Manga Info
Saeko Mizuno
水野 冴子
Japanese: 水野 冴子
Romanji: Mizuno Saeko
Aliases: Dr. Mizuno
Residency: Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku; Tokyo, Japan




Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Act 40 Dream 2 - Mercury Dream

Saeko Mizuno is Ami Mizuno's mother.



Saeko treated Mamoru in Act 40 when he was ill at the hospital. Later in the same act, she was used by Fish Eye. She came home with a man and said she didn't care about Ami because all Ami cared about was studying. Ami was given her Mercury Crystal by Guardian Mercury, to transform in Super Sailor Mercury.

She then used Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to destroy Fish Eye's illusion and Saeko then fainted.


  • Ami's mother never made a formal appearance in the anime series or the musicals. She made a very small cameo in the SuperS movie in the opening, but could only be seen from the back showing Ami how to make cookies. She was only mentioned in the musicals.
  • She is only named in the live action series. Her first name is never mentioned in the manga, anime, Crystal, or Musical series.
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