Sailor Moon: Talk Box Mercury
Sailor Moon Talk Box Mercury Volumen 02 Region 1 4 Por Tobenu - dvd
Release Date

July 14, 2012


23 (Episodes 24 - 46)


Spanish and Japanese




Capital 8

Sailor Moon: Talk Box Mercury is the second release in the Talk Box series and contains episodes 24 through 46 of Sailor Moon. A limited edition of 500 units were available for pre-sale on May 4, 2012 at 580 Mexican Pesos, which came with a mug, a special postcard with a picture of Ami Mizuno and two wall scrolls with pictures of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon.

On July 14, 2012 the DVD was officially released in Mexico by Capital 8 on the company's main branch located in Colonia Roma, Mexico DF. Rossy Aguirre (Ami's Mexican voice actress) was present that day signing autographs.


  • DVD metalic box with built-in speaker and a button. This lets audiences hear a message from Rossy Aguirre:
    "Hola, mi nombre es Amy. Tengo 14 años y voy en 2º de secundaria. Me gusta mucho leer y jugar al ajedrez. Adoro el color azul y sueño con convertirme en una gran doctora. Desde que me convertí en una Sailor Scout mi vida ha cambiado. Ahora tengo fieles amigas y defiendo a los inocentes. Soy Sailor Mercury y estoy muy feliz de que tengas en tus manos esta gran serie que es especial para ti. Disfrútala, ¡y que las burbujas de Mercurio, estallen!"[1]
  • 4 Dvds, each one of them with Spanish audio or Japanese audio and Spanish subtitles. For this volume, the subtitles are translations of the original anime unlike the first volume, where the subtitles are the Spanish dialogues synchronized with the Japanese audio:
    • Disc One: Episodes 24 - 29
    • Disc Two: Episodes 30 - 35
    • Disc Three: Episodes 36 - 41
    • Disc Four: Episodes 42 - 46 plus extra content (Episodes' previews narrated by Patricia Acevedo and characters' profiles narrated by Rossy Aguirre)


Even before this second volume was released, it went through a few problems: The original release date was scheduled on June 23, 2012 but on June 15 Capital 8 posted a message telling the customers that Talk Box Mercury's release would be delayed for less than one month for unknown reasons. However, among the fandom, this delay wasn't too much of an issue.

Most of the criticism started when the decision to dub the second original ending theme, Princess Moon which wasn't dubbed into Mexican Spanish when the anime first came out, was rejected, despite Marissa de Lille being hired for the job. The biggest complaints about the dvd came from the decision to not include Resplandeciente Cristal de Plata in the background of episode 34 and the audio quality of the season's final episode. About the former, Capital 8 stated that the song was left out of the final release because the masters for said song doesn't exist, that the song was included by each TV network alone.[2] The theme was in fact absent in the first run of the Mexican version, due to it being uncomplete at the time. However, InterTrack, the studio in charge for that dub, added it in reruns in Mexico and Latin America.

The episode 46 received complaints about the sound quality (Most of the season's last episodes did as well). Some scenes have the audio completely cut and a few others, such as when Princess Serenity fights against Super Beryl, with the assistance of Serenity's dead friends, have background noise which some viewers stated was too annoying.[3]



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