spanish. In the late 1990s, Canal Sur 2 translated Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Arait Multimedia recorded dialogues. In 2000 Antena 3 translated Sailor Moon SuperS. Tecnison recorded dialogues and also released Sailor Moon R as Sailor Moon: La Película.

Later, the series was also broadcasted on Fox Kids España.

Censorship and Changes[]

The opening for the European Spanish dub is the same as the original Japanese opening with the obvious exceptions being the language of the title card and song (Luz de Luna, a Spanish language version of Moonlight Legend but not the same one as Mexico's) as well as the fact that a male voice says "Sailor Moon!" as the title card appears.

For some reason, the Sailor Guardians' are called Guerrero even though it's the male form of a warrior, and is omitted the particle 'de' that means 'from', for example, Guerrero Mercurio instead Guerrero de Mercurio or in the other case is Guerrero Lunar or Guerrero de la Luna. Bizarrely the characters' first names are changed while their surnames remain the same, similar to the trading card game.

Usagi's name was changed to "Bunny", same as other european dubs like French, being an obvious translaton of her Japanese name to English. In the first season, Mamoru Chiba's name was changed to "Armando Riva", but in Sailor Moon R his surname was changed to "Hiba" and since Sailor Moon R: The Movie to he rest of the series he remained his original surname. Despite Usagi's name being changed, Chibiusa remained her original name, same as other european dubs, breaking the play on words of their names. Haruka and Michiru were renamed as "Timmy" and "Vicky", having similar names. However, Haruka being renamed as Timmy has no sense as Timmy is a male name and Haruka is a woman.

The villain groups and monsters also had their names changed:

The Dark Kingdom is known as "Reino de la Oscuridad" (Kingdom of Darkness), being a similar name as the original. The Youma are called "Devilsters", being a combination of the English words "devils" and "monsters". The Shitennou are known as "Los Cuatro Grandes del Reino de la Oscuridad" (The Big Four of the Kingdom of Darkness). Jadeite and Nephrite has given regular names as "Daniel" (Jadeite) and "Ramiro" (Nephrite), and his pseudonym, Masato Saunjoin, was changed to "Antonio Saunjoin"; while Zoisite and Kunzite had their names mispronounced, similar that in the DiC English dub, being "Zósite" (Zoisite) and "Constite" (Kunzite).

The Makai Tree was called "Árbol de la Maldad" (Tree of Evil), while Ail and An were called "Álex" and "Annie" in their both identities. The Cardians are called "Cartas" (Cards).

The Black Moon Clan is known as "Clan de la Luna Negra", being a literal translation of the original name. The Droids are pronounced as "Droidas", also Atsugessho and Furaiki were called by this way. The Spectre Sisters are known as "Las Cuatro Hermanas de la Maldad" (The Four Sisters of Evil) and their names are "Karmesite" (Koan), "Berthierite" (Berthier), "Petzite" (Petz) and "Calaverite" (Calaveras); changing only the termination of their names. Wiseman is known as "Hombre Sabio" and every member of the Black Moon Clan has their name translated to Spanish except Rubeus, who remains the original one.

Xenian Flower and Fiore's names weren't changed, while the Flower Youma are called "Demonios" (Demons).

The Death Busters are known as "Asociación de Brujas Impías" (Impious Witches Asociation), Pharaoh 90's name was translated to Spanish as "Faraón 90" while Mistress 9 had the same problem as the Sailor Guardians as she was named "Maestro 9", being maestro the male form of master. Kaolinite both in her villain and civilian indetities she was named "Yuka", beinh a female Japanese name. Witches 5 was translated to "Brujas 5", similar to the Shitennou, most of them has given regular Spanish tipical names: Eudial as "Eugenia", Tellu as "Marta" and Viluy as "Beatriz", only Mimete and Cyprine remained their original names and Ptilol has the same name that in the CWi English dub and other foreign dubs, "Petirol". The Daimons are called "Dimones", being probably a mispronunciation of the original name and the Daimon Eggs are called "Semillas del Mal" (Seeds of Evil).

The Dead Moon Circus was translated as "Circo de la Luna Muerta", the lteral translation of the original name. Same as other dubs Queen Nehelenia's name was pronounced as "Neherenia". The Amazon Trio are known as "Trio Amazón" while their names where literally translated to Spanish. The Amazoness Quartet are known as "Cuarteto de Amazonas" and their names are unalterated, althougn PallaPalla is pronounced as "ParaPara". The Lemures are known as "Rémones", being probably a mispronunciation of the original name or derived from he CWi English dub name, Remless.

Shadow Galactica's name was never mentioned in the dub while same as the Sailor Guardians, they villains are always called Guerrero instead of sailor. While Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Iron Mouse's name were not changed the other Sailor Animamates' names were literality translated, in the case of Sailor Tin Nyanko was named "Guerrero Chica Miau" (Sailor Girl Meow). The Phage are known as "Marionetas" (puppets).

In the first season, Princess Serenity was named "Selene", the name of the godess that Queen Serenity her mother is based on, despite her mother retaing her original name, although since Sailor Moon R to the rest of the series she is named Serenity, same as the original.

Since Episode 25 almost every Monster-of-the-day when they are killed by the Sailor Guardians says "Desaparezco" (I dissapear).

In Sailor Moon S, Sailor Chibi Moon was named "Guerrero Chibiusa", but in Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars she is named "Guerrero Chibi Luna".

There is hardly any censorship apart from Zoisite calling Kunzite "uncle" and both of them having feminine voices. Additionally, Kunzite is referred to using a feminine pronoun.

Queen Metalia's gender was changed to male for unknown reasons, as well he is called "Energía Metalia" (Energy Metalia). Sameway, the Makai Tree has given a male voice despite in the Japanese version and most of the dubs she has a female voice.

Dub names and voice actors[]

Main Characters[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Bunny Tsukino/Guerrero Luna

Cecilia Santiago (Season 1)

Adelaida López (Seasons 2-4 and R the movie)

Marta Sainz (Season 5)

Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury Amy Mizuno/Guerrero Mercurio

Ana María Mari (Seasons 1-4 and the R movie)

Elena Ruiz (Season 5)

Rei Hino / Sailor Mars Ray Hino/Guerrero Marte Pepa Agudo
Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter Patricia Kino/Guerrero Júpiter

Alicia Sainz de la Maza (Seasons 1-3 and the R the movie)

Isabel Fernández Avanthay (Season 4)

Milagros Fernandez (Season 5)

Minako Aino / Sailor Venus Carola Aino/Guerrero Venus

Beatriz Acaso (Seasons 1-4 and the R movie)

Raquel Martín (Season 5)

Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask Armando Chiba/Señor del Antifaz

Esteban Massana (Seasons 1 and 2)

Luis Espinosa (R the movie and Make Up! Sailor Guardians)

Rosa Guillén (Child in the R movie)

Mario Arenas (Seasons 3 and 4)

Ángel Sacristán (Season 5)

Chibiusa Tsukino / Sailor Chibi Moon Chibiusa Tsukino/Guerrero Chibi Luna

Conchi López (Seasons 2-4 and the R movie)

Amelia Jara (Season 5)

Pepa Agudo (Episode 198)

Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Raquel Meioh/Guerrero Plutón

Pilar Coronado (Season 2)

Marisa Marco (Season 3)

Ingrid Ravel (Season 5)

Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus Timmy Tennoh/Guerrero Urano

María Dolores Díaz (Season 3)

Amelia Jara (Season 5)

Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune Vicky Kaioh/Guerrero Neptuno

Chelo Vivares (Season 3)

Raquel Martín (Season 5)

Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn Andrea Tomoe/Guerrero Saturno

Marisa Marco (Season 3)

Marta Sainz (baby Hotaru in Season 5)

Pepa Agudo (Season 5)

Kou Seiya / Sailor Star Fighter Seiya Kou/Guerrero Estelar Luchadora Amelia Jara
Kou Taiki / Sailor Star Maker Taiki Kou/Guerrero Estelar Creadora Pilar Domínguez
Yaten Kou/Guerrero Star Yaten Kou/Guerrero Estelar Curadora Ingrid Ravel
Chibi Chibi / Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon Chibi Chibi / Guerrero Chibi Chibi Luna Pepa Agudo
Luna Luna

Beatriz Acaso (Season 1-4 and the R movie)

Elena Ruiz (Season 5)

Artemis Artemis

Esteban Massana (Seasons 1 and 2 and the R movie)

Mario Arenas (Seasons 3 and 4)

Angel Sacristán (Season 5)

Diana Diana

Isacha Mengibar (Season 4)

Raquel Martín (Season 5)

Queen Serenity Reina Serenity

María Teresa Neila (Season 1)

Pepa Agudo (Season 2)

Adelaida López (Make Up! Sailor Guardians)

Moonlight Knight Caballero Luz de Luna Esteban Massana
King Endymion Rey Endymion Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr.
Pegasus / Helios Pegaso / Helios Pablo Sevilla
Princess Kakyuu Princesa Kakyuu Elena Ruiz

Dark Kingdom[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Queen Metalia Energía Metalia Fernando Elegido
Queen Beryl Reina Beryl

Pepa Agudo (Season 1 and episode 89)

Rosa Guillen (Make Up! Sailor Guardians)

Jadeite Daniel

Fernando Elegido (Season 1)

Mario Arenas (Episode 89)

Nephrite Ramiro Mario Arenas
Zoisite Zósite Miguel Ángel Varela
Kunzite Cónstite

Fernando Elegido (Season 1)

Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr. (Episode 89)

Makai Tree[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Makai Tree Árbol de la Maldad Arturo López
Ail / Seijuro Ginga Alex Ginga Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr.
An / Natsumi Ginga Annie Ginga Conchi López

Black Moon Clan[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Wiseman / Death Phantom Hombre Sabio Arturo López
Prince Demande Príncipe Diamante Mario Arenas
Black Lady Dama Negra Conchi López
Saphir Zafiro Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr.
Esmeraude Esmeralda Pepa Agudo
Achiral Amilcar Massana Esteban
Chiral Kilar Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr.
Rubeus Rubeus Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr.
Koan Karmesite Ana María Mari
Berthier Berthierite Conchi López
Petz Petzite Luisa Ezquerra
Calaveras Calaverite Marisa Masco

Xenian Flower[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Xenian Flower Flor Xenian Gloria González
Fiore Fiore

Marc Zanni (Teenager)

Gloria González (Child)

Death Busters[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Pharaoh 90 Faraón 90 Arturo López
Mistress 9 Maestro 9 Pilar Santiagosa
Germatoid Dimone Germinal Antonio Esquivas
Souichi Tomoe Doctor Tomoe Antonio Esquivas
Kaolinite / Kaori Kuromine Yuka Ana María Mari
Eudial Eugenia Pepa Agudo
Mimete Mimete Conchi López
Tellu Marta Telulu Luisa Ezquerra
Viluy Beatriz Viluy Conchi López
Cyprine Cyprine Pilar Santiagosa
Ptilol Petirol Chelo Vivares

Dead Moon Circus[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Queen Nehelenia Reina Neherenia

Conchi López (Season 4)

Pilar Domínguez (Season 5)

Zirconia Zirconia Susana Canales
Tiger's Eye Ojo de Tigre Pablo Sevilla
Hawk's Eye Ojo de Halcón Ricardo Escobar
Fish Eye Ojo de Pez Juan D´Ors
CereCere Maga CereCere Isatxa Mengíbar
JunJun Acróbata JunJun Chelo Molina
PallaPalla Jinete ParaPara Carmen Cervantes
VesVes Domadora VesVes Eva Díez

Shadow Galactica[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Sailor Galaxia / Chaos Galaxia Guerrero Galaxia Raquel Martín
Sailor Iron Mouse Guerrero Iron Mouse Elena Ruiz de Velasco
Sailor Lead Crow Guerrero Garra de Cuervo Pepa Agudo
Sailor Aluminum Siren Guerrero Sirena de Aluminio Amelia Jara
Sailor Tin Nyanko Guerrero Chica Miau Elena Ruiz de Velasco

Minor characters[]

Character Dub Name Voice Actor
Ikuko Tsukino Ikuko Tsukino

María Teresa Neila (Seasons 1 and 2)

Isabel Fernández Avanthay (Season 4)

Elena Ruiz de Velasco (Episode 182)

Raquel Martín (Episode 186)

Kenji Tsukino Kenji Tsukino Fernando Elegido
Shingo Tsukino Shingo Tsukino Beatriz Acaso
Naru Osaka Kari Osaka

Pepa Agudo (Seasons 1-3)

Eva Díez (Season 4)

Gurio Umino Camilo Umino Mario Arenas
Motoki Furuhata Mauricio Furuhata

Miguel Ángel Varela (Season 1)

Mario Arenas (Season 2)

Juan Antonio García Sainz de la Maza (Season 3)

Rafa Romero (Season 4)

Haruna Sakurada Mariana Sakurada

María Teresa Neila (Season 1-2)

Luisa Ezquerra (Episode 51)

Mayumi Osaka Madre de Kari

María Teresa Neila (Season 1)

Ana María Marí (Season 2)

Rei's Grandfather Abuelo de Ray

Arturo López (Seasons 1 and 2)

Antonio Esquivas (Season 3)

Enrique Jordá (Season 4)

Yuichiro Kumada Fernando Kumada

Mario Arenas (Seasons 1 and 2)

Miguel Ángel Varela (Season 3)

Juan D´Ors (Season 4)

Reika Nishimura Reika Nishimura

Ana María Marí (Season 1)

Yolanda Quesada (Season 4)

Unazuki Furuhata Tania Furuhata

Marisa Marco (Season 2)

Pepa Agudo (Season 3)

Chelo Vivares (Season 4)

Momoko Momohara

Marina Momohara (Season 2)

Vanesa Momohara (Season 4)

Chelo Vivares (Season 2 and 3)

Isatxa Mengíbar (Season 4)

Kyuusuke Sarashina Pedro Sarashina

Beatriz Acaso (Season 2)

Juan D´Ors (Season 4)

Transformations and Attacks[]

Sailor Moon[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Pristina Luna, Dame el Poder Pristine Moon, Give me the Power
Moon Tiara Action Diadema Acción Diadem Action
Moon Healing Escalation Transmisión Luna Curativa Moon Healing Transmission
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Cristal de Plata, Dame el Poder Silver Crystal, Give me the Power
Moon Princess Halation Cetro Relampagueante, Aureola Lightning Scepter, Halo
Moon Crystal Power Cristal de Plata, Dale una nueva Vida Silver Crystal, Give him/her a new Life
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Corazón Púrpura, Dame el Poder Purple Heart, Give me the Power
Moon Spiral Heart Attack Cetro Corazón, Ataca Heart Scepter, Attack
Crisis, Make Up Grial, Dame el Poder Grail, Give me the Power
Rainbow Moon Heartache Arcoiris de Luna, Ataca Moon Rainbow, Attack
Moon Cosmic Power Cetro Relampagueante Lightning Scepter
Moon Crisis, Make Up Crisis de Luna, Dame el Poder Moon Crisis, Give me the Power
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Crisis de Luna, Dame el Poder Moon Crisis, Give me the Power
Moon Eternal, Make Up Luna Eterna, Dame el Poder Eternal Moon, Give me the Power
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Luna de Miel, Beso Curativo Honeymoon Healing Kiss
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Luna Plateada, Beso de Cristal Silver Moon Crystal Kiss

Sailor Mercury[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Planeta Mercurio, Dame el Poder Planet Mercury, Give me the Power
Shabon Spray Amor y Justicia

(ep. 10)

Love and Justice
Mercurio, Lucha Mercury, Figth
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Planeta Mercurio, Dame el Poder Planet Mercury, Give me the Power
Shine Aqua Illusion

Rayo Congelante (Seasons 2-3)

Ilusión de Agua (Season 4)

Freeze Ray

Water Illusion

Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Cristal Mercurio, Dame el Poder Crystal Mercury, Give me the Power
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Mercurio, Melodía de Agua Mercury, Aqua Melody

Sailor Mars[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Planeta Marte, Dame el Poder Planet Mars, Give me the Power
Fire Soul Rayo Fuego Ray Fire
Mars Star Power, Make Up Planeta Marte, Dame el Poder Planet Mars, Give me the Power
Burning Mandala Fuego Destructor Destructo Fire
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Cristal Marte, Dame el Poder Crystal Mars, Give me the Power
Mars Flame Sniper Marte, Flecha de Fuego Mars, Fire Arrow

Sailor Jupiter[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Planeta Júpiter, Dame el Poder Planet Jupiter, Give me the Power
Supreme Thunder Supremo Trueno Supreme Thunder
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Planeta Júpiter, Dame el Poder Planet Jupiter, Give me the Power
Sparkling Wide Pressure Chispas de Plata Silver Sparks
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Cristal Júpiter, Dame el Poder Crystal Jupiter, Give me the Power
Jupiter Oak Evolution Júpiter, Hojas de Roble Jupiter, Oak Leaves

Sailor Venus[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Planeta Venus, Dame el Poder Planet Venus, Give me the Power
Crescent Beam Fulgor Creciente Crescent Glare
Venus Star Power, Make Up Planeta Venus, Dame el Poder Planet Venus, Give me the Power
Venus Love Me Chain Cadena de Amor Love Chain
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Cristal Venus, Dame el Poder Crystal Venus, Give me the Power
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Venus, Beso Fulminante Venus, Fulminant Kiss

Sailor Chibi Moon[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Pristina Luna, Dame el Poder Pristine Moon, Give me the Power
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Pequeño Corazón, Ataca Little Heart, Attack
Moon Crisis, Make Up Crisis de Luna, Dame el Poder Moon Crisis, Give me the Power
Twinkle Yell Suena Campanita de Cristal Ring Crystal Bell

Sailor Uranus[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Planeta Urano, Dame el Poder Planet Uranus, Give me the Power
World Shaking Temblor de Tierra Eartquake

Sailor Neptune[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Planeta Neptuno, Dame el Poder Planet Neptune, Give me the Power
Deep Submerge Mares y Oceanos Seas and Oceans

Sailor Pluto[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Planeta Plutón, Dame el Poder Planet Pluto, Give me the Power
Dead Scream

Fuerzas Resplandecientes (Season 3)

Aullido de la Muerte (Season 5)

Shining Forces

Howl of Death

Sailor Star Fighter[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up Estrella Luchadora, Dame el Poder Fighter Star, Give me the Power
Star Serious Laser Láser Estelar Star Laser

Sailor Star Maker[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up Estrella Creadora, Dame el Poder Maker Star, Give me the Power
Star Gentle Uterus Fuerza Estelar Stellar Force

Sailor Star Healer[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up Estrella Curadora, Dame el Poder Healer Star, Give me the Power
Star Sensitive Inferno Infierno Estelar Stellar Inferno

Group Attacks[]

Phrase Dub Phrase Translation
Sailor Planet Power Conjunción de los Planetas Conjunction of the Planets
Moon Crisis Power Crisis de Luna, Dame el Poder Moon Crisis, Give me the Power



  • In the Latin Spanish dub, the voice actress of Queen Nehelenia (Reina Neherenia) had a Spain accent because the dub used the Spain masters for the SuperS arc.