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Rubeus (anime)

Black Moon Clan

Resides in



Member of the Black Moon Clan


Crimson Rubeus


Black Moon Clan




Nemesis humanoid

First Appearance

An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky


Wataru Takagi
Robert Tinkler (DiC dub)

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Crimson Rubeus is one of the members of the Black Moon Clan. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.



Rubeus is a man with red hair, styled to look like a flame, and red eyes, and he has the black, upside-down, crescent moon on his forehead. For clothes, he wears a brown, leather jacket, green pants, black leather boots with laces, and a necklace with a white stone pendant, and the evil black crystal earrings. He is also seen carrying a jacket with the same color as his pants, but he is never seen wearing the jacket.


Sailor Moon R

In Sailor Moon R, Rubeus arrived from the future in a spaceship to find Chibiusa, who had also traveled into the past. He would send the four Spectre sisters on missions to find her and the Silver Crystal, take over what would become the crystal point in future Tokyo, and destroy Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon eventually was able to heal the sisters of their evil, so Rubeus "evens the score" by capturing the other Sailor Senshi and telling Sailor Moon to hand Chibiusa over. Sailor Moon goes to face him, and Chibiusa comes with her. Rubeus takes them both into space on his ship and fights Sailor Moon using a power amplifier to adjust the gravity of the ship. Sailor Moon is able to stand at maximum gravity and fight Rubeus with Moon Princess Halation. While he is fighting her, Chibiusa tries to break his power amplifier. Rubeus tries to stop her but Sailor Moon attacks him again and he is forced to fight back with his energy blast, while Chibiusa breaks the power amplifier, causing him to lose all his power and he is hit by the Moon Princess Halation beam, freeing the other Sailor Senshi.

Rubeus sets his ship to self destruct, saying it would be a great honor for the Sailor Senshi to go down with him and his ship. However, the Sailor Senshi were able to teleport out with Chibiusa. Afterward, Esmeraude appeared. He asked her to take him back to the future before his ship explodes but Esmeraude shows no sympathy for him. She ridicules him and tells him that he has failed all three of his missions (destroy the Sailor Senshi, find Chibiusa, and attain the almightily powerful Silver Crystal). She then teleports away, deliberately leaving him to die as the ship explodes. When she informed Prince Demande (who was going to kick him out if he didn't complete his mission soon) about his death, she omitted the fact that she left him for dead.


  • His rivalry with Esmeraude is similar to that between Nephrite and Zoisite.
  • He is the first main villain of the Black Moon Clan to be killed.


Rubeus appears for the first time.
Rubeus' eyes shine.
Rubues in the shadows.
Rubeus with Esmeraude.
Esmeraude leaving Rubeus to die.
Rubeus dies
Rubeus's final moments aboard his self-destructing ship.

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