Sailor Chibi Moon = I'll Say Bye-Bye
セーラーちびムーン - バイバイって言った
Japanese: セーラーちびムーン - バイバイって言った
Romanji: Seeraa Chibi Muun - Baibai tte Itta
Label: Nippon Columbia
Genre(s): J-pop, Pop, Anime, Vocal
Number of Tracks: 4
Release Date: December 21, 1996

"Sailor Chibi Moon - I'll Say Bye-Bye" is a Sailor Moon anime single. It contained an image song, a prologue, and a poem for Chibiusa Tsukino, related to the 5th season.

It was sold for ¥1,100.[1]

Track List

  1. Prologue
  2. Poem
  3. I'll Say Bye-Bye
  4. I'll Say Bye-Bye (original karaoke)



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