Sailor Chaos is the Senshi form of Chaos. She appeared once in the last chapter of the manga, in a flashback, when Sailor Cosmos mentions her.


Very little is known about this powerful being. The threat of Sailor Chaos came into existence as a result of Sailor Moon's decision not to destroy Chaos when it merged with the Galaxy Cauldron, allowing it to achieve a Senshi form. According to Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Chaos would appear in the distant future, and become the greatest adversary the Sailor Soldiers should ever encounter. The war against Sailor Chaos caused destruction on such a scale that the future would be irreparably damaged. For this reason alone, Sailor Cosmos fled to the past, in order to persuade Sailor Moon to destroy Chaos before it became a Senshi, thereby changing the future but also killing every living thing in the galaxy by destroying the Galaxy Cauldron, including herself.

Sailor Cosmos would eventually return to the future, having changed her mind about changing the past in order to continue her war against Chaos, though the result is never revealed. However, this also means when Sailor Cosmos fled, remnants or Sailor Chaos itself still remained in the far future to continue to wreak havoc in Cosmos' absence.


Sailor Chaos appears to have a similar appearance to that of Sailor Galaxia. Other than that, her appearance is very vague.


Not much is known about the powers of Sailor Chaos. We only know that her attacks are apparently extremely efficient and her destruction ability could be even more than that of Sailor Galaxia aswell. It is known though that she is the only rival to Sailor Cosmos.


  • Observing closely, fans notice that Sailor Chaos bears a resemblance to Sailor Galaxia in appearance only because the former bears headdress like the latter, but upon closer inspection it is not the same headress, and Galaxia is not the only one to wear a headdress or have long/semi-long hair. Also, Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Chaos are completely different beings, and are not incarnations of each other. It is also known that Galaxia is NOT reborn as Sailor Chaos but that the being Chaos itself, is reborn as Sailor Chaos.
  • Sailor Chaos has live snakes, from the looks of it, attached to her fuku and appears to have at least one tentacle-like moving arm.
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