This article refers to the Danish dubs of the Sailor Moon anime and manga.


The anime was released in 1998 and went on until 2005 on DR1. It is one of few countries to air all 200 episodes.

Team Names

Sailor Senshi Names

Dark Kingdom Names

Makai Tree Names

  • Ail - Al
  • An - Annabelle

Black Moon Clan Names

Death Busters Names

Dead Moon Circus Names

Shadow Galactica

Minor Characters

Attacks and Transformations

Sailor Moon Danish Translation
Moon Prism Power  Moon Power Aktiver (Moon Power Activate)


  • Zoisite, Tamasaburou, and Fish Eye became female, although the scene where Fish Eye's chest was shown was not censored.
  • Youmas were called robots.
  • Due to a translation glitch, Zirconia was misidentified as a male.
  • The Three Light's civilian forms were female, but only because the translators found their voices too feminine.
  • The Death Phantom was called the Grim Reaper.
  • Episode 89 was aired as the 1st episode of the S season.
  • Episodes 167-172 aired in the Super S season, meaning episode 173 was the season five premier.
  • PallaPalla is voiced by a male.

Other than these changed, nothing else was censored. Nude scenes were kept, Haruka and Michelle's lesbian relationship was retained, and Haruka was given a stereotypically gay voice.


The manga was released by Carlsen in 2004.

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