Romance Under the Moon: Usagi's First Kiss
Gekka no Romansu! Usagi no Hatsu Kissu

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

August 15, 1992


Sukehiro Tomita


Yuji Endo




Protect the Dreams of Children! The Friendship Bound in Anime


Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love


“Worth a Princess's Ransom”

Air date

October 4, 1995




An Animated Mess


Molly's Folly

Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss” is the 22nd episode of season one of Sailor Moon, and the 22nd of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on August 15, 1992. The English dub title for this episode is "Worth a Princess' Ramson" and it first aired in North America on October 4, 1995.


Both Luna and Queen Beryl wonder if a visiting princess could be the one the Senshi have been looking for. Mamoru dreams he is Tuxedo Mask and a girl is asking him for the Silver Crystal. At the ball, Usagi gets her first kiss.


Usagi was running to school as she was late. Usagi noticed a lot of automobile inspections on the roads. Usagi ran into Naru, who was just wandering down the street. Naru was spaced out. She was thinking about Sanjouin.

At school Umino told Usagi that the Princess Diamond was in Japan. That night there was going to be a party where the treasure of Dia Kingdom was going to be shown for the first time. Usagi wanted to go see it. Then Naru said that she had one ticket, and would go look at it for her. She had the ticket because her mother owned a jewelry store.

Queen Beryl was thinking that the treasure might be the Silver Crystal. Then Nephrite and Zoisite appeared. Nephrite said that he would investigate it. Zoisite got mad because getting the Silver Crystal was his task. But Nephrite said that the earth was his. Queen asked about Nephrite's plans. Nephrite said, "I'll do it my way. Just shut up and watch."

Luna told the three girls that the princess of the Dia Kingdom might be their princess. Ami said that they should investigate. But since they couldn't go into the party, Ami said that they should just go around there and wait for a chance.

When Usagi got home, she saw her father getting dressed up. He was going to the party at the Dia Kingdom Consulate for his work. Usagi cried that she wanted go in too. Her father said that he would take pictures for her.

Then Usagi used her transformation pen to turn into a beautiful princess. Luna said that she shouldn't use the pen for fun. But Usagi said that she was just going to check out if the princess was their princess that they were looking for.

Mamoru woke up in the middle of the night. He had a reoccurring dream. He was looking for the Silver Crystal too, although he didn't know what it was.

Usagi went to the party dressed as a princess. She just walked by the man at the reception booth saying that she was the princess of the Ivanovich Kingdom. (She just made up the name.) When Usagi got in, she saw that everyone was dancing around in masks. She was very happy.

Naru was standing around by herself. Then Sanjouin went up to her and asked her to dance.

Usagi's father was going around taking pictures. He spotted Usagi, but didn't recognize her as his daughter. He just thought that she looked like Usagi. He also wondered if Usagi would turn out that beautiful when she grows up.

Then Usagi leaned into some women, and they spilled some drinks on her dress. Usagi ran out of the ballroom looking for a washroom.

Tuxedo Mask was also sneaking around. He caught a glimpse of Usagi. When he saw her it brought back some memories. But he couldn't fully remember anything.

Naru was with Sanjouin on the balcony. Naru stared at Sanjouin, waiting for his kiss. But Sanjouin transferred some of his evil force into her body.

Usagi was standing by herself, and was disappointed because it was no fun being alone. Then Tuxedo Mask went up to her and asked her to dance. Usagi danced with Tuxedo Mask. It brought back some deep memories. Usagi felt that she had danced with Tuxedo Mask before.

Naru (under Nephrite's spell) went to Princess Diamond's room. She said that she was a friend and went by the guards. The princess was in her room feeling sad. Since she was not very beautiful (she had very thick glasses), she thought that people only cared for the treasure and not about her. Then Naru went to the princess. The evil force moved out of Naru's body and into the princess. Then Princess Diamond grabbed the treasure and ran out to the balcony.

Luna informed Usagi about the crisis. Usagi ran to the princess. The princess hit Usagi over the edge of the balcony. Tuxedo Mask came just in time to grab Usagi's arm. The princess hit Tuxedo Mask. Then Luna attacked the princess.

Nephrite was waiting on the ground below the balcony. He was going to blast Usagi and Tuxedo Mask saying, "I'll give you the pleasure of dying with a beautiful princess."

But Sailor Mars came and blasted him. Sailor Mars said, "My Tuxedo Mask has eternal life."

Usagi's hand slipped out from Tuxedo Mask's grasp. Tuxedo Mask dove to grab Usagi, and Luna threw an umbrella to save them. When Tuxedo Mask and Usagi landed on the ground, Nephrite ran off. Tuxedo Mask tried to go after him, but Ami stopped him and asked who he was.

Tuxedo Mask said, "I want to know who I am too. To find out I need to solve the mystery of the Silver Crystal." Ami asked, "Are you an enemy or friend?" "We're after the same thing. We could be enemies." Then Tuxedo Mask went off after Nephrite.

Since the youma stayed with Princess Diamond, Usagi transformed. "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

The princess (youma) regained consciousness in the ballroom. The Sailor Senshi went to her. The youma said that she would take the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars used Akuryo Taisan and threw it on the princess. The youma came out and attacked them. Sailor Mercury used the Sabão Spray and Sailor Moon used the Moon Tiara Action to destroy the youma.

The princess woke up. She was very beautiful without her glasses. Luna came and asked if she was their princess. The princess then grabbed her glasses and saw Luna. The princess yelled, "A talking cat!" and freaked out.

Later Princess Diamond unveiled the treasure, which was a 2000 carat diamond statue.

Usagi became thirsty and drank some cocktail. Usagi immediately got drunk. Tuxedo Mask carried her to the balcony, and kissed her. He said, "A long time ago, I feel like I did something like this. I feel my memory is coming back."

Usagi thought, "This soft warmth. Sometime before, somewhere. It feels dear to me."


Changes from the manga

  • This episode is based on Act 4 of the manga.
  • From this episode on, there are major plot changes made in the anime version, and the plot happens differently in the anime than the manga.
  • In the manga, a new tiara appeared on Sailor Moon's forehead, as her first one had been destroyed fighting Jadeite. She could perform a new attack with her recently acquired item.

Dub changes

  • The scene where Usagi and Tuxedo Mask fell off the balcony and floated down with the umbrella was cut from the English dub, and the moment where they fell was edited to go backwards. However, an image of them floating down with the umbrella was shown during a flashback scene in "Day of Destiny".

First appearances


  • This was not only the first time Usagi would mistake alcohol for punch; the second time she became drunk was in episode 108.


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