Sailor Body Attack
Sērā Bodī Atakku

Sailor Body Attack



Sailor Moon


Physical Attack

First Appearance

An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky

Sailor Body Attack is a physical attack used only once by Sailor Moon in the anime and in the video game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S 3DO.


The attack appears in episode 60, when Sailor Moon saves Chibiusa from Koan. When she performs this attack, Sailor Moon gets a running start, then crosse her folded arms in front of her chest as she leaps at her target, striking Koan with her elbows.

Sailor Body Attack

Sailor Body Attack

Video Game

Sailor Body Attack was a physical attack used in the video game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S for the 3DO that was performed by Sailor Moon, though it was simply called "Body Attack."

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