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"Protected by Jupiter, the planet of Thunder, Guardian of Protection, Sailor Jupiter! I'll fill you with so much regret it'll leave you numb!"
— Her stock introduction.

Sailor moon jupiter

Sailor Jupiter is the Sailor Senshi identity of Makoto Kino. This is the second animated depiction of the original manga character. She the fourth Sailor Soldier to join the Sailor Team and one of the four inner Sailor Senshi of the Silver Millennium who protects the queen and princess. Her thirtieth-century future self guards the esteemed King and Queen, and future heir to the throne of the second Silver Millennium.


Sailor Jupiter has waist-length, dark brown hair in a ponytail style. She wears a dark green-colored sailor suit, with a dark green skirt and ankle boots and bright pink ribbons. Just like the other Sailor Senshi, she wears a golden tiara on her forehead, with a circular stone of her signature color (dark green in Sailor Jupiter's case) in the center of it.


Season One: Dark Kingdom

Once transformed into the Guardian of Thunder and Courage, she attacked Nephrite with Flower Hurricane which caused a tear in his sleeve. She also used her Jupiter Thunderbolt attack on Youma Ghost Bride. She turned to her three friends and fellow Guardians, now realizing that she not had come here just for love.

Season Two: Black Moon Clan

Having grown a lot stronger (since being given her stronger Star Power Stick from Luna), Jupiter's new electrical attack summons a powerful lightning storm of bright green lightning from her antenna.

Season Three: Death Busters

Thanks to the new Guardian powers she received from Neo-Queen Serenity herself, she has gotten stronger and more powerful than before. Her newest thunder/lightning-related attack is Jupiter Coconut Cyclone.

She later encountered two of the Outer Guardians, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, and was surprised at their refusal to work with her and the others.

Powers and Abilities

Sailor Jupiter has lightning/electrical-based attacks and limited control over plant life and vegetation. The antenna on her tiara produces electricity, lightning bolts and thunderbolts.

Sailor Jupiter can also erect a force-field and barrier around herself or others for withstanding extensive damage of energy-based attacks.

She, along with other Senshi, have the ability to levitate and teleport over short distances in a greenish aura.

Transformations Phrases and Items



  • Unlike the manga, she did not don her rose belt.


For images of the second anime incarnation of Sailor Jupiter, please see Sailor Jupiter (Crystal)/Image Gallery.


Sailor Jupiter stock introduction – S1

Sailor Jupiter stock introduction – S1

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