Sailor Coronis
Seera Koronisu
Japanese: セーラーコロニス
Romanji: Seera Koronisu
Residency: Coronis

Sailor Guardian of Coronis

First Appearance
Manga: Act 53 Stars 4 (flashback only)

Sailor Coronis is the Sailor Guardian of the planet "Coronis", which was also the homeworld of twins Phobos and Deimos (Sailor Mars' two partners/guardians), and Lead Crow. She was killed by Sailor Lead Crow, so she could take her Star Seed to Sailor Galaxia and win her favor.

Sailor Coronis makes her only appearence in a brief flashback in "Act 53 Stars 4", when her betrayer, Lead Crow, brags about her demise to Phobos and Deimos, during Lead Crow's attack on the Hikawa Shrine to call them out. She is mentioned again in "Act 54 Stars 5", by Yaten Kou (Sailor Star Healer's human guise), along with Sailors' Chuu (the Sailor Guardian of Iron Mouse's homeworld), Mermaid (the Sailor Guardian of Aluminium Siren's homeworld), and Mau (the Sailor Guardian of Tin Nyanko's homeworld).


  • Coronis (Κορωνίς) is a Greek word for "crow" or "raven". It is also the name of a couple of characters in Greek mythology.[1]


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