Rolling Heart Vibration

Rolling Heart Vibration in the manga

Rolling Heart Vibration is an attack used by Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon manga, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and a few video games. Oddly enough, Venus has never performed this attack in the anime.


In the Sailor Moon manga, Sailor Venus cries out to her home planet, Venus, and then gains the ability to perform the Rolling Heart Vibration attack. She first uses it to defend Sailor Moon against Tuxedo Mask while he was under the control of the Dark Kingdom. In comparison to PGSM, Venus is able to use this attack fairly early in the series. The attack was used again in Act 15.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

thumb|300px|Rolling Heart Vibration in PGSM Rolling Heart Vibration was first used by Sailor Venus in Act 46 of the live-action series after she finally awoke with her Senshi powers. While using this attack, she formed a heart shape with her fingers and thumbs, moved her hands in a circle, raised her hands in a V-shape above her head, and sent forth multicolored hearts at her target.

Video Games

File:Rlling heart vibration arcade game.jpg

Sailor Venus also uses this attack in the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R, and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S .

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