Sailor Moon: A Heroine is Choosen
Cover 1
Release Date: April 16, 2002
Episodes VHS/DVD Contains: 1 - 6 of the English dub
Language(s): English
Distributor: ADV Films

"Sailor Moon: A Heroine is Chosen" is a DVD that was released in North America on April 16, 2002. It contained episodes 1-6 of the DiC English dub.


To stop the evil Queen Beryl from taking over the Earth, Luna the magic cat seeks out 14-year-old Serena and reveals that she has the magic powers of Sailor Moon! Although she's unsure of herself at first, Serena quickly learns that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Together with Luna, the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, and her many other friends, Sailor Moon leads the fight for good and justice! And when Sailor Mercury joins the battle, Queen Beryl and her Negaverse won't stand a chance! Earth has a new protector and her name is Sailor Moon!


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