Sailor Director
Japanese: セーラーディレクター
Romanji: Seeraa Direkutaa
Aliases: Akane Gushiken / Sister Angela

Shadow Galactica

Species: Phage
Master: Sailor Iron Mouse
Death: Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
First Appearance
Anime: Fighter's Secret Identity: The Shocking Super Transformation
Anime Voiced By: Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese)

Sailor Director is a Phage created by Sailor Iron Mouse when she removed Akane Gushiken's Star Seed. She only appeared in episode 176 of the 5th season of the anime.



During a rehearsal with Seiya, Akane stepped into the break room to get two cups of coffee. She was there approached by Sailor Iron Mouse, who extracted her Star Seed, causing her to transform into Sailor Director. Iron Mouse quickly fled the scene, instructing the Phage to deal with Seiya, who had been looking on. Sailor Director used her "Camera, Start!" attack, which Seiya dodged; as the Phage prepared to attack again, Seiya transformed into Sailor Star Fighter.

Sailor Star Fighter attacked the Phage with Star Serious Laser attack, temporarily immobilizing her. Just as Sailor Star Fighter was going to attack again, Sailor Mars and Eternal Sailor Moon arrived on the scene and told her to stop. The Sailor Senshi argued, and Sailor Mars held off the Starlight long enough for Eternal Sailor Moon to heal Sailor Director with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.



  • Camera, Start! - Sailor Director attacked by shooting film out of the camera attached to her left arm.



Shadow Galactica
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