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Sailor Mnemosyne of the Mnemosyne star is a Sailor Senshi who joined Shadow Galactica, along with her sister-senshi Sailor Lethe, after their homes' demise at the hands of Sailor Galaxia. She watches over the Desert River of Memory at Sagittarius Zero Star and only appears in the manga and crystal.


Mnemosyne was a titan associated with memory in Greek Mythology and mother of the Muses. In Hades, she presides over a pool which had effects opposite of the river Lethe. It could restore memory and stop the reincarnation process.


Sailor Mnemosyne is pink. Her eyes, hair, lips, clothing and shoes are all pink and she has pale skin. Her hair is long and is parted to the right as her left bang curls upward. Her hair falls to the sides in four long spiral rolls, two to the left and two to the right, which are each tied with bows of black thread. On her forehead, she has a non-standard tiara where a pink stone with a small ornament is held by three white beaded chains which wrap around to the back of her head. At her right ear, she wears a curved earring with many pieces protruding from it.

On her neck she wears a pink choker. At it's middle is a white pointed star and from it hangs a different ornament which features another pink stone. Her outfit is a summer dress with a pleated skirt, straps, and a distinctive sailor collar. On her feet are pink Grecian sandals composed of many thin straps. She wears Galactica Bracelets.


Sailor Mnemosyne is gentle and abhors violence. She wants to live happily and in peace with her sister. Her twin aims to spare her the more gruesome aspects of their service to Shadow Galactica but watching her sister kill and hurt others became too much for her and she puts a stop to it at her own peril.


Sailor Mnemosyne and her sister Sailor Lethe are the Sailor Guardians of the binary stars Mnemosyne and Lethe unlike the Sailor Animamates who were not true Senshi. The worlds they oversaw were chaotic and wartorn until the day Sailor Galaxia came bringing death. With little alternatives, Sailor Mnemosyne swore to serve Galaxia with her sister as part of her Shadow Galactica empire where she watches over the Desert River of Memory at Sagittarius Zero Star hoping for the day when they would have peace.

Eventually, Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi, Princess Kakyuu and the Sailor Starlights would arrive at Sagittarius Zero Star. There, Sailor Lethe lured them into a trap where they fell to the bottom of the Desert River of Oblivion and lost their memories from the river's power

Their orders under Shadow Galactica were to kill the intruders and Lethe took it upon herself to carry out the task and let Mnemosyne remain uninvolved. Sailor Mnemosyne watched from the river bank. She watched as her twin killed Luna, Artemis, and Diana and attacked Usagi. As Lethe is about to finish Usagi with her Galactica Bracelets, Sailor Mnemosyne surprises, embraces, and begs her to stop. She doesn't want to see her sister hurt them anymore. She lifts them all out of the river onto the bank and helps Kakyuu recover her memory using the water from her Desert River of Memory. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi recover theirs on their own. She wants Lethe to let them pass to face Galaxia.

Sailor Lethe does not relent right away and tells her sister to look away as she does the deed but Lethe pauses every time Sailor Mnemosyne scolds her. Sailor Lethe argues they should fulfill their obligation to Galaxia to obtain the peace they seek. Sailor Lethe sees Usagi's Silver Crystal as a source of war and sees peace whether she or Galaxia wins and only wants the battle to end. To this, Usagi offers her life if it will end the war. Mnemosyne tells Usagi to pass and Lethe reluctantly agrees saying her death at that moment won't end the fight.

Immediately afterwards, Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi appear on the Desert River, call the twins useless, and attack the sisters who embrace as they disintegrate. Chi and Phi take the Sailor Crystals of the dead sisters and those of Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer who were still incapacitated from Lethe's river.

Differences in Crystal[]

Sailor Guardian Info[]

Sailor Mnemosyne is non-violent but she uses a few other abilities. She joins her sister in the Desert River of Oblivion and is unaffected by its memory stealing magic and then she lifts herself, Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi and the unconscious Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Starlights out of the river. She also uses the water of her Desert River of Memory to restore Princess Kakyuu's memory.




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