Sailor Aluminum Siren is the second of the Sailor Animamates to be introduced, along with Sailor Lead Crow.



Sailor Aluminum Siren's civilian disguise name was Reiko Aya. She uses that form to steal Star Seeds, but when she gets angry, she subconsciously transforms into her true persona.

Sailor Animamate

Her appearance is the same as the manga with only two minor differences: she does not have a second, longer necklace and her stockings are lilac instead of blue.


She is very polite, ditzy and oblivious when off-duty, and is always eating or feeling hungry; once engaged in battle, however, she drops her flaws and becomes completely ruthless.


Sailor Aluminum Siren appeared alongside Sailor Lead Crow when Sailor Galaxia gave Sailor Iron Mouse a final warning that she would be disposed of if she continued to fail. After Sailor Iron Mouse was destroyed for her constant failures, Sailor Galaxia assigned Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow in finding true star seeds. Working under the pretense of being talent agents for the Ginga TV station, she works together with Sailor Lead Crow, who reveals that they once competed for the position of Number One Animamate. She often acted a little more ditsy, for example handing out a business card during her first meet with the Sailor Senshi, eating during missions, and sometimes spacing out during important assignments. This ditziness often annoyed Lead Crow, but overall the two got along as friends. She eventually discovers Sailor Moon's identity and nearly succeeds in killing her, but the Sailor Senshi and the Sailor Starlights stopped her. Despite learning their identities, as well as finding a powerful star seed, she did not have a chance to give this information to Galaxia. Galaxia said she failed, but Aluminum Siren, against Lead Crow's advice, politely argued it wasn't her fault for not anticipating more Senshi would fight her. Sailor Tin Nyanko arrived, accusing Aluminum Siren of lying about finding a true star seed and Galaxia removed Aluminum Siren's bracelet and she was destroyed before her horrified friend, Lead Crow.


  • Bracelets - Sailor Aluminum Siren could fire blasts from her bracelets that would remove a person's Star Seed.
  • Galactica Tsunami - An "attack" in which an angry and desperate Siren threw drinks at her adversaries.



  • She is the only Sailor Animamate who is capable of turning three people into a Phage at once and was the only member who used them to assist in her evil plan. In most cases, Animamates would abandon a Phage knowing that their creation was a result of their failure to find a Star Seed.
  • While sirens are bird-women hybrids rather than mermaids, being from the planet Mermaid, Aluminum Siren leaves a note for Sailor Moon with a drawing depicting her as a chibi mermaid in one episode.
  • She is the only Animamate who uses her manga attack (Galactica Tsunami) in the anime, although it consists only of throwing nearby water bottles, juice boxes, soda cans, etc. at the Senshi.
  • In the anime, Sailor Aluminum Seiren always gave business cards and "formal greetings" to her victims, much to Sailor Lead Crow's annoyance.

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