Sailor Body Attack

Sailor Body Attack


Japanese: セーラー・ボディ・アタック
Romanji: Seeraa Bodi Atakku
Type: Physical
User(s): Sailor Moon
First Appearance
Anime: Angel or Devil? The Mysterious Girl from the Sky

"Sailor Body Attack" is a physical attack used only once by Sailor Moon in the anime and the video game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S 3DO.


The attack appears in episode 60 when Sailor Moon saves Chibiusa from Koan. When she performs this attack, Sailor Moon gets a running start, then crosse her folded arms in front of her chest as she leaps at her target, striking Koan with her elbows.

Video Game

Sailor Body Attack was a physical attack used in the video game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S for the 3DO that was performed by Sailor Moon, though it was simply called "Body Attack."

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