Sailor Doctor
Japanese: セーラードクター
Romanji: Seera Dokutaa

Shadow Galactica

Species: Phage
Master: Sailor Aluminum Siren
Objective: To attack the Sailor Guardians
Death: Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
First Appearance
Anime: Taiki's Song Filled With Passion and Faith
Anime Voiced By: Yoshi Kawai (Japanese)

Sailor Doctor is a Phage created by Sailor Aluminum Siren when she extracted Doctor Gia's Star Seed. He only appeared in episode 185.


He had lavender skin and pointed ears, and wore green scrubs with a white collar, a surgical mask, large glasses (which gave him x-ray vision), and knee-high black boots. His right arm was a hypodermic needle, and his left arm was normal though he wore a pink surgical glove.


Dr. Gia came to Japan to perform a complex operation on a little girl whose serious illness was untreatable by Japanese doctors. He arrived late due to problems in traffic, and Sailor Aluminum Seiren, disguised as a nurse, tricked him into following her into an alley. Once there, she extracted his Star Seed, but was disappointed to find that it was a blank. Dr. Gia then transformed into a Phage, and in his new form, Sailor Doctor proceeded to attack Sailor Mercury and Eternal Sailor Moon, both of whom arrived after Sailor Aluminum Siren's departure.

After trying, and failing, to give Eternal Sailor Moon a "shot" with the huge hypodermic needle that made up his right arm and served as a stabbing weapon, he was incapacitated by Sailor Mercury's Mercury Aqua Rhapsody long enough for Eternal Sailor Moon to use Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss on him, restoring his original form.



  • Hypodermic Needle 



Shadow Galactica
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