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Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
Sērā Hevu~i Metaru Papiyon
Japanese: セーラー・ヘヴィ・メタル・パピヨン
Romanji: Sērā Hevu~i Metaru Papiyon
Aliases: "Soul Hunter"
Residency: Cocoon (originally)

Sailor Animamates


One child (unnamed)


Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Animamates


Shadow Galactica

Gender: Female
Species: Cocoon humanoid
First Appearance
Manga: Act 49 - Stars 7 (Tankoban version)
Act 57 - Stars 8 (Bunkoban version)

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon is the fifth and last Sailor Animamates of Shadow Galactica.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Papillon is the French word for "butterfly."



In the "Materials Collection", several personal facts were given about Heavy Metal Papillon. She is very emotional and cries fragile tears, and is described as promiscuous. She is a mother of one and is a samba dancer.


She appears at the Senshi cemetery at the ends of the memory and forgetfulness rivers. She intends to kill Sailor Moon, Sailor Kakyuu and Sailor Chibi Chibi. She traps them with vines but, luckily, the Sailor Quartet and Sailor Chibi Moon appeared at the last minute, and break the vines with Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss. Then the Sailor Quartet attacked her with Amazoness Jungle Arrow, which killed her.


According to the Materials Collection, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon had an attack called Galactica Scales, but she never got the chance to use it. It was also stated that she could manipulate fire.




  • She is the only Sailor Animamate who does not make an appearance in the anime.
  • Her name is unique from other Sailor Animamates, in that where the others have a specific metal in the name, her name contains is no specific metal.
  • She is the last of the Sailor Animamates to appear.

Shadow Galactica
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