Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon is the senshi form of Chibi Chibi. This is the first live-action depiction of the original manga character.



Sailor Chibi Chibi's costume had a similar design to that of the anime and manga.




  • In the early musicals, Sailor Cosmos did not exist, and Chibi Chibi's origin followed the anime continuity.
    • However, she retained her manga arc in the 2017 musicals.
  • Sailor Chibi Chibi is capable of normal speech in most of the musicals she appears in.


SeraMyu ChibiChibi
Mao Kawasaki as Sailor Chibi Chibi
Mikiko Asuke as Sailor Chibi Chibi
Yuka Gochou as Sailor Chibi Chibi
Mina Chibi Chibi
Mina Horita as Sailor Chibi Chibi
Memorial Album 5
Sailor Chibi Chibi with the Inner Sailor Scouts
Cchibi 2
Le mouvement final 0518 670-424x600
Hinari Yamaguchi and Chise Niitsu with Satomi Okubo (Sailor Cosmos)
Finalsera cchibi 1
Hinari Yamaguchi as Sailor Chibi Chibi
Finalsera cchibi 2
Chise Niitsu as Sailor Chibi Chibi
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