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Sailor Chibi Chibi is the Eternal Sailor Guardian self and identity of Chibi Chibi. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.



Sailor Chibi Chibi keeps the same appearance in the anime as she did in the manga. Her uniform consisted of a white leotard with a pink chest bow and a pink heart brooch affixed to it. Her sailor collar was light blue with no stripes. She wore pink heart-shaped odango covers, her tiara was gold with a pink heart, and her earrings were pink heart studs. Her choker was hot pink with a red heart motif. She wore puffy sleeves with double rows of pink and yellow trims. Her gloves were white and the elbow pads were pink and yellow. Her skirt was light blue with a double trim of pink and yellow and had a pink back bow. She wore white knee-high boots with hot pink bordering and pink heart accents at the base.


Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

As Eternal Sailor Moon was in trouble and unable to reach the Eternal Tiare, Chibi Chibi had grabbed it and enabled a burst of bright pink light to flow into the sky; greatly strengthening its abilities. In a star-filled vision, she revealed herself as another Sailor Guardian from beyond the solar system.


Her full powers as a Sailor Guardian are supremely strong and mostly unspecified. She is capable of teleporting a large group across vast distances in a flash of bright pink light; though this leaves her exhausted. She can even augment and amplify the abilities of other Sailor Guardians' to even greater levels of power.


  • Her transformation symbol may be a heart (♥). It is not a scientific sign, neither a representation of her origins.
    • Even though her transformation is not seen, she may share the same symbol as Sailor Chibi Moon.


Chibi Flying
Moons and Fire
SMSS 187 (infobox)
Chibi Chibi about to transform after touching Sailor Moon's tiare
SMSS 199 (infobox)
The final battle where she reveals her true self
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