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Sailor Chuu
Sērā Chū
Japanese: セーラーチュウ
Romanji: Sērā Chū
Residency: Chuu

Sailor Senshi of Chuu

Gender: Female
First Appearance

Sailor Chuu is the Sailor Senshi of the planet "Chuu", which was also the homeworld of Iron Mouse. She was killed by the Sailor Animamate, who took her Star Seed so that she could win Sailor Galaxia's favor.

She is mentioned in "Act 54: Stars 5", by Yaten Kou (Sailor Star Healer's human guise), along with Sailors' Mermaid (the Sailor Senshi of Aluminium Siren's homeworld), Coronis (the Sailor Senshi of Lead Crow's homeworld), and Mau (the Sailor Senshi of Tin Nyanko's homeworld).


  • The name '/'Chuu' come from "chū", the photonic of the sound made by mice.
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