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Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon is one of the Sailor Animamates in Sailor Moon.



Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion retains a similar appearance as she does in the manga though her outfit is overall less revealing. Her top is larger with a black outline and straps and her pink skirt covers up her thighs.

In The Advent of Princess Kakyuu her butterfly wings are a drape attached to her hands instead of appearing like her manga appearance in Legend of the Falling Stars.

As Miss Butterfly she dons a black leotard with a cross strap over the chest and a lime coloured bolero over the top. She retains the same gloves as she does as a Sailor Animamate. She has a multicoloured tutu as well as a short and bright orange wig.


In Legend of the Falling Stars and The Advent of Princess Kakyuu she was simply known as Sailor Metal Papillon. Like the other Sailor Animamates, she posed as a member of the Dancing Animamates, an "International Dancing Team." She went by the name "Miss Butterfly" and was described as being "in charge of the opera." In The Advent of Princess Kakyuu, she appears at the end of the musical without bracelets, it can be presumed she was revived along with the rest of the Sailor Animamates.




  • Her alias and job as Miss Butterfly is a reference to the opera 'Madame Butterfly'


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