Sailor Moon's World
Label: Edel AG
Genre(s): Techno, pop
Singer(s): Super Moonies
Number of Tracks: 14
Language(s): German
Release Date: July 13, 1998

"Sailor Moon's World" (Sailor Moons Welt) is an album released by Super Moonies that was sold in Germany and Austria.

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Sailor Moon's World
  3. Princess Snow Kaguya
  4. Follow Me (On The Trip) Part 1
  5. Our Star
  6. Fight, Sailor Moon
  7. Hero of Her Dreams
  8. Follow Me (On The Trip) Part 2
  9. Always Dispute
  10. Distant Galaxy
  11. Power of Mist
  12. Circle Of Life (Today So, Tomorrow So)
  13. Together
  14. Bright Moonlight


Charts Peak Positions
Media Control Charts[1] 5
Austrian Charts 15


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