This article is about anything related to Sailor Moon releases in the country of Spain. In Spain, the series was dubbed in three languages: Castilian, CatalanGalician.


Sailor Moon Classic, R and S appeared on Antena 3 starting from 1993. Vulpi Yuri recorded dialogues for Spanish. In the late '90s, Canal Sur 2 translated Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Arait Multimedia recorded dialogues. In 2000 Antena 3 translated Sailor Moon SuperS. Tecnison recorded dialogues and also released Sailor Moon R as Sailor Moon: La película.

Later, the series was also broadcasted on FOX Kids España.

Censorship and Changes

There is hardly any censorship apart from Zoisite calling Kunzite "uncle" and both of them having feminine voices. Additionally, Kunzite is referred to using a feminine pronoun.

The opening for the European Spanish dub is the same as the original Japanese opening with the obvious exceptions being the language of the title card and song (Luz de Luna, a Spanish language version of Moonlight Legend but not the same one as Mexico's) as well as the fact that a male voice says "Sailor Moon!" as the title card appears.


Note: For some reason, the Sailor Guardians' are called Guerrero even though it's the male form of a warrior, and is omitted the particle 'de' that means 'from', for example, Guerrero Mercurio instead Guerrero de Mercurio or in the other case is Guerrero Lunar or Guerrero de la Luna. Bizarrely the characters' first names are changed while their surnames remain the same, similar to the trading card game.

Character Voice Actor
Bunny Tsukino/Guerrero Luna

Cecilia Santiago (Series 1)

Adelaida López (Seasons 2-4 and R The Movie Promise Of The Rose)

Marta Sainz (Season 5)

Amy Mizuno/Guerrero Mercurio

Ana María Mari (Seasons 1-4 and the R movie)

Elena Ruiz (Season 5)

Rai Hino/Guerrero Marte Pepa Agudo
Patricia Kino/Guerrero Jupiter

Alicia Sainz de la Maza (Seasons 1-3 and the R movie)

Isabel Fernández Avanthay (Season 4)

Milagros Fernandez (Season 5)

Carola Aino/Guerrero Venus

Beatriz Acaso (Seasons 1-4 and the R movie)

Raquel Martín (Season 5)

Armando Chiba/Señor del Antifaz

Esteban Massana (Seasons 1 and 2 and the R movie)

Mario Arenas (Seasons 3 and 4)

Angel Sacristán (Season 5)

Chibiusa Tsukino/Guerrero Chibi Luna

Conchi López (Seasons 2-4 and the R movie)

Amelia Jara (Season 5)

Pepa Agudo (Episode 198)

Raquel Meiou/Guerrero Plutón

Pilar Coronado (Season 2)

Marisa Marco (Season 3)

Ingrid Ravel (Season 5)

Timmy Tennoh/Guerrero Urano

María Dolores Díaz (Season 3)

Amelia Jara (Season 5)

Vicky Kaiou/Guerrero Neptuno

Chelo Vivares (Season 3)

Raquel Martín (Season 5)

Andrea Tomoe/Guerrero Saturno

Marisa Marco (Season 3)

Marta Sainz (baby Hotaru in Season 5)

Pepa Agudo (Season 5)

Seiya Kou/Guerrero Star Amelia Jara
Taiki Kou/Guerrero Star Pilar Domínguez
Yaten Kou/Guerrero Star Ingrid Ravel
Chibi Chibi Pepa Agudo
Princesa Kakyuu Elena Ruiz

Beatriz Acaso (Season 1-4 and the R movie)

Elena Ruiz (Season 5)


Esteban Massana (Seasons 1 and 2 and the R movie)

Mario Arenas (Seasons 3 and 4)

Angel Sacristán (Season 5)


Isacha Mengibar (Season 4)

Raquel Martín (Season 5)



  • In the Latin Spanish dub, the voice actress of Queen Nehelenia (Reina Neherenia) had a Spain accent because the dub used the Spain masters for the SuperS arc.
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